VENPA News: Pre-Season Begins
Wednesday, April 1st, 2065
The VEN Primary Affiliation preseason begins today. With only a few weeks to go before the start of the regular season, there is much to do around VEN Primary Affiliation. Teams have to determine their major league rosters, keep their teams relatively healthy and play out a rigorous spring training schedule. The schedule has been released and front offices across the league are considering promotional days and other marketing tactics as well.

Please don't forget to set your scouting budget and player development budget during the pre-season!
BNN Stats: Batting Leaders
Monday, March 30th, 2065
So, who leads the VEN Primary Affiliation in walks percentage?

Hiro Sato, SAN, 17.0
Rene Jaconelli, PHI, 16.3
CÚsar Gamera, PCD, 15.9
Kelvim Manjarres, XIA, 14.9
Bob McCutchen, TAE, 14.9
BNN Stats: Starting Pitching Rookie Leaders
Monday, March 23rd, 2065
So, which rookie starting pitchers are leading the VEN Primary Affiliation in quality starts?

Elmer Nordahl, PHI, 14
Paul Mouton, TIJ, 13
Sung-yong Kim, TIJ, 12
Thom MontÚs-OrtÝz Jr., XIA, 12
Oumee Njama, PCD, 12
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Preseason Predictions
Santa Fe Crusaders 0 0 .000 -
Taebaek Chameleons 0 0 .000 -
Mungyong Pride 0 0 .000 -
Punta Cardon Bluebirds 0 0 .000 -
Villa Carmen Surveyors 0 0 .000 -
Teitipac Ant Eaters 0 0 .000 -
Huichapan Boll Weevils 0 0 .000 -
Shaoguan Weevils 0 0 .000 -
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