KORPA News: Pre-Season Begins
Tuesday, April 1st , 2070
The KOR Primary Affiliation ended the baseball drought by announcing their 2070 schedule today. The preseason is under way and clubs across the league will be headed off to spring training and exhibition play soon, followed shortly thereafter by the start of the regular season.

Please don't forget to set your scouting budget and player development budget during the pre-season!
BNN Stats: Career Pitching Leaders
Monday, March 31st , 2070
Which pitchers are leading the KOR Primary Affiliation in career saves?

Sang-keun So, -, 85
Chae-heui Chong, -, 78
Habrão Sgaria, -, 78
Kyung-hyun Yun, -, 77
Jae-hoon Myong, -, 75
BNN Stats: Starting Pitching Rookie Leaders
Monday, March 24th , 2070
So, which rookie starting pitchers are leading the KOR Primary Affiliation in opponents OPS?

Toshimichi Watanabe, JER, .542
Hiroya Takaoka, TOR, .625
Andrew Dillow, BUS, .647
José Costello, SAN, .692
Dicky Rodríguez, CAB, .704
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Santa Fe Crusaders 0 0 .000 -
Sosan Flame 0 0 .000 -
Yonmu Stampeders 0 0 .000 -
Cabano Black Aces 0 0 .000 -
Villa Carmen Surveyors 0 0 .000 -
Loiza Racers 0 0 .000 -
Hatillo Lookouts 0 0 .000 -
Shaoguan Weevils 0 0 .000 -
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