USATA News: Pre-Season Begins
Tuesday, April 1st , 2070
The USA Tertiary Affilition preseason starts today and the season schedule has been released. Baseball fans are getting excited as players begin to prepare for the regular season. The aches and pains of last season have finally healed and now it is time for players to work their way back into shape. Young players and team newcomers will fight to prove themselves as front offices across the country try to decide who will be on that Opening Day roster. The preseason is all about making tough choices and that process begins today.

Please don't forget to set your scouting budget and player development budget during the pre-season!
BNN Stats: Reliever Split Stats Leaders
Monday, March 31st , 2070
Today we look at the top 5 relievers leading the USA Tertiary Affilition in strikeouts at night.

Matt Hebert, HON, 82
O-jun Park, HON, 60
Yukichi Ariwa, SHA, 57
Júlio Flores, GAL, 55
Juan Iquina, BRA, 51
BNN Stats: Starting Pitching Split Stats Leaders
Monday, March 24th , 2070
Today we look at the top 5 starting pitchers leading the USA Tertiary Affilition in strikeouts per 9 innings at night.

Placyd Loqui, BRA, 11.3
Ju-yi Wang, GAL, 9.4
Nesto Villaldo, HON, 9.1
Si-dao Shang, GCC, 9.0
Marçal Silvrio, GAL, 8.9
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Las Teyerias Slam 0 0 .000 -
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