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    Update: Taraz is gone.

    ALSO…. *sirens, bright lights flashing*

    Hamilton is putting 4-time MVP 1B Curro Lopez on the block. He’s in the last year of an affordable $13M contract, considering his ridiculously productive history. Looking for non-1B prospect(s).

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    Hamilton takes SP Gilberto Salvivar with the #2 overall pick.
    Also, hey everybody! Happy to finally be back in the USA, and hope I can last more than one season this time.

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    Also, Hamilton is putting LF superstar Yan-hao Wang on the block: (8/7/6/6/5, .294/.371/.486 slash last year)

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    update: Lierro has been traded to Tocumen

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    In an ideal world, I would also vote for a manual forum-based draft, but my fear is that forum participation isn’t very high and that would unfairly give an advantage to people with flexible schedules that use the forum.

    That said, I think we should just AI-auto this draft to keep on schedule and hope this bug gets fixed next season. That way everyone is equally disadvantaged.

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    UPDATE: Sousa to Mao. ::sniff::

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    UPDATE: Yi traded to Tokorozawa, Sousa still available.

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