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Victoria de Las Tunas Tigres
4th place       45-75 (.375)       M# -       Last 10: 3-7       R: 452       RA: 582       Payroll: $37,961,320
Team Leaders AVG
J. Húguez.297
J. Auguiano.277
L. Mandragón.175
Team Leaders HR
J. Húguez15
J. Auguiano11
C. Díaz11
L. Acevedo10
R. Tokuta10
Team Leaders RBI
J. Húguez63
J. Auguiano55
L. Acevedo43
R. Cherena38
C. Díaz36
Team Leaders W
S. Picard11
J. Badillos5
J. Feliciano5
D. Olivas5
2 tied with4
Team Leaders ERA
S. Picard2.56
T. López5.00
J. Feliciano5.44
Team Leaders K
T. López140
S. Picard138
J. Feliciano96
J. Morales91
K. Takahashi68
Who's Hot?
1BConrado Díaz.476, 2 HRLast 6 games
Who's Not?
1BOrlando Vidal.087, 0 HRLast 20 games
PJosé Feliciano2-5, 8.10Last 9 games
CMin-bum Kim.077, 0 HRLast 15 games
CFJules Lessard.048, 0 HRLast 11 games
LFLuís Mandragón.111, 0 HRLast 12 games
Pitching Staff
StarterRSamuel Picard242411302.561.19Rested
StarterRTony López242441205.001.29Rested
StarterLDomingo Olivas49105462.901.27Rested
StarterRJoaquín Morales202041004.921.42Rested
StarterRJosé Feliciano232351305.441.45Rested
Spot StarterRKazuo Takahashi34153913.891.35Rested
Middle RelieverRDiego Anazco1701008.102.46Rested
Middle RelieverRAl McAuliffe4602104.051.54Rested
Middle RelieverRPung-cho Kang2502203.181.48Rested
Middle RelieverLJuan Ramos4940515.891.80Rested
Setup RelieverRKazuo Takahashi34153913.891.35Rested
Setup RelieverLJosé Badillos5705705.861.64Rested
CloserRNorberto Luzunaris56039175.711.76Rested
28LLuís PasolsC4318261418341434.335.390.566
35LMin-bum KimC346012162125.200.226.317
42ROrlando Vidal1B56657035125.108.147.108
27SLeonardo Monzerate2B6817638011161342.216.292.290
23RJosé Auguiano3B1154551261155694842.277.354.448
24RTomás NavalesSS581603501310915.219.267.313
29RRomán Cherena2B5018350738271543.273.327.481
48LConrado Díaz1B108266631136292171.237.296.459
13LJavier HúguezCF1114081211563746966.297.401.502
34LLuís AcevedoCF85283851043323634.300.391.473
83LGuadalupe MendozaLF5119854212311541.273.342.369
30LJules LessardCF941823911981052.214.254.275
11RLuís MandragónLF11537866531283696.175.252.272
Lineup vs RHP
1LGuadalupe MendozaRF.2732128
2LLuís PasolsC.3354180
3LJavier HúguezLF.297156318
4RJosé Auguiano3B.277115549
5RRomán Cherena2B.2737383
6LLuís AcevedoCF.300104323
7LConrado Díaz1B.23711360
8SLeonardo MonzerateSS.2160111
Lineup vs LHP
1LGuadalupe MendozaRF.2732128
2LLuís PasolsC.3354180
3RJosé Auguiano3B.277115549
4LJavier HúguezLF.297156318
5RRomán Cherena2B.2737383
6LLuís AcevedoCF.300104323
7LConrado Díaz1B.23711360
8SLeonardo MonzerateSS.2160111
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Financial ReportMinor League System
Roswell Invasion6951.575-
Busan Burning Dragons6654.5503.0
Cabo Rojo Renegades6159.5088.0
Victoria de Las Tunas Tigres4575.37524.0
Team Information
Record overall45-75, .375 PCT
Position in Division4th, 24.0 GB
Record at home28-32, .467 PCT
Record on the road17-43, .283 PCT
Record in X-inning games5-9, .357 PCT
Record in one-run games19-17, .528 PCT
Record versus LHP5-16, .238 PCT
Record versus RHP40-59, .404 PCT
Record last 10 games3-7, .300 PCT
Record in May9-19, .321 PCT
Record in June9-18, .333 PCT
Record in July11-18, .379 PCT
Record in August13-15, .464 PCT
Record in September3-5, .375 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.234 - 4th in LAD
On-Base Percentage.305 - 4th in LAD
Slugging Percentage.368 - 4th in LAD
On-Base + Slugging.672 - 4th in LAD
Runs Scored452 - 4th in LAD
Hits947 - 4th in LAD
Extra-Base Hits351 - 2nd in LAD
Home Runs78 - 3rd in LAD
Bases-On-Balls359 - 2nd in LAD
Strikeouts900 - 4th in LAD
Stolen Bases117 - 2nd in LAD
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average4.42 - 4th in LAD
Starters' ERA4.37 - 4th in LAD
Bullpen ERA4.55 - 4th in LAD
Runs allowed582 - 4th in LAD
Hits allowed1086 - 4th in LAD
Opponents AVG.264 - 4th in LAD
BABIP.303 - 3rd in LAD
Home Runs allowed113 - 4th in LAD
Bases-On-Balls451 - 4th in LAD
Strikeouts794 - 4th in LAD
Minor League System
Esmeralda Vultures (AAA)
38-52, .422, 19.0 GB
Madruga Bronchos (AA)
36-54, .400, 25.0 GB
Camajuaní Revenge (A)
48-42, .533, 8.0 GB

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