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Pittsburgh Pirates
4th place       46-74 (.383)       M# -       Last 10: 1-9       R: 491       RA: 635       Payroll: $41,525,200
Team Leaders AVG
A. Rodríguez.284
C. Fuentes.280
J. Mantalaba.264
I. Kokawa.259
Team Leaders HR
A. Rodríguez15
I. Kokawa11
J. Mantalaba9
Y. Miura9
K. Ohta7
Team Leaders RBI
A. Rodríguez57
J. Mantalaba55
B. Schmidt42
O. Sato41
K. Ohta39
Team Leaders W
L. St-Germain8
L. Molina7
J. Morales6
M. Iguchi5
2 more tied with5
Team Leaders ERA
L. St-Germain4.32
M. Iguchi4.60
L. Lacuesta4.99
J. Lacey5.18
Team Leaders K
L. Molina115
J. Lacey105
L. Lacuesta104
L. St-Germain97
M. Iguchi86
Who's Hot?
PNorbert Lebeavois9 SV, 1.20Last 13 games
1BPueblo Aguilar.524, 0 HRLast 5 games
Who's Not?
CWing-chiu Xú.064, 0 HRLast 14 games
Pitching Staff
StarterRMunoto Iguchi232351304.601.40Out
StarterLLuís Lacuesta242431404.991.39Rested
StarterRJohn Lacey242451305.181.62Rested
StarterRLuc St-Germain242481204.321.62Rested
StarterLLuís Molina22227905.351.67Rested
Middle RelieverRPhil O'Halahan3701106.371.68Rested
Middle RelieverRJuan Morales5506102.081.14Rested
Middle RelieverLHyobe Asuhara5202315.321.69Rested
Middle RelieverRYasunari Kouno2711113.831.63Rested
Setup RelieverRTomomi Ishinuki3701145.741.70Rested
Setup RelieverLKarim Sazacar5722312.711.33Rested
CloserRNorbert Lebeavois41053222.201.07Out
30RCirilo FuentesC96371104326583375.280.348.394
36RWing-chiu XúC9828449237151561.173.221.285
15RKazunari Kato1B8229191636437123.313.445.454
18RArturo Rodríguez2B98348991557655378.284.381.460
40ROda Sato2B7928879041381965.274.334.337
35RManobu ShiraiSS6261405932.538.586.846
6RPueblo Aguilar1B7123264328242054.276.336.431
52RShohei Yamakura2B518301317.167.211.222
17RIchiyo KokawaCF1204321121130724789.259.341.428
17RKatai OhtaCF7323251739301938.220.295.435
14LBlaxton SchmidtRF9629197642415015.333.432.509
31LYoshitaka MiuraRF6517540933221846.229.303.423
26RJuan MantalabaCF118387102955352674.264.312.375
Lineup vs RHP
1RManobu ShiraiSS.538050
2RCirilo FuentesC.2803261
3RKazunari Kato1B.3136360
4RArturo Rodríguez2B.28415572
5LBlaxton SchmidtRF.3336422
6LYoshitaka MiuraLF.2299331
7RIchiyo KokawaCF.259113010
8RShohei Yamakura3B.167010
Lineup vs LHP
1RManobu ShiraiSS.538050
2RCirilo FuentesC.2803261
3RKazunari Kato1B.3136360
4RArturo Rodríguez2B.28415572
5LBlaxton SchmidtRF.3336422
6RKatai OhtaLF.2207394
7RIchiyo KokawaCF.259113010
8RShohei Yamakura3B.167010
PlayerInjuryOut for...Disabled List Status
P Ramón Del Arroyoshoulder inflammation8 weeksOn DL, eligible for return (60-day DL)
P Norbert Lebeavoisbroken hamate bone5 weeksNot on DL
RF Blaxton Schmidttorn ankle ligaments2 monthsNot on DL
C Wing-chiu Xúherniated disc (neck)3 weeksNot on DL
P Brandon Bamforthtorn flexor tendon (elbow)4 monthsOn DL, eligible for return (60-day DL)
SS Manobu Shiraihip strain2 weeksNot on DL
P Munoto Iguchishoulder tendinitisone weekNot on DL
RF Yoshitaka Miuratorn labrum (Shoulder)9 monthsNot on DL
2B Oda Satoherniated disc (back)4 weeksNot on DL
2B Shohei Yamakurabroken bone in elbowone weekNot on DL
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Financial ReportMinor League System
Ciudad Bolivar Liberators7149.592-
Bonao Bananas6159.50810.0
Colon Cougars5466.45017.0
Pittsburgh Pirates4674.38325.0
Team Information
Record overall46-74, .383 PCT
Position in Division4th, 25.0 GB
Record at home26-34, .433 PCT
Record on the road20-40, .333 PCT
Record in X-inning games7-3, .700 PCT
Record in one-run games17-15, .531 PCT
Record versus LHP17-23, .425 PCT
Record versus RHP29-51, .362 PCT
Record last 10 games1-9, .100 PCT
Record in May17-11, .607 PCT
Record in June10-17, .370 PCT
Record in July8-20, .286 PCT
Record in August10-19, .345 PCT
Record in September1-7, .125 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.247 - 4th in LOD
On-Base Percentage.318 - 4th in LOD
Slugging Percentage.378 - 4th in LOD
On-Base + Slugging.696 - 4th in LOD
Runs Scored491 - 4th in LOD
Hits1000 - 4th in LOD
Extra-Base Hits354 - 4th in LOD
Home Runs76 - 4th in LOD
Bases-On-Balls387 - 3rd in LOD
Strikeouts863 - 4th in LOD
Stolen Bases32 - 4th in LOD
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average4.46 - 2nd in LOD
Starters' ERA4.91 - 3rd in LOD
Bullpen ERA3.68 - 2nd in LOD
Runs allowed635 - 3rd in LOD
Hits allowed1130 - 2nd in LOD
Opponents AVG.269 - 2nd in LOD
BABIP.310 - 2nd in LOD
Home Runs allowed109 - 4th in LOD
Bases-On-Balls456 - 3rd in LOD
Strikeouts793 - 2nd in LOD
Minor League System
Macon Greens (AAA)
55-35, .611, - GB
Plano Plovers (AA)
51-39, .567, 5.0 GB
Lubbock Prisoners (A)
44-46, .489, 26.0 GB

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