Thursday, September 30th, 2060
Quibor Cyclone: 2B Pablo Villamán retires.
Nanticoke Toreadors: RP Ángel Alcantur retires.
Nanticoke Toreadors: RP Arturo Bustamante retires.
Nanticoke Toreadors: SS Augie Medellín retires.
Nanticoke Toreadors: RP Javier Gutiérrez retires.
Nanticoke Toreadors: RP Elbanco Barrón retires.
Hanyang Union: RP Jeraldo Espinoza retires.
Nanticoke Toreadors: 3B Pin-zhen Mar retires.
Nanticoke Toreadors: C Kiyohira Bonishi retires.
Monday, September 27th, 2060
Nanticoke Toreadors: Released SP Arturo Bustamante.
Nanticoke Toreadors: Released SP Javier Gutiérrez.
Nanticoke Toreadors: Released RP Elbanco Barrón.
Nanticoke Toreadors: Released RP Armond Giammarttini.
Nanticoke Toreadors: Released C Kiyohira Bonishi.
Nanticoke Toreadors: Released SS Augie Medellín.
Nanticoke Toreadors: Released C Manfredi Bertone.
Nanticoke Toreadors: Released 3B Pin-zhen Mar.
Quibor Cyclone: Released RP Reynaldo González.
Quibor Cyclone: Released C Roger Delaney.
Quibor Cyclone: Released 2B José Llaneras.
Quibor Cyclone: Released 3B Carlos Avalencia.
Quibor Cyclone: Released RF Fred Perfect.
Quibor Cyclone: Released 1B Masayuki Tokutake.
Quibor Cyclone: Released 3B Luc Lavoie.
Quibor Cyclone: Released C Luc Mathieu.
Quibor Cyclone: Released 1B Tsuneo Kiyomizu.
Quibor Cyclone: Released SS Hsien-feng Chou.
Quibor Cyclone: Released 2B Pablo Villamán.
Quibor Cyclone: Released RF Orlan Valentín.
Quibor Cyclone: Released 1B Kuei-lin Shui.
Quibor Cyclone: Released LF Hua King.
Hanyang Union: Released RP Jeraldo Espinoza.
Hanyang Union: Released SS Alejandro Avellandeda.
Hanyang Union: Released C Néstor Silva.
Hanyang Union: Released C Hai-liang Guan.
Saturday, August 21st, 2060
Nanticoke Toreadors: Released RP José Cermeno.
Friday, August 20th, 2060
Nanticoke Toreadors: CL Kevin Stackhouse retires.
Colima Vampires: RP Myeong-keun Sun retires.
Nanticoke Toreadors: 2B Eloy Mauave retires.
Suihua Golden Eagles: RP Ning-qing Mah retires.
Quibor Cyclone: Activated 3B Kaleb Childe from the injured list.
Nanticoke Toreadors: Activated SP Iwao Nagumo from the injured list.
Nanticoke Toreadors: Activated RP Bogdan van Donkelaar from the injured list.
Nanticoke Toreadors: Activated RP Kyung-bok Kim from the injured list.
Monday, February 17th, 2020 - OOTP Baseball 20.8 Build 74