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     Rizao CUB 


    I regret that today I must announce my retirement from the World Baseball Hierarchy. I do not plan for this to be a permanent retirement, however. I am not sure when I will return or what team I will manage but I will be back. As is the case with many people, my life away from OOTP has become hectic to allow me to give the Rizao Rally Cats the time they deserve.

    I joined the WBH in 2006 or 2007 (I cannot remember) at the suggestion of Bobby Fuhrman, the then San Lorenzo Legends Manager and still by my standards, one of the best (if not the best) managers we have ever had in the WBH to date. Jim Lee is probably the guy that is No. 1. Anyway, I joined as an expansion team in the upstart Chinese (“China”) Baseball League as the Rizao Rally Cats in the 2013 league year. I picked the city, the team and the logo. Fast forward almost 10 real years and approximately 30 game years and here we are. In that time, as a manager/owner, I have won over 1,300 games (barely over .500). Rizao has been crowned a division champion 10 times and a league champion 5 times. I’ll take 50 percent!! My highest win total in a single season is 73 while my highest loss total is 87. The Cats have competed from the lowest possible tier to CUBA. My Cats and I have almost populated every possible position in this league, other than the USA. I have truly enjoyed all positions! I still have a bucket list goal of getting to the USA at some point and I remain steadfast in that goal. But something I enjoy even more was the rate at which I traded players. I have always had a simple motto: Trade, Trade, Trade! I remember one off-season and season I think I totaled 22 trades. It was always easier for me assembling a team by trading for guaranteed and matured assets rather than drafting and developing and spending too much money in free agency. It worked sometimes and sometimes it didn’t! But sure was it fun.

    I have also held many leadership positions in this league. Initially I was elected as part of the Board of Directors when our creator and old Commissioner Jay was at the helm. From that point on, I participated in many functions from being responsible for Awards, league rule checks, league recruiting, member development and other day to day tasks. Dan, Myself and Bobby even used to do a weekly podcast for the league. That was so much fun. I’ll never forget it. Some years ago the league faced a very difficult time period. Our old Commish wanted to start charging $$ to play. The argument was that the league had grown to onerous and costly to operate without any financial support. We had always had donations that had helped, but some believed they were due financial gain. Myself, along with about 99 percent of the league opposed this idea. This turned into a knock-down, drag-out battle that resulted in then Commissioner Jay and his regime leaving the WBH behind (in the dust). They left and really had no interest in assisting anyone in trying to keep this WBH train running.

    At that point, and please don’t get upset if I forget anyone here, my memory is fuzzy – we did what WBH’ers do. We pulled together. The board of directors, which at that time was made up of Myself, Bobby, Moca Man Dan, Troy (Lagunillas), Marc and a few others, banded together to ensure that the WBH kept going. At that point I was between jobs so I could afford to put all of my time into the WBH, and that I did. I distinctly remember retrieving all of the passwords for everything related to the WBH, including the old league file, and with the help of others, patching the league back together. At that point, I assumed the role of Commissioner. Bobby was a VP and Dan was a VP as well or something of the equivalent. By no means was this a smooth transition. I was unfamiliar with many IT/Computer tasks which were necessary to effectively run the league. To the extent I could, I taught myself and leaned heavily on others to teach me. I remember continuing the duty of Commish until I started law school. At that point, Marc stepped in and started what I call “The Golden Age” of the WBH. Marc encompasses everything you need in a Commissioner. He has foresight, unbelievable talent in IT (excuse the short-sighted defining term…I do not know enough to correctly define what Marc does – because he does everything and really well), the ability to be consistent and thorough every step of the way and his new web design of the WBH and its logo still remain of the best and most effective re-designs I have ever seen. And this is where we are now.

    Regardless of how long the WBH lasts and who holds what position, it is the people of this league that make it so great. I didn’t set forth the above history for a pat on the back or a thank you. I did it simply to illustrate one point: Many people that have come before you and will come after you will have to pitch in to help this machine run. These are folks who have lives: kids, hobbies, jobs, spouses, etc. However, the league needs members. Good members. We have never lacked this. The success of this league will alwayd depend on its members (and frankly always has). We have had low participation at points but the character of our members has always been something I have been proud of and has been something that I truly believe has made this league the success it is. I have been in many leagues and this is the only one I wanted to devote my time to. All of it.

    I haven’t met anyone in the WBH personally, physically, in real life. But it doesn’t matter. The guys I have worked with closely, I am happy to call friends: Marc, Dan, Bobby, Troy, etc. Since my inception into this league I have graduated college, I have lost a job, I have attended and graduated from law school, I have been engaged, married, and now have one beautiful child (with another on the way). This league is and will always be very very important to me. It helped me through tough times but also taught me a lot of very useful interpersonal skills (and computer skills for that matter). However, I need a break. I cannot give my team and the league the time it deserves. I have been lacking in this area for a while now. But, I wanted to draft a lengthy temporary farewell so that everyone knows what this league has been through to get to where it is now with hopes that it will encourage some or all of you to continue working together to create a great atmosphere for baseball junkies: Because at heart, that’s what we all are.

    Thanks Marc for all of your help and guidance through the years. Thank you for allowing me to stay on the Board of Directors even though my participation has not warranted such position. Thank you all for the support and friendship over the years. I truly appreciate all of it and all of you. Marc, if possible, I would appreciate continuing to have a Logon for the forum just so that I can keep up with everything that is going on. This, of course, is at your discretion. To anyone who takes over the Rally Cats, please do so with care. There are a lot of man hours invested in the foundation of this team and it is really well built as of now. We don’t have too many future stud prospects. However, we have a young and very solid team that should compete in CUBA again next year.

    I shall now bid you adieu for now. Good luck to everyone in the WBH Universe and your own personal universe. If anyone ever needs anything, please feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to participating once again in the future when I have enough time to really build a winner.

    Thanks again and Long Live the Rally Cats!!!

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     Bocas del Toro VEN 

    That’s a big loss for the league Brian…best of luck and hope to see your return

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     Maracaibo USA 

    Dang. Will be missed.

    Thanks for the writeup. I didn’t know a lot of the WBH history.

    Also, congratulations! Kids are great

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     Santiago de Cuba USA 

    Good luck, Brian. It’s been wonderful to have a GM as dedicated as you and I hope to see you back here someday.

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     Hong Kong CUB 

    Brian, it really sucks to see you go. You joined the league just before me…and I remember us from the old China League.

    You should take more credit for keeping the league going during the period of drama you mentioned. I think I might have helped move the website over to a new host, but those people in the league now should know that it was Brian who saved the league at its first big time of trouble, taking over as commish and keeping everything on track. It wouldn’t be around today if not for that.

    Hopefully after a bit of a breather, you’ll come back someday and join us again, and make another run with those Rally Cats.

    Best of luck to you and your family!

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     Busan CUB 

    best of luck… been a blast playing with you in the wbh

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     Tijuana VEN 

    I have only been here a small fraction of the time you have and I want to thank you for everything you have done prior to my arrival and since to make it a truly enjoyable experience. Monday, Wednesday and Friday have taken on a different (positive)meaning in the last year, many THANKS to you Brian.


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     Taegu JPN 

    it really sucks to see one of the “old timers” leave.

    from the bottom of my heart, thank you Brian. Thank you for pulling up those boot straps and keeping us going. I feel the same way as you in many regards, but in no way could explain that as eloquently as you. I love the league as well; there hasn’t been a league that has meant as much to me as this one has. I also joined in 2006, so the league has spanned quite a bit of my life as well.

    i am no where near as active as i once was either, but don’t think it means i love the league any less because of it.

    please come back soon. you are the definition of the type of member this league needs.

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     Oaxaca JPN 


    I was sad to hear that you are leaving. I believe we joined at the WBH at the same time. We have made many a deal throughout the years. You will be greatly missed by all.

    Good Luck in all your future endeavors, and don’t forget about the WBH!!

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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     Mexico City DOM 

    Best of luck Brian – hope to see you back soon…

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     Xian JPN 

    Brian, thank you for all that you’ve done for the league. best of luck to you…

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     Chihuahua USA 

    The post definitely gave me some nostalgia (the podcast!) and reminded me of all the things the league had to go through to keep thriving! I had to take a step back a while ago but I had to return to the Hierarchy once life settled down a bit. Hope we’ll see you back as well!

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     Azua USA 

    Brian… thank you for all you’ve done and the number of times you stepped in to save and improve the league! What a history… can’t believe its been so long!

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     Seoul KOR 

    Best wishes in your life Brian. I will certainly miss you. You’ve provided the most colorful exciting trade negotiations, I’ve had. I appreciate all you’ve done for us. Hope to see you around if you have the freedom to participate again. I took some time off and have returned.

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     Baracoa CUB 

    Thank you Brian, and come back soon! I’m sure we hooked up for a trade at one point or another.

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     Rizao CUB 

    Thank you all so much. It is a one of a kind league. I will return but just as many of you…I need a breather…said another way – I need time to trade! lol.

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     Hamilton JPN 

    Wow, thanks for everything Brian. Cheers and hope to trade with you again soon!

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     Toluca KOR 

    Sorry to see you go Brian. Enjoy your time away.

    Thanks for all that you did here, including keeping the league afloat.

    I am sure you will hold the WBH record for career trades for a while. 8)

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     Barquisimeto CAN 

    Best of luck Brian! Hope to cross paths in real life someday on one of my road trips!

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     Vancouver CUB 

    Brian was Commish when I joined just prior to the 2016 season and damn did the trains run on time. I was hooked by the by the vibrant community and the sincere concern for the health, history, and integrity of the league. I missed all the pre-Nickerson nonsense but in hindsight it seems like without his commitment to restoring the league, and more importantly, cranking the sims out in a timely matter for several seasons, we don’t have the strength to make it through the Great Contraction, and the dark years that followed his clash with real-world time constraints.

    Now here I am entering my 25th season and I’d just like to say thanks a lot for all the wasted time… Cap_PDT_01_05

    Good luck and see you in 2050!

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     Santiago de los VEN 

    So sorry to see you leave Brian. Try not to leave it to long before returning you will be missed.

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     Moca DOM 

    Im sorry this took me so long to see. Such is the way in life these days.

    Brian is one of those guys in this league that I call a close buddy of mine. He’s a top notch guy and no matter how high or how low things go in the league, or in personal beliefs (lord knows we didn’t always agree) he’s there to talk it out and work through it. That’s why I love you man and that’s why we in the WBH are ALL better for having had you in here.

    I can’t thank you enough for putting this league on your back and carrying us through that turmoil that you talked about a lot more eloquently then I could have, but all of it is 100% true. This league has been great for a long time and you are a HUGE part of that.

    I’ll miss you man, but I am happy to call you friend and happy that I still talk to you in other areas.

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     Incheon KOR 

    Thanks, Brian, for your time and effort that helped to make this league and community what it is. Hope you’re able to come back sometime down the road.

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