Will I need to waiver players brought up on expanded roster?

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    I’m trying to figure out who to bring up to the ML for the expanded roster. I can’t really remember how this works. I’d rather not bring up guys who would later need to go through waivers, so that I won’t lose them.

    After the regular season ends, am I able to just place guys back into the minors without needing to go through waivers?

    The waiver rules say the following:
    “12. Any player with a contract expiring in the current season (not an auto-renewal or arbitration eligible) that appears on Waivers after the Trade Deadline will not be allowed to be claimed.”

    But I’m not sure if the game would have them go on waivers after the regular season has ended.

    I’m also curious about the reasoning of this rule where guys with expiring contracts will not be allowed to claim. I’m not sure I understand why auto-renewal or arbitration eligible guys are allowed to be claimed. Clarification on the reasoning would be appreciated.

    If I put guys on auto renewal contracts back in the minors after the regular season, will they not receive their automatic renewal salary for next season?

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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    These are two separate situations:

    1) Players that are out of minor league options will have to go through waivers. Players that have remaining options can be sent back to the minors without going through waivers.

    2) The expiring contract rule for post-trade deadline waivers prevents teams that are out of playoff contention from waiving stars to save some money. This was a problem many years ago and this rule stopped it from happening. Auto-renewal and arbitration players aren’t expiring because you have the option to keep them for next year.

    Does that help?

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    Thank-you Bob! That helps greatly. I appreciate your explanations.

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     Mike N 

    One thing I’ve never understood about OOTP salaries is that if guys are making the minimum they’ll continue to do so even if they’re in the minors. My understanding is that MLB doesn’t operate like this, though players do get a bonus for being on the 40-man.

    It’s frustrating when you might need an injury fill-in early in the season but get stuck paying the entire annual salary, and then have to sneak them through waivers to get rid of it the next year.

    Am I missing something?

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    In previous versions of OOTP, when a player was called up, he showed up as a major league minimum salary player, and when he was demoted again, he disappeared from the salary page.

    The way it works now, whenever a guy is called up, he shows up as a league minimum player. If you send him back down, his salary still appears in your salary page, but if you calculate all your expenses, you will notice you aren’t paying the guy anything when he’s sent back down to the minors. Or, to think of it another way, if the player is on your ML roster for half a season, you will pay the guy half of a league minimum salary.

    I’m right, right [other OOTP veterans]?

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    I’ve always remembered that once a guy had a minimum league salary, it was for the entire year. If a guy is put in the minors before some point (arbitration?), and remains there, he won’t have a salary next year. But my memory is far from perfect. I would imagine this is how it works in the real life majors.

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     Mike N 

    Oh, I think you’re right, Joe! I just did an experiment, and it does seem to be the case that players in the minors don’t get paid. Minors players do still count against your budget & impacts your ability to sign players, however. I guess that makes sense in some weird way, but I’ve got like a $7m differential on my books between what I’m spending and what the computer thinks I’m spending…

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