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     Bobby Fuhrman 

    Hey all, former WBH member for about 15 seasons here, which was about 6 years ago in real life time. Yesterday I was at work and suddenly found myself wondering if the WBH was still around and came to the site. I saw my old nemesis Jim Lee is still here, is Moca Dan still complaining about all of his prospects and draft pools sucking? Anyways just thought I would say hello to anyone still around from my days. Was awesome taking a look at some of my old teams history and remembering old players including their nicknames; those guys are very much real life players to me.

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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    Hi Bobby! Hope you’re doing well.

    I don’t think Dan is still in the league. At least he isn’t active on the forums.

    A couple of your players made the Hall of Fame. (I don’t remember if that was started when you were here.) If you’re reminiscing, you should go check them out.

    We’re always looking for good GMs if you have the itch again.

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    Good to hear from you, Bobby. Hope you’re doing well these days. The Legends have never quite reclaimed their dynasty status.

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