The Seoul Warlords Saga Toward a Championship in the USA League

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    Our 2043 free agent plan has come to fruition. Having been outbid beyond our available money on most of our primary free agent targets the past few seasons, we gambled on assuring acquisition of SP Yun-tae Chon.

    We would have loved to acquire him at his initial $800,000 1 year asking price. However, we feared that starting a bidding war might price him out of our range. So we offered all of our available money immediately to the best target we were pretty sure we could acquire. His acquisition was successful and our plan did not fail. We locked him up for three years at $2,049,864 per season with a team option in the final season.

    However, I am having second thoughts about our strategy. I now fear we may have over payed for the services of Yun-tae Chon. Furthermore, putting all our eggs in one basket prevented us from acquiring any other free agents, including some that were signed to only minor league contracts. Gradually increasing our offers to Yun-tae Chon, until he bit, would have probably allowed us to acquire other players at salaries only slightly above minimum salary.

    We helplessly watched as Thunder Bay signed all four of our secondary targets to minor league contracts. We would have loved catching at least one of those on a small major league contract. But we were not able to even make a major league contract offer.

    The fact that all four of these players unanimously chose the Thunder Bay minor league affiliates over ours, motivates me to demand a thorough investigation of conditions in the Seoul farm system. Maybe the showers don’t have hot water. Maybe the waitresses in the cafeteria are ugly. Something obviously needs to change when an overwhelming decision to play for free elsewhere has occurred. Lol.

    Congratulations Thunder Bay, on acquisition of RP Kozue Nishi, RP Song-chae Son, and RP In Tokko, SS Takanobu Yoshida.

    If Thunder Bay is willing to open negotiations regarding helping one or more of these players find a new home in the Seoul system, an advantageous transaction may transpire. We have noticed Thunder Bay harvested a crop of more than twenty players during this offseason with minor league contracts. The demand for those four might be just high enough to ply them away from the rest of the new Thunder Bay herd. We would like to offer a quick and tidy profit in such a deal, but a negative cash balance eliminates that possibility.

    Overall, I am seeing this as a successful off season. Because we were able to acquire a player who was our primary target, and is expected to make significant contributions in 2043. This had not always been the case the past few seasons.

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     Thunder Bay 

    The Sith Lord will relinquish no one

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    I had Chon in my team last year for 7 million for 1 season. I tried negotiating with him but you clearly outbid me 🙂

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