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     Thunder Bay 

    No sim on Thursday or last night? What’s up?

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    It was all the sins.

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     Thunder Bay 

    HA! Has there been any sims ran since late last Wednesday for the Tuesday sim?

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     Thunder Bay 

    i think one has been run officially for up to Aug 27, 2042 which should have been ran on Thursday Night but was run today. I believe one is still missing from Sunday night which would bring us to Sept 3, 2042.

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    Yeah, it appears we missed Friday’s sim. Whatever would’ve been run on Friday was run today.

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     Thunder Bay 

    so why are we still one behind? why wasn’t there a notification? i shouldn’t or any other members should get fined for anything else.

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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    Marc sent us an email that he’d be traveling and the sims might be a bit off. If you’re not getting league emails, let him know.

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     Thunder Bay 

    well isn’t that a tremendous funsucker. I make a awesome comeback in the KOR and are in a pennant chase. No love on the email. same email their (Joking) there has always been.

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    I was glad that today’s Wednesday sim was completed much sooner than it typically has been. It takes a lot of personal effort and devotion to sim as reliable as happens in this league. I hope the real life situations interfering with the less critical aspects of the simmer’s game life let up soon!

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