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    Seoul has not yet decided whether or not to compete or rebuild in 2044. We could even postpone this decision until the trade deadline if we are too procrastinative.

    Because we are in a quandary about exactly what to do about tight monetary constraints and quality players at good value but large salaries when we don’t know if we are working toward a competitive or rebuild season, almost all players are open for trade discussion. However, good quality, reasonably priced, young players are the type we most value and would be least likely to send away.

    I don’t have time to give states and links at this moment. I would like to state that these 3 guys on the block are not old has-beens with high unjustified salaries.

    SS Miao is a top notch shortstop free agent after this season, at a very reasonable contract for his ratings and stats. Luther Frost and Min Huan have significant salaries that also have very reasonable salaries for their quality. We would seriously consider moving one of those guys (or maybe all 3) regardless of whether we rebuild or not. We have monetary issues, but nothing which would force us to send one of those 3 away. We could gain some monetary breathing room as well as options for the future (prospects or younger guys) by trading away those 3 players of current high quality.

    Frost had an off year in 2043 with his career worst ERA. At the end of 2042 his stuff and stamina dropped. His stamina recovered at the beginning of 2043 and his control has improved after the end of the 2043 seas. He have a team option I think through 2046. Very good player for any team (including ours).

    Min Huan is asking 8 years at $19,000,000. He is worth that money and we would lock down the contract. The length is more than we would want without a couple team option years. We have all season to negotiate if we wish.

    Miao is not negotiating with us at the moment. We are hoping that changes throughout the season. We would most likely be willing to offer whatever he demands. We can chase him in off-season free agency if we would like. You could lock Miao up by trade as a 2044 top quality rental with possibility for a few more years by exclusive negotiating rights before he hits the open market.

    Please send a private message if interested in anybody. I prefer specific offers, and also enjoy random vague and general inquiries!

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