Seoul 2044 Deadline Block

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    Top performing 32 year old SS Hu Miao could help with a playoff push or attempt to avoid relegation.
    .917 OPS 2044, .899 career OPS, fielding ratings of ss:4 2b:6 3b:3, 1b:7
    He is in the last year of a $16,220,000 salary contract. The cost of the remaining salary should be $6,488,000 (48/120 games). He is asking $19,750,000 for an 8 year extension (not allowed in the WBH). We would gladly sign him to a six year deal if our owner allowed it. If I remember correctly, he was willing to accept about a $20 or $21M deal over six years at the beginning of the season before we committed our available extension money. Our option is to lose him after valuable contributions for the rest of 2044 or trade him away for future value.

    We are also looking to cut costs by sending away some guys in the last season of guaranteed salary. We would send future value in return for taking the salary off our books. Ch’oe, Tong, and maybe Seto could be of minimum value to a non-competing team.
    SP Kyu-pyeong Ton $1,400,000 (arb eligible)
    SP U-ram Ch’oe $1,100,000
    CF Ning Seto $825,000
    SP Nate Rielly $750,000 (team options 2045 and 2046)
    SP Akinori Kobayashi $640,000
    and other guys in our minors with a minimum salary that we probably won’t need this year or in the future.

    Please send a PM if interested.

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