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    I remember being able to set ticket prices in the finance portion of the program. I have not been able to find where to change ticket prices during the off season. My friend(Tocumen) suggested that because it is the off season that may be the reason why I cannot set ticket prices and when we reach the regular season the option will be available. My owners team goals is to improve attendance and the east step to take is to lower ticket prices. Thanks in advance.

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    Rick pointed out to me that one change in OOTP 16 is that ticket prices can only be set once, right after the playoffs. His guess was that this was because of the new season ticket feature, that prices need to be set early so they’re fixed for season ticket sales.

    So I think your next opportunity to adjust ticket prices would be at the end of the playoffs.

    Someone please correct me on this if I’m wrong.

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     Mike Topham 

    You’re correct Marc. It really sucks. I know some guys toggled prices all season based on opposition in an effort to maximize revenue. Not anymore…

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    Well that explains it. That stinks. My attendance is going to be in the tank this season.

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