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     Gordon Maclean 

    Back to back double headers against different opponents… seriously??

    I guess that the WBH has had “rain outs” for a few in game years now. From the time I joined in ’35 until ’42 I never recalled seeing 1/2 games in the standings, maybe Im wrong there but that is my recollection.

    Then 1/2 games started to show up in the standings. I was never sure if they were due to deliberate 2 game and 4 game series or occasional rain outs showing up in game.

    This past sim I had a 3 game series (against Nagasaki) followed by a 4 game series (against Hamilton) which lead off with a double header (presumably a make up game).

    Well, something happened with the second game against Nagasaki (rain out?) and the game was rescheduled for the next day, the day before the previously scheduled double header against Hamilton. So back to back double headers. And it’s not like we dont visit Nagasaki again this season (Jul 14-16).

    To make matters even worse, Hamilton had the day off before our double, while my team was forced to play two games.

    I have no clue just what the fatigue level for my pitching staff was for the two games against Hamilton, but it couldnt have been good.

    SO, question for the Board. Is there any way to prevent this from happening again? Could rain outs be made up on off days rather than by double headers? or if doubles are to be a fact of life, could they be scheduled for the middle game of a 3 game series so that the chances of back to back doubles are minimized.

    I am not even sure that back to back doubles are permitted in MLB, unless perhaps there is absolutely no other way to get the games in.


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     Gordon Maclean 

    To add insult to injury, OOTP’s AI decided to start my Emergency Starter in game 2 of the first double header (thats ok by me), BUT THEN started my Setup pitcher in the second game of the second double header. WHY? The AI had burned my Long Relief by using him as a closer in the last inning of the first game of the day when my team was down 5-15.

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    Looking through quickly, I don’t see an option for turning those off. I’ll investigate further before 2045.

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     David Krause 

    Latest OOTP17 patch allows turning off rain-outs for online leagues.

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     Gordon Maclean 

    If that is a call for a vote, YES

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     Mike Topham 

    I’ll second that!!

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    I removed rainouts today. I hope it takes…but I don’t actually know if it will. If they still show up this season, I’ll get with Marc and make sure we figure it out for next season.

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