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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    My team is a complete disaster. I thought my deep rotation could keep me within shouting distance of contention but I was very wrong.

    Everybody is available. Here are a few notables.

    SP Navarro Allende – One of the all-time great pitchers in WBH history is now in his twilight. He still has great ratings. He isn’t negotiating with me so this is probably a rental.

    SP Honorato Jaramillo – He’s an ace that’s on a decent contract given his skills. His ERA is up this year but that’s due to his ridiculous .405 BABIP.

    SP Min-chin Yu – The only bright spot in my rotation right now. He has a 2.89 ERA in the USA.

    SP Fred Howatt – He’s had a good career but has had a rough transition to the USA.

    SP Song-i Park – He has the ratings for success but he’s never put it together for me. I bet he could thrive at a lower tier.

    C Koceila Kirop – Solid catcher in his prime.

    LF Shu-de Tu – He’s my star player right now. He’s 27 and on a minimum salary contract this year and next year.

    Bullpen – There are some solid pieces in there that have performed terribly so far. You can take a gamble for cheap.

    3B Comtois and RF Waugh are both technically available but I doubt I’ll trade either. They’ve played horribly but I’m not interested in selling low on either of them.

    None of these players are salary dumps. My cap is fine so I don’t need to rid myself of any contracts including Allende and Yu.

    Prospects are the way to go. You can get me on the forum or on Slack.

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