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    I met Randy Johnson on Tuesday. He’s really awkward. Let me hit up the long backstory before getting into the meeting.

    You guys may or may not know, but I’m a professional photographer in North Carolina and I spent the last week at a photography conference in Phoenix. My wife and I were bored during some downtime on Tuesday so we walked a few blocks and took a tour of Chase Field. While there, we heard that Randy Johnson was at the ballpark earlier in the day and walked to the photography expo that we skipped. (He’s trying to be a photographer, apparently. His logo is awesome.)

    On our way back to the Convention Center, we saw him taking pictures at a Lightrail station. Here’s how our awkward conversation went:

    Me: “Hi Randy! Can I take a photo with you?”
    RJ: “Umm… uhh… (awkward pause) I’ll give you an autograph…”
    Me: “Well, I don’t really have anything to autograph but thanks anyways.”
    RJ: (Noticing our Nikon lanyards) “Are you here for the convention?”
    Me: “Yep, we’re professional photographers from North Carolina.”
    (Another awkward pause)
    Me: “OK, well thanks anyway. Have a great day!”

    Thought you guys might appreciate that story.

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