Problem Posting a Waiver Claim on website

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    I ran into trouble a couple of seasons ago posting a waiver claim for this same player. He is RP Otavio Escobar. When I go to post the the thread, after I press submit it brings me to the next page where it says “error, posting a duplicate thread” something to extent of that message. I have logged in an out. Cleared my cache/cookies, tried posting on my phone’s browser. Nothing seems to work. I am just trying to put in a waiver claim on this player and I am looking for help. I even tried posting a thread named “blah, blah, blah” and I got the same error message.

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    Well, I changed the title of the thread slightly and it worked. Still super annoying. Problem sort of fixed.

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    Yeah, there’s something in the new forum blocking duplicate thread titles. I need to figure out how to disable it.

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