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     Tokorozawa DOM 

    Got looking this morning at my players eligible for my playoff roster. Turns out I only have 2 outfielders of the three on my current active roster that qualify. I have 4 others that qualify, but they are all on the DL and won’t be healthy in time.

    I guess this means that left field will have to be occupied by my backup infielder?

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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    I always have problems with the playoff rosters but I was able to make a necessary addition this year. Go to a player that you want to add, click the Available Actions dropdown, hover over Transaction, and click Place On Playoff Roster. Hopefully that’ll work for you.

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     Tokorozawa DOM 

    Looks like it will work. Thanks Bob!

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     Tokorozawa DOM 

    Didn’t work after the sim was run.

    Looks like a playoff series with 2 backup outfielders and none of my starters for the majority of the season is in my immediate future. Darn.

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    I remember that placing players on the DL, freed slots of previously eligible injured players allowing me to place one who had not been eligible on the roster. Hopefully somebody would be able to help you learn how to do this. I just can’t remember.

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