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     Tokorozawa DOM 

    Is it just me or did someone hit the “Make all owners complete tightwads” button for this season? Seems like everyone is being forced to shed salary.

    Is this a result of the change in revenue calculations in OOTP ’16 with the season tickets etc?

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    I’ve made the similar guess that it has to do with the OOTP 16 financial refactoring. Not sure it is specific only to the season ticket split. I was guessing they totally revamped all the financial algorithms from scratch in OOTP 16.

    Some day if I get bored, I’ll run some solo OOTP 16 leagues to learn more (and become wiser and more WBH financially savvy).

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    the individual ticket sales don’t move, even when you team goes 9-1 I got a 2% improvement in ticket sales?

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     Gordon Maclean 

    I wish there was a way in game to respond to the owners “review of goals”. Based on some of my owners comments it looks like it could be a long dry spell is in the forecast for Tijuana…

    Increase Profit:
    … ” Well we don’t seem to be quite in bad shape as when I gave you this goal. There’s still more that you can cut”… That with our payroll down to $50M

    Build your farm:
    … “Im not too thrilled about out current prospect pool”… GIVE ME RESOURCES TO WORK WITH.

    Acquire a player:
    “Let me say this again: Bring in a Hometown player… I can only assume that you didnt hear me when I told you this the first time. I do not like to be ignored” PISS OFF there isnt a single player in the WBH that I can find from Tijuana or the Mexican state of Baja California.

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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    I got the same “say this again” message but my goal is to bring in a USA Hitter of the Year. I already have three USA HOYs (2B Escobar, LF Ishihara, and, for some weird reason, SP Allende) plus one more that has won HOYs in other leagues (1B Yang). If that wasn’t enough, I have two USA Pitcher of the Years (SP Allende and SP Agular) and one more that won a POY elsewhere (SP Carcia).

    I’m leading my division by six games and I’m leading the entire league in runs scored. With all due respect, go screw yourself Mr. Lopez.

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