Owner Goals reasonable?

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    Either the owner goal AI (artificial intelligence) is not very intelligent, or it very accurately portrays an eccentric collector of Cuban pitchers of the year. I’ll pretend it is the latter for immersion purposes.

    The fact that we had a likely Cuban Pitcher of the year in Min Huan, who actually ended up receiving the award after the 2042 season, did not keep the owner from asking us to acquire one by 2042. So we acquired Scott Bryom in 2042. Now we have two. This does not keep the owner from asking us to acquire another by 2045. At this rate, our entire pitching staff will be composed of Cuban pitchers of the year just to keep the owner satisfied. Lol

    We won’t even be in the Cuban league in 2044 (though the OOTP owner couldn’t know WBH relegation rules). I think I will ignore his goal this time and focus on winning and making money instead.

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     Gordon Maclean 

    I have found the owners “goals” to be hilarious. It took me 2 full years to find a “home town player” and now he wants a player with “great leadership”. In addition, at one point he wanted me to “sign an ace” but cut my salary cap, hard to spend $15-20m/year when the total salary is allowed is only $48M.

    Sit back and be safe in the knowledge that you can laugh at, cuss at, flip off and otherwise abuse your owner in perfect safety (it would be great to respond in game though!)

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