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     Bocas del Toro VEN 

    Hey Guys,

    I’m looking for more of an OOTP fix…this is the only league I’m in, I’ve been in a few others that have since folded but if anyone knows other great leagues like this that are looking for Managers, can you let me know.


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     Taegu JPN 

    I would highly recommend the Canadian Baseball League. We aren’t in 14 yet, but it’s as stable a league as you’ll find. Similar setup as WBH (except no promotion/relegation). same salary cap, same rating systems etc. I think Molson (Toluca) and Alan (Santiago de los) are in it as well. started in 2008, currently in 2048.

    only think is, is that I don’t know if any teams are available. they don’t come open very often, but i couldn’t recommend CBL highly enough, so it’s worth applying.

    WBH will be my only “necessary” league, i.e. I’ll be here as long as WBH is here. But the CBL is close to that status. I say that because I’ve tried other leagues and they just didn’t fit me all that well (I did like the league Dan ran for a few seasons)

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     Toluca KOR 

    @Taegu (VEN) wrote:

    I think Molson (Toluca) and Alan (Santiago de los) are in it as well. started in 2008, currently in 2048.

    As many leagues that I am currently in (four), or have been in (dozens), I am not, nor have ever been in the CBL. Looks like a fine league though. I do recognize a few GM names over there.

    A league I would recommend is Play at the Plate. We are just hitting our 6th year playoffs (so we probably will have an opening or two due to the off-season). We just expanded 4 teams last off-season, and one of those teams made the playoffs (we ran an alternate “feeder” league to help the expansion teams, as well as a normal expansion draft). One powerhouse team just set our league record with 115 wins, but don’t let that sway you, the league is highly competitive.

    The Commish is very fair and pro-active. Here is the Forum link.

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     Taegu JPN 

    haha, my bad. there is a GM with a user name molson

    so while OUR Molson isn’t in the CBL, there’s at least the “cool factor” of having a Molson there lol

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     Hong Kong CUB 

    I checked out that Canadian league and happened upon a post with FA sims.

    So, they start FA on January 1 and run six 7-day sims, with a 7th that runs to Spring Training. How does that work out?

    When we went to version 13, I noticed that in our FA schedule, we’ve had some high-profile players sign immediately on the first sim, which did not used to be the case. How has it worked on their schedule?

    I’ve been pondering a tweak to our offseason schedule in response to whatever AI changes in OOTP made this start happening, but I don’t want to mess with it unless I know another way is better.

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