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    I have a player whom I would like to sign a $750,000 extension with. But the owner won’t let me. I was trying to figure out the reason. My payroll for next season is way under my projected budget.

    I realize now that an “Other Misc” value projected at $8,198,697 is the problem. I can see that for 2041 and 2042, there were no values. I think from playing solo games, OOTP16 uses this to slot staff expenses or something like that.

    In the WBH, apparently we do not pay the “Other Misc” fees, however, it is being projected in the future.
    It does not seem reasonable that I have been prevented from signing free agents or extensions due to a future expense I will never need to pay.

    Is there a game setting we could change to prevent this from happening?
    If it is not possible to correct this problem by changing a game setting, could we consider increasing budgets which would take into account this amount, such that the owner allows us to sign extensions and free agents that we will obviously be able to afford?
    I’m guessing that this is a situation that arose when we upgraded to OOTP16.

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    Would it be possible to temporarily increase my budget by $750,000 so that I can sign this very reasonable extension that I will obviously be able to afford next season?

    Is anybody else noticing a problem with this?

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    Nevermind the request for a temporary fix. I found a player to release that I wouldn’t offer arbitration to, giving room to sign the extension.

    If this is a problem we are all facing, it would probably still be good to consider a long term fix or workaround.

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    I see that those projections could cause a problem. What I use them for is fines. The game also uses it, I believe, for expenses like when you release someone (not sure about specifics, but it uses that field for some stuff).

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    Yes. I understand and agree. The “Other Misc” bucket seems the appropriate spot for many team expenses. I don’t really have a problem with the “Other Misc” accounting field. It is the projected staff and player development costs which seem problematic. In the WBH we do not have staff and player development expenses. It clearly does not seem appropriate for OOTP 16 to be projecting staff and player costs in a league which has no such costs. I don’t remember this problem in OOTP 15. I was waiting to hear something from the commish before posting on the OOTP 16 forums about this. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t caused by an errant setting or something.

    Per the OOTP 16 manual (which still displays OOTP 15 screens Lol):
    “Projected miscellaneous expenses (personnel payroll, scouting, player development, etc.) are subtracted from the projected budget”. There are nearly $9 million toward such expenses projected for Seoul in 2043. All teams in the WBH are facing the same disadvantage in this regard. I imagine the problem will evaporate from the books after the post-season and arbitration. We will be free to spend that money that had been set aside, on free agents before 2043. I’m still not completely comfortable that this quirk might prevent some teams from signing an extension with a player they will reasonably able to afford and fit well within their 2043 budget.

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