New Tijuana Logo and Nickname

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     Tijuana VEN 

    Trying this out for opinions. I am looking to update the Tijuana Grasshoppers logo and change the name to the linguistically correct “Saltamontes de Tijuana”, if OOTP permits the Spanish language sentence structure… if not “Tijuana Saltamontes” would be acceptable.

    Thoughts on the logo anyone? And if the image file is acceptable can it be implemented in the off season?

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     Mexico City DOM 

    I’m not sure the real ‘grasshopper’ (I think that’s actually a cricket) works well. I’d maybe enlarge the existing grasshopper, ditch the ‘g’ and red circle, and change the wording…

    My 2¢…

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     Changsha JPN 

    looks like a grasshopper to me. Go for it, better then the little green alien

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     Tijuana VEN 

    That is no cricket. This is a cricket…

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     Tijuana VEN 

    BTW- the existing grasshopper is what makes me want to change it.. that has to go.

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     Hong Kong CUB 

    The file should be a 24-bit PNG. We have mostly been adhering to OOTP’s old file size of 160×160, but it can be bigger now.

    Anyone know the maximum dimensions in the current version?

    No problem with the image, and name change, generally speaking.

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     Taegu JPN 

    maybe i’m crazy, but I like the TIJ logo.

    I like that little ball playing insect, and in fact, would make it even more prominent in the logo if it were me.

    would a color change suffice, something away from the red and green combo? (which is the only thing I find weird about the logo). what about a yellow background, and keep the grasshopper? just a thought

    or use a band around the logo with the team name in it (like mine). that would kill a lot of dead space in the logo.

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     Tijuana VEN 

    Version 2.0. I liked the background palette. Stylized the character and put him into an action pose with the arm reaching out of the border of the logo.

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     Tijuana VEN 

    Management: Please implement the nickname change from “Grasshoppers” to “Saltamontes” and make the “version 2” logo immediately above the new Tijuana logo.



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