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     Changsha JPN 

    So I have 2 players with contracts I cut. Both had a contract for next year and 2 option years after that.
    OOTP asked if I wanted to payout the contact this year or spread the contract cost over the remaining years for one player. The other player I only got the option to spread the contract over 4 years. Does anyone know why one player gave me an option and the other didn’t. Is that how our league will actually expense the cash.

    the spread out or this year option was In-ho P’yong

    and the only option was to spread out 4 years was SS Myeong-hwan Park

    player salaries

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     Taegu JPN 

    my guess is that Park has too high a salary to be paid out all at once.

    you probably have enough cash on hand to pay off Pyong

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     Vancouver CUB 

    I have never seen this before. Maybe something to do with the size of Park’s contract next year? I imagine the point was to have that come off this year’s books. I am befuddled. Sometimes we have to be slaves to the way the game makes us do things.

    Doing a little fiddling with my own team I think the problem is you can only eat a contract if you have enough cash on hand, unlike the old days when you could just go in to debt. I was only able to pay off contracts I could cover. When I tried to release high-salaried guys I only got the option to spread it out over the remainder of the contract.

    That really blows as it looks like you’re going to finish the season +$30,000,000 or so but we’re all in the same boat. I have no idea when this changed or if there is anything we can do about it.

    The good news is this money is applied to future player expenses and won’t count towards your payroll cap so as long as you continue to make money it shouldn’t impact your bottom line much.

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     Vancouver CUB 

    @Taegu (JPN) wrote:

    my guess is that Park has too high a salary to be paid out all at once.

    you probably have enough cash on hand to pay off Pyong

    Back in the old days it didn’t matter but I guess this came along in 15. Sucks for him because he’s going to finish high enough in the black he easily could pay off Park’s contract.

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     Hong Kong CUB 

    We’ll discuss this situation and see if there’s a good solution. But this won’t happen immediately…this seems like a discussion that could go on for a bit and I don’t want to delay sims.

    I think Rick’s right that it’s something new with 15 and no one encountered or noticed it before.

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