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    When I look at messages today, I see an empty list, even when I see a number on the envelope icon indicating I have incoming messages. I also see “viewing 1 to 10 of 50 messages”. But there are not message detail lines in the list. Looking at subsequent pages (e.g. 2-20) does not help.

    I have been able to click on Notifications and read incoming messages. But there is also new and different behavior there as well. In the past, I needed to actively delete notifications. Now they seem to disappear as soon as I click on the associated notification.

    So I have only one chance to read a message. Can’t figure out a way to look at a message (or message stream) after my initial reading.

    Does anybody have an idea whether I have accidentally changed a setting I do not want? Has anybody else seen this odd behavior?


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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    I can only see my most recent message. I’m guessing it’s something with the site.

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     Gordon Maclean 

    I am having the same issue. You can get to the messages by clicking on “Notifications” and then click on “Read”. You should get the list of your messages at that point. Its brute force but it seems to be the only way at this point.

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    It looks like the WordPress update has caused a problem with the theme we’re using. I’ll hunt around for an answer, and if I don’t find one, I’ll switch themes.

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     Jim Lee – Azua 

    confirming that I’m having the same issue too.

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