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    I need to trade 1B Hu Miao (7/8/9/8/5) for either 1) a left-handed hitter of similar ratings or 2) an ace pitcher. Let me know if you have something that might work?

    Hu hit 32 HRs last year in the USA, stole 16 bases, got on base at a .379 clip, and was healthy all year. He’s one of the five or ten best hitters in the WBH, and at 16M/year is making less than it will cost to secure one of the similarly-rated hitters available in free agency right now.

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    Now I would like to deal my gold glove power bat CFer Geraldo Sanchez. He’s only making 4M this year. Looking for prospects.

    I would also like to deal away an ace pitcher like SP Lonnie MacNevin or SP Yasunari Karamorita Jr (just acquired from Tok VEN), each available for stud prospects.

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    If you are getting a stud prospect (or multiple decent prospects) in the draft but would rather have a current ace, let me know. Pitchers SP Lonnie MacNevin or SP Yasunari Karamorita Jr are still available for stud prospects and I can take back salary to make the money work.

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