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    Riddled by injuries this season and a decent possibility this season I am deciding to be a seller this season.

    Players for trade

    RF Cheong-hun Chi #34
    Right Masher – 5/6/8/8/4 vs RHP
    $3.75 million through 2046

    CF António Sousa #22
    Wretched health making $18.96 million through 2046

    RF Juan Ledesma #27
    Friendly contract $750k through the end of the season

    1B Yorikane Gato #17
    Righty Masher – 5/9/8/5/5 vs RHP
    $1.0 million with 2 team options after this year

    I have 3 SP I don’t mind trading either.

    P Hao-hing Zhào #56
    8/5/7 $4.5 million

    P José Casteleiro #30
    5/8/5 $4.0 million

    P Wendell Stowers #37
    8/5/5 $1.05 million

    P Sun Huang #54
    6/6/5 $1.76 million

    I am looking for prospects in return. I can take on bad contracts as well as I have some cap space. It would be more convenient to contact me on slack. Here is fine.

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