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    One of my current RP’s is asking for a bloated amount of money for an extension. I am looking at moving him.

    RP Dacio Sanchez $3 million salary for only this season

    6/6/7 with 4 pitches 7/7/5/5
    Quietly had a really good season for me racking up 20 saves in about a half season when I switched him to the closer role. Perhaps there is a bigger trade to be made. Or perhaps you are looking at unloading a bad contract. I have plenty of cap room next season. Perhaps I can get a prospect in return. As always I am open to discuss a deal for all players under my umbrella.


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    I am adding my starting catcher to the trade block. He is purely a rental with his massive contract. My owner wants me to resign him but I have no intention of signing him as his contract is very large and his asking price next season is even more ridiculous. Currently he is making $25 million. It is a large contract I know. If you have a bad contract I can take it on. I am looking at prospects at all positions. He will be on the market right up until the deadline so feel free to send me some offers.

    C Turi Orizal

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