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    perhaps this a sign of how bad my pitching is… but I find it frustrating when my manager skips a rested SP and gives the start to a rested RP. Not only do I disagree with the decision, but it really messed up my bullpen because my setup man goes out and throws 80 pitches, and is then usless for the next 3 or 4 days. I’ve tried to deal with this is the player strategy, but I can’t seem to prevent this.

    does anyone else have this problem? Is “rogue manager” just something I have to live with as a GM?


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    I haven’t noticed any problem like that in a long time. I use “strict order” and check the box that starters are not allowed to be used as relievers. I do need to keep an eye on the rotation, especially when I make changes to assure that all starters will be rested on the day of their start.

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    Ok I must have something wrong! We have simmed two weeks now, and my number 2 starter has zero starts and zero innings pitched! What is going on?

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     Marc Vose 

    Make sure you don’t have 7-day lineups active, too. That can cause strange behavior if you have it on, but don’t tend to it each sim.

    Once I turned it on for the playoffs, forgot, and started the next season with it on. Oops…

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