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    Steps for installing the Full League File

    1. Make sure you are using the correct version of OOTP (if necessary, ask on the boards)
    2. Download the Full League File.
    3. Extract to your desktop using a program that can extract RAR archives. Two popular ones:
      Windows: WinRAR
      Mac OS X: Stuffit Expander
    4. Double click the WBH.lg folder to see if there is another WBH.lg folder inside of it.
    5. If there is, use this one (WBH.lg folder) for step #6 otherwise just use the one on the desktop that you just double clicked.
    6. Open the proper folder for your platform.
      Windows: My Documents/Out of the Park Developments/OOTP Baseball 16/saved_games
      Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Out of the Park Developments/OOTP Baseball 16/saved_games
    7. Drag the WBH.lg folder into the folder you opened above in step #5. (Mac users, please note that the directory must be named “WBH.lg”)
    8. Launch OOTP and load the WBH league.
    9. Find your name on the list of GM’s
    10. Enter your password…enjoy!

    Updating the league file

    Once you get the league file installed, updating it is easy. After each Sim has been run, an update will be posted in the Sims section of the Forum along with an email sent to everyone in the league. You then can download the latest league file. Just go in-game and then Game > Load Online League File and click OK…that’s it. You are now set to look how you did in the last Sim and make adjustments as needed.

    Exporting your team

    After you checked out how you did in the Sim you may want to make changes (lineups, offers, transactions, etc.) to your team. You will then have to Export your team before the next Sim for the changes to take place. And you have to Export from the latest league file or your changes will not go through, so always remember to update the league file after every Sim. When you are done making adjustments to your team and are ready to Export, go to Manager > Home Page and select ‘Export Team via FTP’ You can also find an Import/Export on the bottom right of any of your team pages, just make sure to select ‘Export Team via FTP’

    I didn’t want to do that…

    When working on adjustments for the next Sim, inevitably you may make a transaction that you didn’t want to and you won’t be able to undo it in-game. The only solution is to close the game, open the “saved_games” folder and delete the WBH.lg folder. You will then have to follow the steps once again for installing the league file. Make sure you update it after you re-install.

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