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     Morris Ragland 

    These seem to be a bit off. For instance, I get messages from retired players (who never even played for my team) demanding that they be traded, power rankings for leagues I’m not in, and contract negotiation updates for players signing with other teams to whom I have not made an offers.

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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    Sounds like you have a corrupted file.

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     Gordon Maclean 

    Or insider trading knowledge.

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    That happens sometimes when there is a hickup in the processing of sims. Somehow the pointers to messages get obscured with the wrong team Id or something.

    I think it is similar to when box-scores (clickable from the team schedule) show the wrong game except for the most current sim. The reason for this, is that, in order to save space and time in processing sims and reducing the download size, only the box scores from the current sim are retained. The pointer (ID) of the box score text files are being numbered, starting from 1 again, with every sim. In a non-online league, thousands of these files are retained throughout the season, and the numbering of the file IDs just keeps going up. OOTP 16 never adjusts the schedule links for the fact that our older box scores have been deleted. It simply shows the newer (incorrect) box score file which has overwritten the older (correct) box score file, but has the same ID.

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