I Want My FA Back

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     Tijuana VEN 

    In this last sim I had a 2B Danny Quinton who was playing in AAA released because of a contract bonus irregularity.

    I WANT HIM BACK, check the transaction log again. Quinton was given NO BONUS

    Sunday, March 29th, 2037
    “Signed free agent 2B Danny Quinton to a 2-year contract worth a total of $1,420,000.”

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     Taegu JPN 

    it wasn’t a signing bonus, it was an incentive based bonus, which had he achieved, would have been more than the 10% AV allowed by our rules.

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     Tijuana VEN 

    There was no bonus of any kind when it left my laptop.

    This is the third FA I have lost since the switch to v15 on this. Neither of the previous two will discuss contracts even though they are unsigned, I assume the same will happen with Quinton. This is my v15 hell.

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     Changsha JPN 

    Player will ask for illegal contracts so you have to scroll down and double check the offer.

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     Tijuana VEN 

    Yep, I concede. I checked his contract under the files from the last sim. That clause is in there. I can only blame myself.

    Most likely hit the “Meet Demand” button instead of “Make Offer”. I rarely use “Meet Demand” because the player usually will accept less, especially given this was a “depth” player rather than a starting lineup guy… and Quinton was a quality depth/defensive guy for the infield.

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