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    I haven’t received a sim email since before free agency started. I thought I remember receiving them during this part of the season in the past. Not sure if something is wrong with my email, we are going away from email, or something else.

    I would appreciate if someone would let me know if they have received emails for the last couple sims. Thanks.

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    The typical email that Marc had been sending from the “WBH Commissioner” account isn’t going out because he isn’t running the sims. I’ve been running sims since the offseason started and using the in-game email feature to send out sim notifications. Marc spoke with me about possibly getting me access to the WBH Commissioner email account, but I don’t have it right now. I’ve been posting in Slack as well every time a sim is run. Have you joined slack / do you have your email address listed on your manager page in game?

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     Thunder Bay 

    How do you get on Slack?

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    Go to wbhierarchy.slack.com and sign in/up. Looking back through my email, Marc mentioned it in the sim email from March 11th (real life date).

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    I need to sign up for slack. Thanks for the information guys!

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     Marc Vose 

    Also, change your email address in-game and you should start to receive the automated emails.

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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    There wasn’t an automated email for the last sim.

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    I think I didn’t send it because the email for Round 1 of the draft didn’t really contain any info. That email will go out today, though, because we’re advancing the date in game.

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     Jim Lee – Azua 

    Hi all — I haven’t received any automated sim emails for the past 4 weeks or so. I’ve checked my email in Manager Settings, check my spam/trash, etc… but doesn’t seem to work. Anyone else having this issue?


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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    They’ve been off and on for me. I didn’t get one today but I’m pretty sure I got one a week or so ago.

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    Something’s up with the emails. I’ve been generating them when I run each sim, but I’m not getting them on my personal email account. I thought it was just me, but I’ll forward this to Marc to see if he knows what’s up.

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     Mike Topham 

    I had been getting them, but I have not the past few sims. This past one I had no idea if it had been run (Labor Day), so I guessed and, yes it had been run.

    If the generated ones aren’t working, can we go back to the old group email method?

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    I would send the group email, but Marc hasn’t given me access to that email account. I asked him to look into why the game-generated emails weren’t working, but don’t know if he’s found the problem yet.

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       Mike Topham 

      So I think one of the recent sims I did receive notification, but at least the last two (or four) I’ve just ad to guess (assume) that the sim was run and only find out by trying to DL it – like I currently am doing. Is there anyway to take the guess work out of this? Pretty Please!?!?!

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        Are you on Slack? He posts on slack as soon as he runs the sim and also mentions if online reports are updated. So I get notice on my phone when a sim is run via Slack.

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     Mike Topham 

    I guess I am now – I just have to figure it out…

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     Mike Topham 

    I guess I am now – I just have to figure it out…

    Got that up and running and got the message this AM…

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