Hamilton offseason block (selling 3B & 1B)

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    Hey all,

    Looking to firm up my team to remain competitive in the USA. That means selling some surplus and filling some gaps.

    On the block:
    3B Florinio Pacheco (5/5/7/9/6), bats left, 9 rating at 3B. A true superstar. WAR of 4.5 or higher in 6 of last 7 seasons. In his last year of contract at $9.3M, and I can’t afford to renew with a younger 3B in AAA.
    1B Israel Lima (6/6/7/6/5) Good starting 1B, 7 def. rating. Only 26, making league minimum.
    1B Shi-xian Yan (5/7/6/4/4) Very capable LH 1B, hit 15 HR last season. Cheap, at $550K
    1B Juan Merced (4/7/5/8/5) Good veteran 1B, would make a great bench bat with high OBP. Been blocked at AAA most of his career.

    Looking for prospects and upgrades at 2B, SS, and CF

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