Extra day for owners on critical sims

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     Seoul KOR 

    Some sims are critical to running my team well. Unfortunately, my real-life schedule and calendar does not cooperate with my need to manage my team on a timely basis. This prior deadline has slipped away with the chance for me to take care of the many things I needed to attend to.

    I need to look at how player development has changed during most of the off season. I need to look at my new financial situation after arbitration and players have left via free agency. This is necessary to figure out how much I’m able to offer to free agents we are pursuing. Then I need to study the list of free agents to decide which I”m interested in. There is a lot to do this sim. And most of it I’m not able to do ahead of time. It would be nice if we had an extra real life day or two at this point in the sim schedule.

    The complications and time necessary to download a new league file, install and then upgrade the new version of the game warrant at least an extra real-time day as well. I stumble around getting familiar with the new interface, and it keeps me from attending to the things I need to take care of on a timely basis.

    I think this point in the sim schedule warrants an extra real-time day for owners. I also think that a game upgrade also warrants an extra real-life day, whenever that my occur.

    I had felt this way about the player draft and trade deadline. But I can be proactive about those things. This prior season I realized that I could start putting together my draft list two complete sims prior to the final opportunity. Trades I can work on all season. Arbitration is one I can not work on ahead of time. But the game does a decent job of handling that automatically.

    The one extremely important part of the previous sim was the team options on player contracts. OOTP 17 needs to give us the ability to say, “when this player’s option email comes, our team will definitely choose the contract option”. I guess if I see that situation coming, I could shoot an email to the commissioner, but I’m never guaranteed that the actual simmer (from the group of potential simmers) will get the email.

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     Taegu JPN 

    I’d be OK with an extra day, given the upgrade.

    In the future, let someone know if you need help. we all get in a bind from time to time. I’d be more than willing to help out (you or anyone for that matter).

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     Seoul KOR 

    Thanks Ben!

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     Suwon KOR 

    sim issues so looks like you got ur extra day Cap_PDT_01_25

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     Hong Kong CUB 

    Somewhat related to this, but if you could lobby the OOTP developers for one thing to help alleviate the end of season thing, I would recommend this:

    Let us declare the in-game date when the season ends.

    As it is now, the game automatically switches the financials over on the day after the end of the championships, which varies from league to league. If we could say “October 1 is when the fiscal year ends”, then we could have one sim where we could cut players, make arbitration offers, and so on. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t let us do this.

    I realize this is a somewhat separate issue to extra days for certain sims, but it’d help all of us, those running it and those playing in it, stay organized.

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