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     Akashi USA 

    I may have simply screwed up, but my draft list wasn’t used when the last sim was run. The export tracker shows that I exported Friday June 6th at 7:19 PM. The player that I ended up drafting was 5th on my 4 man draft list. I’m mentioning this just in case other people might have had a problem with the last sim. I’m also wondering why my old export is still showing up on the export tracker. Don’t all the dates get reset to “no export” after the exports are processed?

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     Hong Kong CUB 

    Looking over the in-game tracker, most teams had exports successfully imported, so it looks like an isolated case.

    Your export was not imported. In-game, it’s showing the most recent export as being March 11.

    Best guess is that it corrupted in the upload.

    As for the tracker, it only shows “no export” when someone cleans out the directory. There’s no harm in either cleaning it out or leaving them there, since the game ignores exports it can’t open.

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     Vancouver CUB 

    Another possibility is exporting from the wrong game date. Draft pools come out on the 11th, then we sim to the 21st. What I think happens sometimes is people forget to download the 3/21 file, make their final draft list, and export from the 3/11 file. The export will appear to work, and it will show up on the export tracker, but it will not be imported by the game because it’s from an old file. Obviously exporting your list from the 3/11 file should work fine if it’s done before the 3/21 file comes out.

    And remember everyone, especially the newbies:

    Copy and paste your draft list to all rounds!

    Otherwise you get the auto-pick stick.

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     Akashi USA 

    No biggie … at least I got the 5th guy on my list and not the 25th.

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     Vancouver CUB 

    It’s a shame I was hoping Nishii would slide to 8th, I had him 4th. He has a lot of upside.

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