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     Chihuahua USA 

    September 4, 2029
    USA LAD: 37-71 (32 GB)

    The golden years have come and gone and it seems like the Chihuahuas are back to being the Chihuahuas we’ve been accustomed to pitying.

    After scrapping together just one winning season in the team’s first eleven seasons and facing a fanbase that was getting more and more disinterested, it seemed like the franchise was going to turn it around for good after three straight playoff berths (2024-2026) and two promotions. By the 2027 season, the Chihuahuas had hit their peak. They were on top of the hierarchy in the USA league and produced a respectable season, finishing second in the division with yet another winning record. Fans had come to finally embrace the once neglected Chihuahuas.

    The next season was a slight disappointment when the Chihuahuas fell to third place, breaking the streak of winning seasons. However, the wheels came off this season as the Chihuahuas are on pace for their worst season in franchise history. The team has a league-high 4.90 ERA and a league-low 3.58 R/G. Attendance has plummetted and the team is guaranteed to be relegated after this season.

    Taking over the team now, I see some optimism for the future. This past season was derailed when future star, OF Owyn Lewis, suffered a season ending injury in the first week of spring training. We expect to have Owyn back next season to jump start a struggling offense. The team also has left a lot of payroll space on the table this season. I intend to be competitive in free agency to make the most of the available budget. It’s clear that this roster is not ready for the USA quite yet, but I anticipate being able to at least be competitive in Japan or Cuba next season.

    After seasons of being perennial cellar dwellers, the city of Chihuahua had a brief taste of glory. Though this run is coming to an end, I hope to guide the Chihuahuas back to the USA soon and have them stick there longer!

    Up next: Offseason plans

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     Chihuahua USA 

    September 18, 2029
    USA LAD: 41-79 (37 GB)

    Mercifully, the season has ended. The Chihuahuas complete the nightmare of a season, finishing 4-8 after I took over. It’s still to be decided if we’ll be heading down to Cuba or Japan next season, but I’m just glad we can turn the page and move on. Despite the 10 win “bonus” when calculating draft order next year due to relegation, it looks like we’ll still be receiving the first overall pick in the 2030 draft.

    The offseason hasn’t officially started, but it isn’t too early to make some deals to set the team up for a 2030 turnaround. Over the span of the last two weeks, five Chihuahuas in their contract year have signed extensions.


    3B Ryobe Sakei (, .258/.310/.446, 18 HR, 65 RBI) signed for 2 years at $2.0M/yr
    RF Tony Zecena (, .235/.283/.364, 10 HR, 42 RBI) signed for 2 years at $1.6M/yr
    SP Hong-yeol Hwang (5.8.6, 4.80 ERA) signed for 2 years at $2.6M/yr
    MR Bob Hogan (10.7.4, 4.84 ERA) signed for 2 years at $1.3M/yr
    MR Quilvio Flores (10.7.2, 7.20 ERA) signed for 2 years at $800k/yr

    None of the players were exactly tearing it up in their contract years, so that may explain why they all signed extensions at a discount compared to their current contracts.

    Some were surprised that MR Flores is returning to the team after a completely dreadful year, but looking deeper into the stats leads me to think that this year was very flukey. This year, he allowed 13 HRs after not allowing more than 3 in a season over the last 4 seasons. His BABIP was an absurd .337 as well, which I expect to settle down next year. A stint in the starting rotation likely through Flores off and I can assure you he’ll be staying in the bullpen next year.

    Free Agents

    In addition to extensions, the Chihuahuas made some sneaky free agency pickups as well. I debated on whether or not to wait to see the full pool of free agents, but there were two guys on the streets that I saw that I could nab for cheap that filled needs.

    LF Karim Tercero (, vsLHP) signed to the end of 2030 season for $800k
    2B Gong-sun Hong ( signed to the end of 2030 season for $700k

    All of our expected OF starters next season are weaker against southpaws. LF Tercero is a solid bat against lefties and I expect him to play in some platoon over the course of the 2030 season. A journeyman who bounced between Santiago de Cuba and Maracaibo this season, he struggled with a lack of consistent playing time. We hope he can find his groove next season with us.

    I am reunited with 2B Hong, who I acquired from Rizao in a trade in 2014 as the Maracaibo GM. Hong flashes a sweet glove and has shown potential with the bat, posting a .960 OPS as recently as 2027, but his performance dropped off in 2028 and went unsigned this season. Hong could find himself competing for a starting spot on the Chihuahuas. Defense up the middle is absent on this team and Hong could help that weakness. It all depends on which bat of his shows up next season.

    The pieces are gradually coming together for the 2030 Chihuahuas. With about $50M of contracts signed through 2030, the Chihuahuas are expected to have about $25M to play around with in Free Agency. Expect some big moves…

    Up next: Offseason plans (pt. 2)

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     Chihuahua USA 

    February 20, 2030

    Chihuahua makes first moves in offseason

    Newest members of Chihuahua, 2B Chico Alarcio and MR Montenegro Orbe

    With about $40M available to sign free agents, I was prepared to make some big moves to improve this squad. I was alarmed at the asking prices of some of the free agents, but I managed to sign two players at prices I’m comfortable with, filling two significant holes on the team.

    2B Chico Alarcio ( signed a 2 year deal at $15.5M/yr

    Alarcio, 35 years old, spent the last six years at Erie before testing the waters in free agency for the first time in his 14 year career. With a .400 career OBP, Alarcio specializes in getting on base and projects to be near the top of the lineup. Alarcio’s competent defense at 2B will be appreciated after sticking converted first basemen at that spot for the majority of last season. Alarcio becomes the highest paid player on the team but the final contract is a large discount from his initial demands of 5 years at $24M/yr.

    MR Montenegro Orbe (7.7.8) signed a 2 year deal at $2.5M/yr

    Orbe, also 35 years old, is a career 2.94 ERA reliever who will add solid depth to our bullpen. With 224 saves to his credit, Orbe could also compete to take over the closer role, currently occupied by Mannie Delozada. Orbe was not asking for much and I think we got him for a good value. We tried offering a similar contract to fellow free agent Harry Burden but unfortunately Tocumen offered a bit more.

    With $20M left in the budget, Chihuahua still has an opportunity to make some splashes before the 2030 season starts. Keep an eye out…some big time offers are still pending!

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     Tokorozawa DOM 

    Orbe is great value with that contract! Nice pickup.

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     Chihuahua USA 

    Thanks, his asking price was even lower (around 1 year for $1M) but with this many GMs looking around, you can’t low-ball too much.

    I see the new file is about ready. If someone can take a peek and see if I’ve signed anyone else, I’d appreciate a heads up since I won’t be able to see for myself until much later tonight!

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     Changsha JPN 

    @Chihuahua (USA) wrote:

    I see the new file is about ready. If someone can take a peek and see if I’ve signed anyone else, I’d appreciate a heads up since I won’t be able to see for myself until much later tonight!

    No signings since Alarcio as far as I can see.

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     Chihuahua USA 

    Chihuahua lands elite catcher, makes trades

    C Alfredo Maldonado ( signed a 2 year deal at $17.0M/yr

    Maldonado is one of the Hierarchy’s most fearsome catchers and we are excited to announce his signing to the Chihuahuas! Maldonado was an early offseason target and we’ve been in negotiations since the beginning of the free agency period. A potential candidate for the hall of fame down the line, Maldonado has spent the last three years with Mao and he finds himself back in the same division he left.

    At 37 years old, Maldonado is in the trailing years of his career and posted a career low in OPS last year (.780), but we have confidence that he’ll be able to bounce back this season. There’s inherent risk signing someone his age, but we felt that a two-year contract was fairly safe.

    Maldonado fills a gaping team need at catcher for Chihuahua. We hope that he gives us time to develop C Barton Carnes, who still needs some time in the minors. Maldonado also is an international star whose presence will help sell some tickets. Along with the signing of 2B Chico Alarcio, the new additions will give plenty of reason for fans to check out the new Chihuahuas.

    In other news, the Chihuahuas also executed two trades:

    Sent to San Lorenzo:
    SP Hong-yeol Hwang (33 years old, 5.8.5)
    SP Ryan Kennedy (21 years old, 6.5.4 potential)
    1B Gustavo Mercada (22 years old, potential)

    My take: Hwang was projected to be a #5 starter and our projected rotation doesn’t give too many starts to the #5, so we found him expendable, especially since Hwang is a strictly groundball pitcher and our infield defense is pretty bad. We wanted to beef up our farm and were hoping for some higher quality prospects but we got a pair of young guys who we hope can develop further in the next few years.

    Sent to Rizao:
    CF Ramon Alsarin (32 years old,
    LF Mar Arellano (31 years old,

    My take: Plenty of trade-offs here. Our outfield defense takes a large hit as Alsarin was a wizard in CF and this move forces us to try to get RF Owyn Lewis to learn CF. Arellano is also a liability in the defense department as well. On the other hand, we like Arellano’s offensive abilities better. Alsarin was near unplayable against lefties whereas Arellano can be plugged in as an everyday player. Alsarin’s injury history was a concern to me as well, but his contract was only for one more year. Arellano has a significant contract for the next three years, but I think the $7.0M/yr deal is still a decent value.

    Up next: 2030 Chihuahua preview

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     Moca DOM 

    @Tokorozawa (DOM) wrote:

    Orbe is great value with that contract! Nice pickup.

    Don’t let his ratings fool you Orbe is a P O S.

    He doesn’t perform when it counts. He does well when you are either up by 10 or down by ten. Otherwise he does his best to make sure you are down by ten.

    Contract isn’t too bad to take a flyer on the guy tho. But don’t think you got a gem.

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     Chihuahua USA 

    Sticking that on the bulletin board to light a fire under his butt Cap_PDT_01_18

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     Santiago de Cuba USA 

    @Moca (JPN) wrote:

    @Tokorozawa (DOM) wrote:

    Orbe is great value with that contract! Nice pickup.

    Don’t let his ratings fool you Orbe is a P O S.

    He doesn’t perform when it counts. He does well when you are either up by 10 or down by ten. Otherwise he does his best to make sure you are down by ten.

    Contract isn’t too bad to take a flyer on the guy tho. But don’t think you got a gem.

    Orbe has been good for everybody except Dan. I really enjoyed having him on my team. The only reasons that I traded him away were his contract demands and the fact that I had another closer in waiting.

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     Chihuahua USA 

    Yep, as I mentioned, he has a career 2.94 ERA, even after these last three years of suffering in Moca!

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     Chihuahua USA 

    Chihuahua 2030 Draft Review

    With the first pick of the draft, we were in a great position to add some meat to the farm. Here are the results after three rounds and a bit of my thinking behind these picks:

    1st Round, 1st overall: 1B Curro Lopez (17 years old, potential)
    – The number one pick of this draft wasn’t an obvious one. Other candidates I was thinking of were OF Hoitsu Asari ( and 3B Ransley O’Etigan (

    I loved O’Etigan’s ceiling and he would have been the clear number one for me if it weren’t for his “Fragile” designiation. That in addition to his young age worried me if he was going to be able to hit his ceiling.

    Asari was the opposite where he had a lower ceiling than the other two, but was already well developed and was a safe bet that he’d be able to produce in the majors in only a few years. His plus defense was another attractive factor, though it’d take some time for him to develop his CF skills.

    In the end I went with Lopez who was in between. He had a high ceiling as well and a clean injury history, but was also very young. He’ll be a stud if he fully develops, but I wish he was playing a more in-demand position than 1B.

    2nd Round, 9th overall: 2B Teyo Rivas (23 years old, potential)
    – A lefty middle infielder seems to be a nice commodity these days and I was content with getting Rivas at this spot. I was hoping CF Vincente Rodriguez ( could fall to me in the 2nd round but he was snagged with the previous pick. Rivas plays good defense up the middle and is almost major league ready out of the box. Middle infield defense was a big problem for us last year and we have some old stop-gaps for the time being, so we love the fact that Rivas can help us there soon.

    3rd Round, 17th overall: SP Cesar Selis (17 years old, 6.5.8 potential)
    – I was debating if I wanted this guy at the top of the 2nd round so I’m more than pleased to land him in the 3rd. There are plenty of question marks surrounding Selis though. He doesn’t have great stamina for a starting pitcher and will tend to give up the long ball, but he still has time to develop and if he gets any rating boosts, he could be a quality part of the rotation.

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     Chihuahua USA 

    Chihuahua 2030 Preview

    I’m looking forward to my first full season with the Chihuahuas after a busy offseason that included a total of $38.4M added to the payroll this season. After an offensive overhaul and a demotion out of the USA, I’m confident that we’ll vastly improve on our record of 41-79 last season.

    Starting Lineup
    2B Chico Alarcio – 35 years old,
    LF Mar Arellano – 32 years old,
    CF Owyn Lewis – 24 years old,
    C Alfredo Maldonado – 37 years old,
    RF Tony Zecena – 27 years old,
    1B Yoshinaka Kosaka – 34 years old,
    3B Ryobe Sakei – 30 years old,
    SS Gong-sun Hong – 34 years old,

    This is by far the most improved and changed group from last year with only Zecena and Sakei as remaining starters. Though the group is composed of mostly veterans, much pressure will be on the youngster of the group, Lewis, who missed the entire season last year due to injury and is expected to carry this offense moving forward. We value walks highly around here. Alarcio and Arellano are poised to get on base early and often to set the table for our sluggers, Lewis and Maldonado. While the end of the lineup leaves a little to be desired, keep an eye out for IF Sixto Baustia to work his way into the lineup there and perhaps transition to a starting role by the end of the season.

    Starting Pitching
    SP Richard Collins – 30 years old, 7.7.8
    SP Beck Maitland – 29 years old, 6.8.6
    SP Francisco Debaga – 27 years old, 8.4.7
    SP Estanis Perez – 30 years old, 8.7.5
    SP Jian Qiao – 32 years old, 5.6.7

    Core Bullpen
    MR Bob Hogan – 34 years old, 10.8.4
    MR Emilio Fermes – 26 years old, 6.8.6
    SU Montenegro Orbe – 35 years old, 7.7.8
    CL Mannie Delozada – 27 years old, 8.7.7

    In contrast to the batting, most of the pitching have stayed the same. We’re confidently rolling out the same top four starters in the rotation and recently signed Qiao will do some spot starting as we plan to go with a hybrid 4/5 man rotation. Orbe is the lone new guy in the bullpen and we hope that he can be counted on in the set-up role after some shaky seasons in the recent past. This will be the second time around in Japan for many of these pitchers and they hope to repeat their success from the championship 2026 season.

    Overall I feel this team is a notch above last season due to the upgrades in offense. Many players severely underachieved last season, but with a fresh start in a new league, I think we can put together a winning season this year. However, there are still holes around the organization. Defense has a lot to be desired, along with the back end of the lineup and consistency issues in the rotation. I’ll expect a middle-of-the-pack finish in the tough Japan LAD but I think we’re geared up for a significant turnaround and a change of momentum for this franchise.

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     Chihuahua USA 

    Whoops! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this. In summary, we’ve had two disappointing seasons. It was a short window to see what we can do with C Maldonado and 2B Alarcio as anchors to our lineup but that window has come and gone.

    2030: 57-63 (3rd place, 6 GB)
    2031: 58-62 (2nd place, 25 GB)

    Following an unsuccessful free agency period where we missed out on many key targets, I took a look at the roster and the near future and realized that this team isn’t going anywhere soon. The farm was bleak and the key pieces on the major league roster weren’t going to stick around for much longer. With a single trade, we lost the three faces of the organization and officially entered rebuilding mode in Chihuahua!

    The trade

    Chihuahua sends:
    SP Richard Collins (7.7.8)
    CL Mannie Delozada (7.7.7)
    OF Owyn Lewis (

    Vancouver sends:
    SS Greg Meagher ( POT)
    CF Turi Argenal ( POT)
    C Rogelio Bader ( POT)
    SP Yasotaro Tanaka (5.4.8 POT)

    Collins, Delozada, and Lewis are all homegrown Chihuahuans who have spent their entire careers (21 seasons total) in Chihuahua, but in one fell swoop, the franchise leaders in wins (Collins) and saves (Delozada) along with a star slugger in Lewis are being shipped off to Vancouver.

    It was a tough decision to hit the reset button and I’ve never actually done it to this extent in an OOTP league, but I’m pleased with the foundation that the team can now build on. Meagher is a monster bat who also posses a slick glove at the SS position. He’s young and there’s a long way to go to hit his potential, but if he does hit it, he will be a star for years.

    Argenal is similar in that he’ll supply solid offense along with excellent defense at the pesky CF position and Bader projects to be a future starter. Tanaka is an interesting prospect who will need some bumps to become major league material, but at only 18, he’s already shown strides in improving his control since he was drafted and we hope more development is in his future.

    While our fan interest has taken a serious plunge, I do want to emphasize that we won’t be mailing it in during the rebuilding period. Armed with plenty of cap room, I believe that I can still put out a fighting chance to at least stay competitive over the next few years. I intend to stay in Japan and hope that these prospects can develop and propel Chihuahua back into the USA league. In the meanwhile though, I’ll be rooting for my departed players and hope that Vancouver can pull off a championship this year!

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     Chihuahua USA 

    May 22, 2032
    JPN LAD: 6-12 (5 GB)

    Unsurprisingly, we’re off to a slow start. Taking away an ace and a closer won’t do favors to a team, but they could only do so much to help the team by themselves and I think I made the right decision trading them away. SP Richard Collins has been struggling with his new team in Vancouver, but MR Mannie Delozada has picked up the slack with 3 quick wins already. Vancouver currently is leading their division and I’ll continue to root for the former Chihuahuans there.

    Back in Japan, I still have pieces to move, but being only a game behind Toluca, I’m wondering if it might be worth saving some pieces to try to stay in Japan. I’ve gotten offers for some of my remaining veterans, but trading those veterans away would all but guarantee a demotion. Even if my major league team does strengthen, winning a league championship is no easy task, even in the lower tiers. I only have to look at my former team, Maracaibo, to realize that (4 straight division championships with no promotions).

    Our goal is still to stay in Japan, though it may change if we find ourselves too far behind. Ideally, we’d be in position to grab the 1st overall pick in the Japan draft next year, but at this point the team will have to try its hardest to compete to stay here. After a disastrous 1-5 start, we immediately started focusing a little more on defense, substituting weaker bats but better fielders into the starting lineup. Since the change, we’ve been a “respectable” 5-7. We’ve also snagged some better SP arms from the wire and from FA so we hope that will help keep us in Japan as well.

    Situations like this are what makes this league structure so awesome. Tanking is tanking in most leagues, but even with no shot at a title, I’m still going to be working the lineups to try to squeeze any win I can get since these games still count!

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     Chihuahua USA 

    May 29, 2032
    JPN LAD: 6-18 (8 GB)

    Ouch. How quickly the tune has changed. We went 0-6 the last sim and Toluca pulled off a 6-0 sim, meaning that the Chihuahuas find themselves 7 games back in the fight to avoid relegation. The top three teams in the division are close together, as they take turns beating up on each other fairly equally and then beating up on me fairly regularly.

    Our defensive woes continue, as we’re maintaining a dreadful .361 BABIP, despite having what I thought pretty good defense up the middle. We’ll have to figure something out there but for the meantime, it looks like this will indeed be our last season in Japan and it’s about time to complete the blowup.

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     Chihuahua USA 

    The rebuilding process continues with two more veterans getting shipped away.

    A hot bat departs

    Chihuahua sends:
    1B Jim Leger (

    Erie sends:
    SP Zane Gibson (5.7.5 POT)
    3B Mario Tavares (

    Leger is off to a great start with a .347/.473/.653 split on pace for a 30 HR, 140 RBI season. I was hoping for more interest in Leger, but being a 1B hurts his value as nearly everyone seems to be pretty set at the position. I aimed for 6.6.6 type SP prospects but it became pretty clear early on that teams weren’t eager to do that.

    Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with attaining Gibson, a 3rd round selection from the latest draft. Gibson is pretty raw and like most of my arms, will probably need some development help to be an impact arm in a rotation. However, he has plenty of time to do so, being only 18. Tavares was only in the deal to make the financials work and won’t be seeing much playing time in Chihuahua.

    Another arm gone

    Chihuahua sends:
    SP Estanis Perez (8.7.5)

    Barquisimeto sends:
    SP Han-soo Pak (6.5.8 POT)
    MR Gaspar Parva (5.6.6)
    MR Will Hore (6.6.6)

    The rotation was already thin after trading SP Richard Collins away, but now it takes another hit with this deal trading Perez for a promising prospect in Pak. Perez has struggled in recent years but I expect his fortunes to turn with a vastly improved defense supporting him in Barquisimeto. Like Gibson, Pak is also a former 3rd round pick and has been steadily improving over the last few years. We hope his progress continues and he can be a staple in our rotation.

    Parva was offered and we decided to might as well include him, though we don’t anticipate him doing much besides eating innings (at best). Hore also was included to make the financials work, but he might have a shot at filling the void in the rotation that Perez leaves.

    In summary…

    Two more veterans gone, two more prospects arrive. The deconstructing of the major league team continues but we manage to stock up our pitching in our farm. There aren’t many stud arms in my minors, but there’s enough youth that we’re hoping a handful of them develop into solid pieces in our pitching staff.

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     Chihuahua USA 

    June 26, 2032
    JPN LAD: 16-32 (12 GB, 7 GB from avoiding relegation)

    The team has “stabilized” a little bit and has gone 8-6 in the last 14 games after starting 8-26. This is promising news since this has all come after the last wave of shipping off veterans. Avoiding relegation remains a long shot, but a key series against Philadelphia could change things around. Philadelphia has been struggling, going 2-10 in their last 12 games and losing their last 6. We swept Philadelphia in our previous series and another sweep means we’d be within 4 games of avoiding relegation.

    2B Brian Prater: Promote or keep focusing on development?

    It’s still a long shot, but there’s still plenty left in the season. I’m currently debating whether or not to call up top prospect and the first overall pick from the 2031 Japan draft, 2B Brian Prater. He’s already an upgrade to what we have in the middle infield, but my preference would be to allow him to keep developing in the minors. If the race to relegation tightens up, I’ll be very tempted to promote Prater to give us an extra edge.

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     Maracaibo USA 

    Tough call. My two cents? I think I would bring him up.

    Most rookies, in my experience, don’t play well in a first full season in the majors anyway. If you let him play two months this year, then send him down and have him play another two months in the majors next year, you only burn a year of service time. You burn two options instead of one, of course, but if he’s your future at the position, there’s really no reason to save his options. His bat is a big upgrade over Cho now, so you could roll Rivas over to SS and play Prater at 2B.

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     Santiago de Cuba USA 

    @Chihuahua (JPN) wrote:

    I’m currently debating whether or not to call up top prospect and the first overall pick from the 2031 Japan draft, 2B Brian Prater. He’s already an upgrade to what we have in the middle infield, but my preference would be to allow him to keep developing in the minors. If the race to relegation tightens up, I’ll be very tempted to promote Prater to give us an extra edge.

    @Maracaibo (KOR) wrote:

    Tough call. My two cents? I think I would bring him up.

    Most rookies, in my experience, don’t play well in a first full season in the majors anyway. If you let him play two months this year, then send him down and have him play another two months in the majors next year, you only burn a year of service time. You burn two options instead of one, of course, but if he’s your future at the position, there’s really no reason to save his options. His bat is a big upgrade over Cho now, so you could roll Rivas over to SS and play Prater at 2B.

    My two cents? Leave him in the minors. I very rarely call up a top prospect until he’s almost fully developed. Barring a stunning miracle, you’re probably not going to win your division. Save his service time for when he can actually make a difference.

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     Chihuahua USA 

    Nice to get two perspectives on it. I’m leaning towards calling him up now and sending him down when relegation is pretty much certain, as opposed to waiting for the relegation race to tighten before calling him up. The end goal is to win a USA championship and if Prater can help me avoid being two tiers away from a chance at one, I’ll eat up the service time and he may get paid earlier.

    I’m more concerned if it will stunt his development. He started the year in AA and only has limited experience in both AA and AAA so I hope I’m not pushing him too hard. However, his expectations are to be playing in the majors, so I’m hoping that means he’s ready for the big leagues.

    Regarding Bob’s comment about not winning the division, I gave up the division long ago! I’m just trying to make the moves that will keep me from relegation, which I realize is also a far-fetched hope, but not as far-fetched as a promotion.

    In addition, I’m just looking forward to getting SS In-chul “Automatic Out” Cho out of the starting lineup. It’s a nice glove but I highly doubt it’s making up for his abysmal offense.

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     Chihuahua USA 

    Prater to make major league debut

    2B Brian Prater will be promoted and make his first major league appearance against the Philadelphia Stars. He will bat 6th in the starting lineup.

    Scouting report
    * Drafted in the 2031 Japan draft (Round 1, Pick 1, 1st overall pick)
    * current ratings, potential ratings
    * Won the 2031 JPN (A) Gold Glove Award at 2B, shows great range but tends to commit the occassional error
    * #6 rated prospect in Japan
    * 87 games in A, 13 games in AA, 36 games in AAA

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     Chihuahua USA 

    July 3, 2032
    JPN LAD: 16-38 (17 GB, 11 GB from avoiding relegation)

    My worst sims seem to be the ones where I’m feeling most optimistic. A devastating 0-6 week again entrenches the team solidly in last place. Four of the six losses were by a single run, but the offense just couldn’t muster the firepower necessary to secure a win. What little hope remained before are all but dashed now to stay in Japan. 2B Brian Prater‘s major league debut was meek, going 4 for 23 (all singles). Given our current situation, Prater will be sent back down to AAA to continue working on his development.

    In the meanwhile, we’ve made yet another trade:

    Chihuahua sends:
    SP Beck Maitland (6.8.6)
    MR Felix Menchavez (7.5.7)

    Jeonju sends:
    SP Ju-hyung Kim (5.7.7 POT)

    Another career Chihuahuan starting pitcher gets traded away for a pitching prospect. Maitland was the first overall pick in the 2018 draft and was the 2024 VEN LOD pitcher of the year. As Maitland was nearing 32 years old, we wanted to get some youthful value for him. We’re optimistic with SP Kim, an 18 year old drafted in the middle of the 3rd round of this year’s KOR draft. He has very good intelligence and plenty of years to develop.

    I was worried that we’d be missing Maitland going forward for this year if we had a successful sim, but given the results, I have no regrets.

  • #23441
     Chihuahua USA 

    July 10, 2032
    JPN LAD: 19-41 (18 GB, 12 GB from avoiding relegation)

    Notes from the halfway mark…

    * Though we’re not surprised to be at the end of the pack in our division, I am disappointed in how far back we are. The hope was to be at least within striking distance for much of the season, but even with 60 games to go, I’ve accepted our impending relegation.

    * Defense needs to be figured out. Despite strong defense down the middle, our BABIP is still a ballooning .337 and our defensive efficiency is a pitiful .658. Only Wuhan and Erie have a lower defensive efficiency. I’ll probably try tweaking some strategy settings, but besides that, I have no idea how to get the most out of our fielders.

    * The future is bright in Chihuahua. Strong bats are peppered around the farm at all positions. Young pitching is plentiful and we just need to hope for a few breakout stars to give us our rotation of the future. A lot of focus will be on grooming the minors and making sure we can help the prospects develop the best they can.

    * If I had to pick a league to be relegated to, it would be Venezuela at the moment. The last place teams there aren’t doing terribly and I at least have a shot at the #1 overall pick, despite the relegation. Plus, it brings me back to my first stint in the WBH, where I started in Venezuela.

    * At our current revenue rate, we’ll be making slightly less than $70M, but in the process maxing out our cash to $15M. With only $15M of salaries on the books for next year, free agency will play a big role in shaping the team next year, with around $70M to spend. We can afford to get some longer contracts as well, since the core players will mostly be paid the minimum. I expect things to turn around quickly in Chihuahua and it will be a disappointment if I can’t make that happen.

  • #23454
     Vancouver CUB 

    @Chihuahua (JPN) wrote:

    It’s still a long shot, but there’s still plenty left in the season. I’m currently debating whether or not to call up top prospect and the first overall pick from the 2031 Japan draft, 2B Brian Prater. He’s already an upgrade to what we have in the middle infield, but my preference would be to allow him to keep developing in the minors. If the race to relegation tightens up, I’ll be very tempted to promote Prater to give us an extra edge.

    I say call him up if it’s an upgrade to your current situation. When it comes to prospects, I don’t mind rushing them if they’ve had ratings increases and are handling whatever league they’re in, and they’re an upgrade. Some guys need the better competition to reach potential. If they suck horribly, send them back down.

    Also, I won’t try this with a guy unless I think he’s only a couple of seasons away at worst since It’ll start burning option years.

    A good comp for your guy might be Country Ruibal. I called him up in 2029 and, like Jeff said, he struggled in a month of play, then put up slashes of 340/373/522 and 324/356/510 in ’30 and ’31. As of 1/1/2032 he was still only scouted at 7/5/4 out of 9/8/4. Now he’s closing in on 400 hits and won’t be 23 until after the season.

    Guess what I’m saying is: Yes Bob, you should wait Cap_PDT_01_05

  • #23511
     Chihuahua USA 

    July 24, 2032
    JPN LAD: 27-45 (17 GB, 8 GB from avoiding relegation)

    Over the last two weeks, we’ve gained 4 games on Philadelphia and face another crucial series against them. I won’t try to get my hopes up, since the last time that happened we got swept by Philadelphia en route to a backbreaking 0-6 sim. With the injury to 2B Teyo Rivas and the trade of SS Nevada Dimartinez, prospect 2B Brian Prater will get another chance at the majors. We hope he will improve from his first stint (.348 OPS).

    We executed our 5th and 6th trade of the seasons, shedding some more veteran arms in exchange for youth.

    Chihuahua sends:
    MR Bob Hogan (10.7.4)
    SS Nevada Dimartinez (

    Jeonju sends:
    OF Jae-ik Cho

    Another deal with Jeonju parts us from a veteran closer. Analysis from Jeonju’s GM and me can be found here

    Chihuahua sends:
    SP Hong-yeol Hwang (5.8.6)

    Cancun sends:
    SP Jun Tsumemasa (5.4.5 potential)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Hwang would never want to have anything to do with Chihuahua going forward! For the second time and three seasons, we traded Hwang away. We managed to get an eventual starter in 1B Gustavo Mercada last time, but it will be a long shot for Tsumemasa to make the big leagues. Hwang was struggling immensely with control this season (31 K to 41 BB) and it was just time to cut the cord loose and try to get anything for him, as there was no plans to extend his contract past the rest of this season.

  • #23617
     Chihuahua USA 

    August 7, 2032
    JPN LAD: 31-53 (16 GB, 9 GB from relegation)

    The minor league season has ended, giving us an opportunity to take a step back and take a closer look at the farm and checking up on how the top prospects have been doing. Presenting the top 10 batting prospects in Chihuahua’s minors:

    1. SS Greg Meagher (A)
    Age: 18 years old
    Defense:, 7 in SS
    Stats: .265/.326/.394, 3 HR in A
    Drafted 1st overall by Vancouver in 2031, acquired from trade with Vancouver

    “Big Cat” is a 5-tool player that was the major haul after trading three stars to Vancouver. Boasting plus defense, speed, and bat at a premium position, Meagher is a star in the making as long as he continues his development. I’m pleased with his development so far, as he’s only 18 now and already well on his way with his contact rating. His performance in his second season in the A league is a little concerning, but I’ll still most likely move him to AA next year.

    2. RF Anastasio Garcia (A)
    Age: 18 years old
    Defense: 9.5.6, 5 in RF
    Stats: .255/.314/.402, 6 HR in A
    Drafted 2nd overall by Chihuahua in 2032

    A hot start got derailed by a hamstring strain that took Garcia out for 5 weeks. His defense is raw, but with his range he should be able to be a solid defender at any of the outfield positions. He projects to be a dangerous clean-up bat who also possesses strong abilities on the basepath. Like Meagher, Garcia is a raw prospect who has much to progress, but we are hopeful that his strong personality (high intelligence and very high work ethic) will aid him in reaching his full potential. Garcia will probably marinate a little bit in A next season but we plan on promoting him during the season.

    3. 2B Brian Prater (ML)
    Age: 23 years old
    Defense:, 8 in 2B
    Stats: .264/.371/.453, 1 HR in AA (13 games)
    .273/.332/.454, 7 HR in AAA (55 games)
    .265/.306/.368, 1 HR in ML (18 games)
    Drafted 1st overall by Chihuahua in 2031

    “Skipper” accelerated through the minors and finds himself in the majors after starting the 2032 season in AA. After a brief stint in the majors where Prater struggled, we gave him some more time in AAA before bringing him back to Chihuahua a second time. Prater has shown promise in his second try, going 9 for 23 in his first week back. Prater wields a strong bat and a nifty glove at another premium position. We hope to have Skipper and Big Cat command the middle infield and terrorize opponent pitching for years to come.

    4. CF Turi Argenal (AA)
    Age: 22 years old
    Defense: 9.7.10, 8 in CF
    Stats: .234/.308/.362, 1 HR in A (12 games)
    .235/.331/.393, 6 HR in AA (74 games)
    Drafted 3rd overall by Vancouver in 2032, acquired from trade with Vancouver

    Good defense and speed remains to be the norm in our hitting prospects as we meet Argenal. His ratings indicate that he should be ready for AAA and tearing it up in AA, but his line is very disappointing this season. For now, we may attribute it to his low morale due to abysmal team performance. Despite his low numbers, the expectation is to start him in AAA next season due to his ratings alone. He’s already arguably our best CF in the system, but we’ll be careful not to rush him into the majors until Argenal can prove something with his numbers.

    5. 1B Curro Lopez (AA)
    Age: 20 years old
    Defense:, 6 in 1B
    Stats: .310/.364/.478, 13 HR in AA
    Drafted 1st overall by Chihuahua in 2030

    I remember facing the tough decision to go with Lopez or 3B Ransley O’Etigan with the first pick of this draft. Both had strong bats, but Lopez was a common 1B and O’Etigan had a fragile injury history. Both suffered a little ratings drop and it looks like RF Hoitsu Asari was the real steal of this draft. Nevertheless, Lopez actually had a ratings rebound and still projects to be a devastating power bat. A strong season in AA is a comforting sign that he is on his way after two subpar seasons in A league. We hope Meagher can follow his lead.

    6. C Rogelio Bader (AA)
    Age: 21 years old
    Defense: 10.3, 6 in C
    Stats: .260/.310/.379, 4 HR in AA
    Drafted 16th overall by Vancouver in 2029, acquired from trade with Vancouver

    Bader is an overall solid catching prospect who should be ready to move up to AAA next season. A quick start in AA has fizzled out as the season progressed. He runs well for a catcher, but still needs to develop his power to crack the majors. His plate discipline also needs to mature, but we made an effort to get Bader involved in the Vancouver deal so we really hope he pays off for us.

    7. 2B Oswaldo Luvian (A)
    Age: 18 years old
    Defense:, 6 in 2B
    Stats: .195/.276/.284, 1 HR in A
    Drafted 26th overall by Chihuahua in 2032

    As a middle infielder with some pop and runs the bases well, Luvian would be a key player to look out for except for the fact that he’s most likely to be blocked at the 2B position. Prater is likely the 2B of the future, but Luvian offers a solid insurance at the position and a potential trade piece.

    8. LF Raymon Diaz (AA)
    Age: 20 years old
    Defense: 8.6.6, 9 in LF
    Stats: .288/.315/.441, 7 HR in AA
    Drafted 18th overall by Chihuahua in 2029

    Diaz regressed this past year and will be a long shot to make the majors. He’s had a decent year and has solid speed on the bases, but we’d expect a much stronger bat at a corner outfield position. He’ll have some time to make up some of his lost potential ratings but expect him to be a fringe minor league player if he stays his course.

    9. LF Jae-ik Cho (A)
    Age: 19 years old
    Defense: 7.7.4, 5 in LF
    Stats: .197/.288/.322, 2 HR in A
    Drafted 10th overall by Jeonju in 2031, acquired from trade with Jeonju

    Like Diaz, Cho would need some ratings bumps to make an impact due to his position. He’s had success developing his eye though and if his development keeps trending upwards, he might find himself as the first bat off the bench or even a starter. He’s struggled mightily in Jeonju’s system before coming over but a good finish in Chihuahua should go a long way in intilling some more confidence in him.

    10. SS Motoki Tanaka (AAA)
    Age: 26 years old
    Defense:, 7 in SS
    Stats: .287/.351/.411, 5 HR in AAA
    Drafted 17th overall by Chihuahua in 2027

    Hard to believe that Tanaka is still considered a prospect. He’s a late bloomer who increased his ceiling over the last two seasons and with a solid line in AAA, including 23 stolen bases, he could be the first in line as the team’s primary infield backup next season in the majors.

  • #23654
     Baracoa CUB 

    @Chihuahua (JPN) wrote:

    August 7, 2032

    5. 1B Curro Lopez (AA)
    Age: 20 years old
    Defense:, 6 in 1B
    Stats: .310/.364/.478, 13 HR in AA
    Drafted 1st overall by Chihuahua in 2030

    I remember facing the tough decision to go with Lopez or 3B Ransley O’Etigan with the first pick of this draft. Both had strong bats, but Lopez was a common 1B and O’Etigan had a fragile injury history. Both suffered a little ratings drop and it looks like RF Hoitsu Asari was the real steal of this draft. Nevertheless, Lopez actually had a ratings rebound and still projects to be a devastating power bat. A strong season in AA is a comforting sign that he is on his way after two subpar seasons in A league. We hope Meagher can follow his lead.

    Personally I’d go with Jorge Franica as the steal. Asari’s great, but he was still selected 5th overall, and each player selected before him at least has a chance to contribute at the ML level. There’s a bit of a wasteland between Asari and Franica.

  • #23700
     Chihuahua USA 

    August 28, 2032
    JPN LAD: 39-63 (15 GB, 12 GB from relegation)

    As the season winds down, we’ll be using the rest of the season as an opportunity to take a look at some potential depth players for next year, shutting down the veterans who won’t be extended at the end of the season. Not much new to say about the team, but the LAD race suddenly got very interesting with Toluca, Barquisimeto, and Philadelphia within 3 games of each other. Should be very interesting to keep an eye on! I thought Barquisimeto would run away with the division but a 7-17 August (even worse than us!) has them on the outside looking in for now.

    Previously, I went over the top ten batting prospects in our system. I’m going to turn to our starting pitching prospects now. Unlike our batting prospects, where we have a few monster prospects, I decided to take a shotgun approach with starting pitching. Pitching prospects seem very difficult to come by (at least without giving up strong pitching yourself), so I opted to go for quantity instead of quality with the hope that a few prospects can get enough development boosts to become an impact starter.

    It’d be interesting to see how this approach fares in a few seasons. There are already a few promising pitching prospects that started as mediocre minor league filler. Here’s a summarized list of the prospects of note:

    SP Francisco Gonzalez, 21 years old, 5.7.7 potential
    SP Han-soo Pak, 23 years old, 6.5.7 potential
    SP Hector Sanchez, 20 years old, 5.6.7 potential
    SP Fernando Cisernos, 23 years old, 5.6.6 potential
    SP Callix Merritt, 22 years old, 5.7.5 potential

    SP Fyrmyn Deauda, 20 years old, 6.7.7 potential
    SP Rodrigo Luzan, 21 years old, 7.5.8 potential
    SP Alberto Ferrerfort, 21 years old, 6.5.6 potential
    SP Cesar Selis, 20 years old, 5.5.7 potential
    SP Jim Griffin, 21 years old, 5.6.5 potential
    SP Akihiro Takahashi, 20 years old, 5.5.5 pential

    SP Jun Tsumemasa, 19 years old, 5.4.5 potential
    SP Zane Gibson, 19 years old, 5.7.5 potential
    SP Yasotaro Tanaka, 19 years old, 6.4.7 potential
    SP Ju-hyung Kim, 18 years old, 5.7.7 potential
    SP Inocencio Palet, 19 years old, 5.5.5 potential

    We want to try to fill in every SP position in the farm with someone who has a legitimate shot at getting enough rating boosts to become a solid starter. There are no studs in here (yet) but we keep a close eye on player development in this group and we hope players like Deauda and Luzan can continue increasing their potential to become great players.

  • #23749
     Chihuahua USA 

    September 19, 2032
    JPN LAD: 46-74 (22 GB, 9 GB from relegation)

    The season is finally over and the Chihuahua has played their last game in Japan for the time being. Next season, we’ll be either in Venezuela or the Dominican Republic, locked into the 4th pick of the draft either way. We’re already making moves to prepare ourselves for 2033:

    Chihuahua claims C Seung-woo Kim

    Ratings: ( vs RHP)
    Contract: $4.5M (2033, 2034)

    Kim, 35, is a veteran catcher who was claimed off waivers from Maracaibo. He had a disappointing stint there, batting only .229 and getting supplanted by slugger C Jorge Dequevado. The bright side is that despite his low average, he still managed to muster a very solid .378 OBP. He’ll form a catching platoon next year with incumbent starter C Barton Carnes. Carnes had a pretty insane split this past season (.368/.456/.658 vs LHP, .168/.264/.335 vs RHP). We’re optimistic that Kim will bounce back next year and form a very solid combination with Carnes.

    Chihuahua signs RF Shogo Murasaki

    Contract: $350k (2033)

    Take two! We tried signing Murasaki in the offseason but due to a contract violation, he was promptly released. Mursaki, like Kim, struggled immensely this season (.175/.314/.258). We hope this is due to very inconsistent playing time, hopping around between AAA affiliates, Hong Kong, and Barquisimeto throughout the season. Signing a minimum contract, Murasaki will be a very low risk option and will have a chance to compete for a starting RF role next year. If it doesn’t work out, he’ll be a cheap bench option or at worst, we lose out on $350k.

    Going into the offseason, we already have our offense pretty much set.

    C Seung-woo Kim
    1B Gustavo Mercada
    2B Brian Prater
    3B Sixto Bautista
    SS Teyo Rivas
    LF Francisco Amanche
    CF Jovanny Timmins
    RF Shogo Murasaki

    Certainly there’s room for improvement, but we go into the offseason without any major holes in our lineup. In addition, we have solid defense up the middle. It looks like the offense will be focused on getting on base often with Kim, Amanche, and Murasaki taking a lot of walks. We’re lacking sluggers now but that will come as our prospects develop. We’ll need to find some righty outfielders to platoon with Amanche and Murasaki, but overall I feel comfortable with this group at this stage.

  • #23979
     Chihuahua USA 

    2032 Season Review

    Expected, yet still disappointing, the Chihuahuas end their three year stint in Japan and will make their way down to the third tier next season. Though the team flirted with the possibility of surpassing Philadelphia to avoid relegation a few times this season, the truth was that the club just didn’t have the firepower to stay and frankly deserved to be relegated.


    Coming into the 2032 season, we had the budget to make a significant signing to help push the club forward after a 2nd place finish in 2031. The large contracts of C Alfredo Maldonado and 2B Chico Alarcio were coming off the books. However, I ended being much too conservative in my offers to my targets and ended up missing badly on improving the squad here. To make things worse, some of the players I had succeeded in signing ended up being released due to contract rule violations. Our team had weakened. We had budget space but budget space doesn’t do much good on the field.


    Despite the shortcomings in free agency, we felt like we were gaining a huge bat in OF Owyn Lewis. The star has shown flashes of brilliance, but they have only been flashes due to his annoying tendency to get injured. Nevertheless, we had signed him to a 4-year contract extension in the offseason and were looking forward to see what a healthy Lewis could do to lift our offense up. Just ten days into spring training, Lewis got hit with a 3 month injury.


    With no help from free agency or Owyn Lewis, our offense was in pretty bad shape. Our entire pitching staff was aging. Looking back, I don’t doubt that we could’ve made it much more competitive to stay in Japan, but what would come after? There weren’t too many exciting prospects in our system and I envisioned being stranded in Japan for years to come. Sometimes, you need to take a step backwards to move forwards and I wasn’t going to be able to put out a USA caliber team by holding onto my veterans. Nearly everyone older than 30 eligible for trade was shipped off for youth. After the great exodus of veterans, we now have a minor league system to be feared.


    The Chihuahuas got off to a terrible start, going 6-21 in May and immediately digging a deep hole towards relegation. Stabilizing a bit in June and actually getting a winning record in July, there was hope that the team could turn it around and miraculously stay in Japan. The call-up of up and coming 2B Brian Prater hoped to boost the sputtering offense and give fans a reason to be excited to see this team. Ultimately, the talent just wasn’t enough and injuries towards the end of the season helped seal our fate.


    Our prospects are still about 2 years off to making an impact in the majors, but in the meantime our squad is very lean. We only carried about $20M of salary to this year and we absolutely will be aiming to get right back into Japan. We’ve already made some big free agency moves that I’ll be posting about later. I may have overpaid for my new toys, but I learned my lesson from last year’s free agency shortcomings.

  • #23990
     Chihuahua USA 

    March 1, 2033

    Chihuahua was toasted last year in free agency when there was cap room to burn but we repeatedly missed the mark on player after player. There was a moment of deja-vu when we missed out on superstars OF Jorge Mongome and SP Angel Torrente after the first week of free agency. Thankfully, we managed to snag some major additions to the team before it was too late.


    SP Marque Lendra signed for 1 year at $23.0M/yr (+2 team option years)
    38 years old, 6.7.9
    2032 stats: 11-6, 3.78 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, 159.1 IP, 113 K, 32 BB, 14 HRA with Azua

    SP Jessie Shriver signed for 2 years at $21.0M/yr (+2 team option years)
    34 years old, 6.7.9
    2032 stats: 9-7, 3.66 ERA, 1.33 WHIP, 160.0 IP, 115 K, 48 B, 12 HRA with San Lorenzo

    1B Manny Herrera signed for 1 year at $1.5M/yr
    35 years old,
    2032 stats: .257/.355/.392, 7 HR, 40 RBI with Taegu

    We most definitely overpaid for Lendra and Shriver, but with the contracts having only a few guaranteed years, I felt like risk is minimized and we at least will not be saddled with dead money once again. Starting pitching was a glaring hole heading into 2033. With Lendra and Shriver, we add a strong #1 and #2 pitcher to help solidify the rotation.

    Herrera provides a power bat that our lineup was sorely missing. No one reached double digits in home runs in our lineup last year and we hope that with consistent at-bats, Herrera can be our slugger. This also spells the end of the 1B platoon between 1B Gustavo Mercada and 1B Han-soo Yi and we’ll be looking for potential trade partners interested in part of a 1B platoon.


    Chihuahua sends:
    SS Lee Patterson (

    Changsha sends:
    OF Yodo Kita (

    It’s not a blockbuster, but I fill a need at CF by acquiring Kita, who will keep the seat warm until OF Turi Argenal is ready for the big leagues. We could see a platoon between Kita and Argenal later this year. Patterson is solid infield depth with near perfect infield fielding ratings, but we have an abundance of infield depth on the squad and in AAA so Patterson was expendable.

    Even with these moves, we still have about $20M of budget to use to improve our outfield and bullpen. We need a solid corner outfielder and any strong bullpen arms that we can get our hands on.

  • #24064
     Chihuahua USA 

    March 21, 2033


    With the 4th overall pick, Chihuahua selected 19 year old from Japan,

    2B Yoshinori ‘Vampire’ Kuroe
    Defense: 6 at 2B

    It’s fairly slim pickings in the DOM draft compared to what I’m used to, but I’m pleased to have gotten the top prospect on our board with the 4th overall pick. Kuroe projects to be a very solid 2B bat and is a righty to boot (which is a nice trait given our home ballpark dimensions). We’re also optimistic that Kuroe might be able to improve on his ceiling, as he rates nicely in the intangibles as well (Very High in intelligence and work ethic).

    On another note, maybe Kuroe has a crazy tan but he sure doesn’t look too Japanese to me.

    The challenge now is to wade through the pile of crud remaining from the DOM draft pool and try to distinguish good prospects.

  • #24157
     Chihuahua USA 

    April 1, 2033

    DRAFT: ROUNDS 2-10

    Round 2: LF Rodger Adguera (18 yo, POT)
    Round 3: SP Carlos Rodriguez (22 yo, 6.4.5 POT)
    Round 4: C Kazuki Kobayashi (22 yo, POT)
    Round 5: CF Ramon Montoya (18 yo, POT)
    Round 6: LF Yasuoka Yoshimua (20 yo, POT)
    Round 7: C Leopoldo Oliva (21 yo, POT)
    Round 8: SP Hobuhito Suzuki (19 yo, 5.3.5 POT)
    Round 9: CF Paul Morin (20 yo, POT)
    Round 10: SS Ovidio Barron (20 yo, POT)

    Not too much to see here. Adguera has some potential to be a fringe starter or good depth if he makes it to the bigs, but everyone else needs boosts in order to have a chance. I’m sort of hoping that the lack of talent of this draft is made up for more rating bumps as the guys in this pool develop.


    MR Juliano Sanchez signed for 2 years at $700k/yr
    28 years old, 10.6.4
    2032 stats: 0-2, 1.64 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, 33.0 IP, 41 K, 13 BB, 0 HRA (AAA)

    LF Allberto Sobral signed for 1 year at $7.0M/yr (+1 team option year)
    34 years old,
    2032 stats: .263/.367/.375, 5 HR, 33 RBI with Oaxaca

    MR Estefan Moroa signed for 1 year at $7.1M/yr (+1 team option year)
    30 years old, 10.9.4
    2032 stats: 5-5, 3.31 ERA, 1.46 WHIP, 70.2 IP, 84 K, 48 BB, 3 HRA with Incheon/Suwon

    Our bullpen received an upgrade with the signings of Sanchez and Moroa. Moroa projects to be our closer. We were hoping to sign someone better but we missed the ship on several better free agents. Moroa’s better days are behind him and he’s been a little erratic with his control lately, but we hope he can turn back the clock and get back to his form back in his days with Valencia and Bocas del Toro.

    Sobral fills a hole at corner outfield. We made a large effort to focus on getting right handed bats and we hope that his numbers can improve playing in a park like ours. All of these signings are short-term fillers. Our hope is to have our cheap prospects be able to fill the majority of our roster over the next few years and be able to use the budget room for big signings, like a Mongome or a Torrente.

    We currently have about $5M left of budget room and we might stand pat to allow room for midseason trades or emergency signings. Looking forward to getting this season finally rolling!

  • #24210
     Chihuahua USA 

    May 1, 2033


    After failing to sign a top notch closer in free agency, we struck a deal with Bocas del Toro to get our closer for the medium term.

    Chihuahua sends:
    C Seung-woo Kim (35 yo,
    1B Alex Romero (20 yo, potential)

    Bocas del Toro sends:
    MR Taek-hyung Yi (30 yo, 10.7.8)
    $3.0M cash

    We signed MR Estefan Moroa in free agency but his lack of control and less than stellar spring training had us worried. We haven’t had a true shutdown closer in Chihuahua like Yi and we’re excited to have one in place instead of our rotating rag-tag group last year. Yi is currently signed through 2036.

    Kim was a late waiver claim at the end of 2032 and we were hoping for him to form a tandem at catcher with C Barton Carnes. However, we needed to offset Yi’s $7.5M/yr contract and we realized that we have enough catcher depth to make Kim and his $4.5M/yr contract expendable. Romero is a promising prospect, but projects to be behind future slugger 1B Curro Lopez as they both develop.

    With this trade, the Chihuahuas are taking form and I am confident with the group that we’ve assembled. I’ll be doing a season preview going over the opening roster next.

  • #24216
     Chihuahua USA 

    2033 Season Preview

    2032 result: 46-74, 4th in JPN LAD


    SP Jessie Shriver
    SP Marque Lendra
    MR Estefan Moroa
    CL Taek-hyung Yi
    1B Manny Herrera
    OF Allberto Sobral
    OF Yodo Kita

    We spent a total of $60.3M in free agency as we ready ourselves to our journey back into Japan. $51.8M went to our pitching staff, filling our #1 and #2 slots in the rotation including a setup man. Trades in the offseason bring in our closer Yi and a plug-in CF in Kita. Overall, we didn’t lose anyone significant so I really can’t see us going anywhere but up this year!


    C Barton Carnes (26 yo,
    1B Manny Herrera (35 yo,
    2B Brian Prater (24 yo,
    3B Sixto Bautista (28 yo,
    SS Teyo Rivas (26 yo,
    LF Allberto Sobral (34 yo,
    CF Yodo Kita (27 yo,
    RF Francisco Amancha (31 yo,

    C Amato Fernandez (27 yo,
    1B Han-soo Yi (30 yo,
    SS Motoki Tanaka (26 yo,
    OF Jon McQuoid (21 yo,
    OF Calvino Castillon (24 yo,

    Key additions: 1B Herrera, LF Sobral, CF Kita
    2032 stats: 459 runs scored (3.8 R/G), .244/.323/.361

    Much of the disappointing group from last year returns in 2033. We do upgrade at three positions with free agent acquisitions and trades and a year of experience should do well for some of our younger bats, so we’re hopeful that we can improve on our pitiful performance. This will be a group that will need to rely on sustained innings and stringing good at-bats together, as we can’t count on the long ball yet.


    SP Jessie Shriver (34 yo, 6.8.8)
    SP Marque Lendra (38 yo, 6.7.9)
    SP Francisco Debaga (30 yo, 8.4.7)
    SP Will Hore (34 yo, 6.6.6)
    SP Bill Flynn (33 yo, 5.6.7)
    CL Taek-hyung Yi (30 yo, 10.7.8)
    SU Estefan Moroa (30 yo, 10.9.4)
    SU James Oliver (24 yo, 10.5.5)
    MR Juliano Sanchez (28 yo, 10.6.4)
    MR Jerry De A (27 yo, 9.6.5)
    MR Alano Vallasenor (27 yo, 6.7.7)
    MR Wen Kwan (28 yo, 5.7.7)
    MR Hector Sanchez (21 yo, 6.6.7)

    Key additions: SP Shriver, SP Lendra, CL Yi, MR Moroa
    2032 stats: 596 runs allowed (5.0 R/G), 4.72 ERA, 1.47 WHIP, 1055.0 IP, 790 K, 399 BB

    Naturally, our pitching staff was in shambles by the end of last year as we sold off four starters, our closer, and main setup man. The group is rebuilt for 2033 and I am most excited about seeing improvement in this group. Shriver and Lendra bring veteran success and after strong spring trainings, they should be making a huge immediate impact for this team. In addition, we focused on filling our bullpen with relievers who can get the K with ease. If we make it out of DOM, it will be on the backs of these guys.


    OF Turi Argenal (23 yo,
    1B Curro Lopez (20 yo,
    SP Francisco Gonzalez (22 yo, 5.7.5)
    SP Han-soo Pak (24 yo, 5.5.6)

    It’s only a matter of time before Argenal will crack the major league lineup. Having finished his season in AA in 2032, we want him to get some AAA experience before transitioning to the big leagues. He could take over the CF position in the middle of the year. Lopez, Gonzalez, and Pak all need to show continued development to make the roster, but they’re not all that far off.


    70-50, 1st in DOM LAD

    If our pitching can stay healthy, I like our chances! It’ll come down to many close games with an offense that will struggle to score consistently, but I think the bullpen can hold its own in these situations.

  • #24265
     Chihuahua USA 

    May 8, 2033
    DOM LAD: 5-1 (2 G lead)

    Good start here as the pitching is performing as promised, allowing only 17 runs over the first 6 games. Pitching aside, I just wanted to make a note on the ridiculous start by SS Teyo Rivas. Rivas isn’t going to sustain it so might as well highlight his stats now!

    Teyo Rivas’s first two seasons:
    498 AB, .293/.361/.361, 4 HR, 39 RBI, 51 K, 54 BB, 1.3 WAR

    Teyo Rivas’s current season:
    21 AB, .476/.593/1.095, 4 HR, 7 RBI, 1 K, 6 BB, 0.9 WAR

    Doubling your career HR total in the first week? Not bad Rivas!

  • #23965
     Chihuahua USA 

    May 29, 2033
    DOM LAD: 16-8 (4 G lead)

    We lost big FA acquisition SP Jessie Shriver for the rest of the season in his third start. It’s a big loss as he was lights out throughout preseason and was doing well to kick the year off. We envisioned him and SP Marque Lendra anchoring an effective playoff rotation if we do end up winning the LAD. It’s a steep dropoff from Shriver to the next guy, but so far our team is showing no signs of slowing down.

    I thought the team would need to rely on sustained innings to score, due to our lack of power. Early results show that this seems to be a formula that can be successful in this league, as we scored up to 17 runs twice so far and lead the league in runs scored (5.8 R/G) despite lacking in power numbers. Outside of SP Will Hore, our core pitching staff has been very effective, leading the league with a 2.76 overall ERA.

    We have our biggest test yet in the next sim though, facing off against Cancun in our first series of the year. I had them penned as the Dominican Republic champs and I still think that’s the case. We dropped the ball against another strong LOD team last time, getting swept against Toronto. I hope we take this as an opportunity to send a message to DOM!

  • #24392
     Chihuahua USA 

    June 12, 2033
    DOM LAD: 22-14 (3 G lead)

    We ended up getting swept by Cancun and at 24-12, they’re making a clear case for being the team to beat to get into Japan. Unluckily for them, star acquisition OF Jorge Mongome is injured for three weeks, but they should have enough depth in OF to be fine until he comes back.

    The good news is that we’re preserving our lead over Sapporo over in the LAD. They’re middle of the lineup is still terrifying though and can change a game completely if a pitcher isn’t careful with them. C Toin Kishita, OF Reijiro Saito, and 3B Carlos Rivadeneira are putting up 1.000+ OPS each!

    It’s a little late, but I also wanted to give recognition to our sweep of the May awards!

    Batter of the Month
    SS Teyo Rivas: .356/.436/.525, 5 HR, 22 RBI, 21 R, 14 BB, 3 K

    Pitcher of the Month
    SP Marque Lendra: 4-1, 1.78 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 35.1 IP, 32 K, 7 BB, 3 HRA

    Rookie of the Month
    2B Brian Prater: .354/.411/.552, 3 HR, 17 RBI, 20 R, 8 BB, 13 K

    Really enjoying the production from the middle of the infield so far. Let’s hope this trend continues!

  • #24549
     Chihuahua USA 

    July 10, 2033
    DOM LAD: 40-20 (11 G lead)

    At the midway point of the season, we’re sitting comfortably with a double digit lead in the division. Both the offense and pitching are clicking, but we’re in an awkward position in the next sim with our top three pitchers in the rotation out with injuries. In addition, we’re lacking some confidence in our ability to advance out of DOM this year as we continue struggle against Cancun, the top dog in the LOD. They’ve taken 5 of 6 from us and have ravaged our relatively weak pitching in many of our match-ups.

    Presenting the top 5 standouts on the team at the midway mark:

    SP Marque Lendra
    8-2, 1.48 ERA, 0.93 WHIP, 73.0 IP, 66 K, 11 BB, 6 HRA

    Lendra has been the anchor of our ragtag rotation, winning Pitcher of the Month in his first two opportunities. If we do face Cancun in a playoff matchup, we will have to rely heavily on Lendra to try to quiet their bats. He suffered a minor injury and is on the DL now, but I like to think of it as saving his arm for when it matters most.

    SP Francisco Debaga
    9-0, 2.87 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 69.0 IP, 77 K, 18 BB, 11 HRA

    Stepping up to the #2 starter role after the season ending injury to SP Jessie Shriver, Debaga is putting up his best season yet. He’s always been vulnerable to the long ball, but his stuff has been effective enough to limit the opposing home runs mostly solo shots.

    SS Teyo Rivas
    .343/.433/.462, 7 HR, 39 RBI, 61 R, 35 BB, 7 K

    Rivas is having a breakout year. After a red hot start, Rivas is still batting out of his mind and is within reach of the WBH single season record for runs (123 by 1B Abelardo Parra in VEN, 2009). His plate discipline is incredible and he has shown a surprising amount of pop!

    C Barton Carnes
    .302/.385/.552, 9 HR, 43 RBI, 35 R, 24 BB, 37 K

    There were questions when C Seung-woo Kim was traded away and the starting role was passed back to Carnes at the beginning of the season. Carnes is justifying his role in the offense with a team-leading .937 OPS in his second season in the big leagues and has stepped up as the slugger that this power-deficient team desperately needs.

    3B Sixto Bautista
    .327/.389/.490, 8 HR, 49 RBI, 45 R, 27 BB, 32 K

    We’ve been waiting for Bautista’s breakout for a few seasons now. He’s been a player who has never stopped working at his craft and has made magnificent strides to his fielding and offense. After a slow start, Bautista is on fire with 8 multi-hit games in the last 9 games.

  • #25925
     Chihuahua USA 

    July 31, 2034
    DOM LAD: 47-31 (9 G lead)

    I have been pretty negligent in this journal! A quick summary of what happened since:

    This year at the trade deadline, our goal was to bulk up the bullpen and acquire a medium-term top-of-the-rotation arm. We got our bullpen help from Maracaibo by acquiring MR Godofredo Rodarte (7.8.6). He’s had a rough year but I’m optimistic the transition from USA bats to DOM bats will help his performance out. He even has starting potential and will actually begin his time with us as part of the rotation as some injuries heal up.

    We were in talks for some good SPs but ultimately I decided to roll with what I have now. I may regret it later but I think our offense can continue to carry the weight and our rotation is good enough to at least give us a decent chance at promotion. We will attempt to re-address the SP situation during the offseason.

  • #26084
     Chihuahua USA 

    September 4, 2034
    DOM LAD: 70-38 (19 G lead)

    In the previous sim, Chihuahua clinches a second straight trip to the playoffs. It has yet to be decided who our opponent will be, but it looks like it will come down to the wire between Philadelphia and Tokyo.

    Trade deadline acquisition
    SP Godofredo Rodarte has been a smash hit so far (4-1, 2.43 ERA). We tried him out as a starter and he may have played himself into the playoff rotation. Meanwhile, 2B Brian Prater has tied the franchise record for RBIs in a season at 101 and is expected to break it before the season ends. That’s an impressive feat for a player in only his second full season!

    We’ll be giving more rest to our starters as the season winds down. We have a 9 game lead ahead of Philadelphia to clinch home field advantage for the playoff series, so our biggest worry is a back breaking injury in the next two sims.

  • #26194
     Chihuahua USA 

    September 18, 2034
    DOM LAD: 82-38 (29 G lead)

    The 2034 regular season concludes with Chihuahua’s best record in franchise history. Coming off a 17 game winning streak to end the season, we’ll be facing Philadelphia in the playoffs for a chance to get back into Japan. As mentioned in the previous post, our main concern finishing off the season was to avoid major injuries. Unfortunately, we lost a SP and a starting OF in the last sim.

    SP Beck Maitland suffered an elbow injury that will knock him out for 8 months. He’ll miss spring training and we anticipate he’ll rejoin the team in the middle of the next season.
    OF Lupe Rojany suffered an elbow injury as well and will be out for 2 weeks, forcing him to miss the playoffs. He got the injury in the very last game. An impending FA, Rojany may have played his last game in Chihuahua. Despite a strong season (.949 OPS), he’s asking too much in extension talks.

    Thankfully we have decent backups in both those positions, but we will need all the help we can against Philadelphia, with whom we split the season series 6-6.

    Fingers are crossed for the sim tonight. We were embarrassed last year when we succumbed to a 4-0 sweep by Cancun. Given their success in Japan, we feel less bad about it, but anything but a promotion this year would be a disappointment to all in Chihuahua.

    After the series, I’m planning on doing a summary on the 2034 season and offseason priorities.

  • #26272
     Chihuahua USA 

    February 1, 2035

    For the second year in a row, we fall just short of promotion and lose the playoff series. Last year however, I didn’t expect to overcome the Cancun powerhouse. This year, after taking a 3-1 series lead against Philadelphia, I fully expected to be able to win at least one of the next three games. Starting pitching faltered and our explosive offense fizzled and here we are in 2035, still in the Dominican Republic.

    2034 had its upsides. The team won 82 games, capping the regular season off with a 17 game winning streak. Young stars like 1B Curro Lopez and OF Turi Argenal are showing that they are ready for the big show. 2B Brian Prater smashed the previous franchise RBI record by knocking in 111 runs.

    In the end though, we fell short of our goals and have to look forward to figuring out how we can finally get over the hump in 2035. Our offseason goals:

    Revamp starting rotation – Our current rotation is aging and we need to reinvigorate the staff. Mediocre starting pitching may get by the regular season OK but to secure a playoff win, we need some more.

    Fill in OF holes – We lost a few effective outfielders to free agency and need to replenish. Alternatively to signing a FA, we may look in-house and promote OF Anastasio Garcia if he can progress some more before the season starts.

  • #26788
     Chihuahua USA 

    May 1, 2035

    As the new season begins, let’s recap the offseason.

    Signed OF Juan Romero to 2 years, $4.2M/yr
    Signed MR Enrique Val to 2 years, $4.6M/yr
    Signed SP Alfonso Gaslan to 2 years, $13.5M/yr

    We made strides to accomplish our offseason goals. Romero helps with refreshing our outfield and provides a good top-of-the-order bat. Val bolsters the back of the bullpen and could be our closer by the time his contract is up. Finally, we targeted several pitchers during the offseason and finally landed Gaslan who should be a steady arm in our rotation. Gaslan may be overpaid, but we had plenty of budget room to spend and starting pitching was a critical area for us to improve in. We were hoping to get some more fresh blood in the rotation, but we will continue to look that way during the season.

    We fully expect to be just as competitive as we have been in the last two seasons and hope to finally break out of DOM this year. I also hope to see good things come out of SS Greg Meagher and CF Anastasio Garcia by the end of the season. Our ML depth is thin so injuries may force either of them into the limelight. Erie on the other side worries me a bit though. It’s always daunting to see a team recently removed from USA come down to the third tier. There’s no doubt that they’re hungry to climb back up the ladder!

  • #26917
     Chihuahua USA 

    May 15, 2035
    DOM LAD: 10-2 (5 G lead)


    We executed our first trade of the season and bring back an old (literally) face.

    Chihuahua sends:
    MR Alberto Chavez (8.6.6)
    MR Alano Vallasenor (6.6.7)
    SP Rodrigo Luzan (6.5.6 potential)

    Suwon sends:
    SP Marque Lendra (6.7.9)

    The timeless Lendra is in his 18th season pitching and had a brief stint with our team in 2033. The dream was to have Lendra and SP Jessie Shriver thrive as a 1-2 punch but it was not meant to be as Shriver got knocked out of the season in his third start. Lendra had an expensive option and I let him go to FA hoping to resign him to a cheaper deal, but Suwon swept him away with a lengthy, but relatively cheap contract. Honestly I’m hoping he retires before his ratings degrade, though they’ve been steady for quite a while now.

    Suwon was looking for southpaws and I was looking to give them away. Our ballpark heavily favors right handed batters so we prefer right handed pitchers to lure in the lefties and keep the righties at bay. They are each two years older but the Shriver/Lendra combo gets a second shot this year. Lendra should be a key addition to our rotation, which actually looks competent now.

    In another deal, we sent SP Beck Maitland away to Hamilton for a dollar. The Lendra deal pushed us up against the cap and moving Maitland gives us some more breathing room for the rest of the season. There wasn’t much room in the majors for Maitland anyway. The Maitland deal with Jeonju is one that I regret, as I gave up promising prospect 2B Oswaldo Luvian for a mediocre rental.

  • #26941
     Jeonju CUB 

    @Chihuahua (DOM) wrote:

    In another deal, we sent SP Beck Maitland away to Hamilton for a dollar. The Lendra deal pushed us up against the cap and moving Maitland gives us some more breathing room for the rest of the season. There wasn’t much room in the majors for Maitland anyway. The Maitland deal with Jeonju is one that I regret, as I gave up promising prospect 2B Oswaldo Luvian for a mediocre rental.

    You got me with the Cho deal, I got you this time. The lone good thing about the Cho deal for me, is that I’m still using Nevada DiMartinez as a replacement level starting shortstop. Hogan had some good years for me but ultimately walked without a title.

  • #26962
     Chihuahua USA 

    May 15, 2035
    DOM LAD: 16-2 (7 G lead)

    Just a quick shoutout to SP Marque Lendra, who begins his second stint with Chihuahua with two gems, pitching 14.2 innings allowing no earned runs.

    Also, it might be short lived, but OF Turi Argenal is currently leading the WBH in RBIs with 27 through 18 games.

  • #27034
     Chihuahua USA 

    June 5, 2035
    DOM LAD: 24-6 (10 G lead)

    The Chihuahuas complete a 21-5 May that featured a scorching hot offense that’s clicking to the tune of 7.2 R/G and a .312/.389/.472 team batting line.

    OF Turi Argenal took the batter of the month honors for the first time in his young career. A quarter through the season, Argenal has 34 runs and 41 RBIs. He’s leading the hierarchy in RBIs by 8 and is second in runs only to teammate 2B Brian Prater. The all time record for RBIs in the season goes to OF Je-ju Yi all the way back to 2014, when Yi bashed in 144 RBIs with Cancun. The season is still early, but I’ll be keeping an eye on that mark for Argenal.

    Newcomer SP Alfonso Gaslan made himself right at home on the pitching side, taking pitcher of the month honors, going 4-0 with a 2.56 ERA in May. Gaslan is establishing himself as a reliable player in our rotation. I still feel like I overpaid for him, but he’s earning his salary for the moment.

    We also made a minor deal this last sim:

    Chihuahua sends:
    C Rufo Rodriguez (20 yo, potential)

    Bocas del Toro sends:
    OF Madesio Ubence (19 yo, potential)

    We’ve been stuck with too many catchers in our minor league teams and I was eager to make a deal to bring in comparable talent at other positions. Ubence fit the bill and it was a relatively straightforward deal to close. Both players need some help with ratings in order to be viable in a major league roster, but I think both teams came out favorably in this deal, spreading talent in the respective minors more evenly.

  • #27302
     Chihuahua USA 

    July 10, 2035
    DOM LAD: 46-14 (21 G lead)

    The Chihuahuas are on a record-breaking pace this season. Here are some of the WBH records that are in danger:

    RBIs: 144 (OF Turi Argenal on pace for 144)
    Team Wins: 86 (Chihuahuas on pace for 92)
    Team Runs: 782 (Chihuahuas on pace for 784)

    1B Curro Lopez is in the middle of a 26 game hitting streak. It’s still a long shot, but the longest hitting streak is 41 games by OF Lupe Gonzales.

    We made some prospect exchanges recently as well. Here’s my take on them:

    Chihuahua sends:
    CF Anastasio Garcia (AAA)
    2B Hye-min Kim (AAA)

    Busan sends:
    CF Roderigo Robton (A)
    C Kai-xi Zhen (A)

    Garcia is a great prospect who’s about to bust open into the majors and was going to finally be the true center fielder that I never had in Chihuahua thus far. Robton has a slightly weaker bat and a little less range. There were two factors that pushed me towards this deal though. I’ve been trying to make a focused effort to reduce the impact of injury on my squad and Robton has a significant edge on durability. Also, my park is geared towards right handed batters, so taking in a slightly weaker right handed bat may end up producing similar numbers when the players are put on the field.

    Kim was expendable for me, as I have a ton of AAA/ML level infielders, so I was willing to take a chance on a young player with good intangibles like Zhen and hope that he’ll continue to develop.

    Chihuahua sends:
    OF Rodger Adguera (AA)

    Roswell sends:
    3B Jorge Quispealaya (AA)

    Adguera and Quispealaya have similar offensive abilities, but I could really use a true 3B in my system. I’ve made it a habit to try to draft SS but not all of them have a great glove in 3B. Quispealaya is a stellar defensive 3B and if he continues to progress, he could crack the starting lineup.

  • #27492
     Chihuahua USA 

    August 7, 2035
    DOM LAD: 67-17 (33 G lead)

    The Chihuahuas finish a sensational July with a 24-3 record for the month and stand to clinch playoffs in this upcoming sim, as their magic number has dwindled to 4. We were itching to make some minor trades at the deadline but fell short. There were some players that looked enticing, but we didn’t have enough cap room to make an offer.

    Here’s an update on some of the team’s threats to all-time records:

    RBIs: 144 (OF Turi Argenal on pace for 141)
    Team Wins: 86 (Chihuahuas on pace for 96)
    Team Runs: 782 (Chihuahuas on pace for 799)

    Argenal is playing out of his mind, but don’t overlook the other sophomore hitter, 1B Curro Lopez. He and Argenal are both leading the hierarchy in RBIs, and it’s not really that close

    We have been without two of our key offensive pieces, 2B Brian Prater and OF Allberto Sobral, over the last few weeks and we look forward to them returning to the team after this upcoming sim. We’ll be sure to take care of Sobral and give him only limited playing time, as he’s been a lot more injury prone as of late and we’d like to keep him around for the playoffs.

  • #27502
     Maracaibo USA 

    @Chihuahua (DOM) wrote:

    @Chihuahua (DOM) wrote:

    August 7, 2035
    DOM LAD: 67-17 (21 G lead)

    The Chihuahuas finish a sensational July with a 24-3 record for the month and stand to clinch playoffs in this upcoming sim, as their magic number has dwindled to 4.

    Team Wins: 86 (Chihuahuas on pace for 96)

    96 wins? Holy crap. That would be awesome.

  • #27508
     Chihuahua USA 

    August 7, 2035
    DOM LAD: 73-17 (35 G lead)

    Chihuahuas have clinched the division and welcome back OF Allberto Sobral and 2B Brian Prater to the lineup. With OF Juan Romero getting slightly nicked up last week and the playoffs in the bag now, the question of resting players come to the forefront.

    In the last two seasons, we used a heavy rotation around the infield and outfield to give starters some rest once the division was clinched. This clearly didn’t work out that well for us as the team didn’t perform up to standards when it mattered and we’re still in DOM. With some all-time records at stake too, I think we’ll limit the substitutes to those coming off injury or those with an injury history. Sobral will be eased back in the lineup and some of the older arms in the rotation will have a lower pitch count than normal, but other than that we expect to feature the same starting lineup to keep this momentum going. We have gone 35-3 over the last month and a half. I’m just hoping we didn’t peak too soon.

  • #27717
     Chihuahua USA 

    September 18, 2035
    DOM LAD: 94-26 (40 G lead)

    We wrap up the season with a 13-2 September record and head into the playoffs against Erie for promotion into Japan. Before talking about the playoffs, here is how we fared on those all time records:

    RBIs: Due to injury, OF Turi Argenal fell well short of the record of 144 RBIs and finishes with 110 RBIs in 101 games. 1B Curro Lopez picked up the slack and finished as the team leader with 136 RBIs.
    Team Wins: We broke the previous record of 86 by winning 94 games this season
    Team Runs: We broke the previous record of 782 by scoring 802 runs this season

    Needless to say, it was a very successful regular season. However, successful regular seasons in the last two years have only resulted in disappointment and playoff failures. Going into last season’s playoffs, the main concerns were pitching and injuries and this year is no different.

    SP Alfonso Gaslan has made his mark as the team ace with a 16-1 record and a 2.44 ERA and we have fine options following him, but outside of Gaslan, each starter tends to shit the bed once in a while. After last year’s meltdown after a 3-1 series lead against Philadelphia, I’m going with a 4 man rotation instead of a 3 man rotation this season. The pitchers may have been tired towards the end of the playoffs last season and I have enough depth to be reasonably confident in my #4 pitcher this time around.

    We have thankfully been fairly injury-free this season but two lingering injuries in the outfield forces us deep into our bench. Argenal will miss the first 2 games of the playoffs and OF Juan Romero will only be available for games 6 and 7 if they are necessary. The two were important catalysts in the offense during the season. While it’s unfortunate that they’re missing some time, at least we don’t miss them completely and they might get a chance to make a difference against Erie.

    We had success against Erie in the regular season, only dropping one game to them, but just two years removed from USA, they are still a team to be reckoned. SP Yong-chik Muk is a great ace and could be the difference in the series if he can shut down this offense. 1B Sixto Marcilla won the triple crown despite a month-long injury in July. We look forward to seeing how all this plays out!

  • #30467
     Chihuahua USA 

    Welp, gonna try to catch up here!

    2035: 94-26, 1st in DOM LAD, DOM champions (4-1 over Erie)
    – Third time’s a charm as the Chihuahuas cap off a historic season and finally break out of of DOM into JPN, along with breaking multiple batting records.

    2036: 59-61, 3rd in JPN LAD (16 GB)
    – The offense, potent in DOM, ends up being the weakest in the new JPN division as a few 2035 standouts struggle immensely to adjust to the improved talent. Good enough pitching helps stave off a quick relegation trip back to DOM.

    2037: 66-54, 2nd in JPN LAD (5 GB)
    – The team chases Maracaibo all season long but could not close the gap and remains stuck in JPN.

    2038: 66-54, 1st in JPN LAD, JPN champions (4-0 over Monterrey)
    – The FA signing of SP Muk gave the Chihuahuas the ace it had been lacking for a while. The 2038 JPN LAD pitcher of the year, along with a rejuvenation of the key bats, propel the team back to the USA after a season-long tight race with Cancun.

    2039: 68-52, 1st in USA LOD, USA champions (4-3 over Akashi)
    – Once again, the bats lead the team to a championship averaging 5.4 runs per game and bashing over 200 HRs over the course of the season. I came into the season expecting to fight to fend off relegation, but the middling starting rotation talent and the ragtag group of bullpen arms were good enough in an offense-heavy division. The tense series win can be recapped here.

    Which brings us to the new decade, bringing in the 40s! There hasn’t been a repeat champion from the LOD since the aptly named San Lorenzo Legends of 2018-2019. The offseason has been kind to us as we hit most of our major targets.

    Next: Free agency signings

  • #30468
     Chihuahua USA 


    SP Pyeong-Kyu Kang signed for 3 years at $7.5M/yr (+1 team option year)
    32 years old, 6.8.7
    2039 stats: 9-8, 4.53 ERA, 1.48 WHIP, 131 IP, 94 K, 40 BB, 13 HRA with Jeonju

    SP Larry Humby signed for 2 years at $17.0M/yr (+1 team option years)
    36 years old, 7.6.8
    2039 stats: 11-8, 3.15 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, 168.1 IP, 124 K, 32 BB, 21 HRA with Akashi

    – We felt lucky to have our starting pitching hold up last year, as several of our starters outplayed their expectations. Kang and Humby should greatly bolster our rotation. We’re especially pleased with nabbing Kang at a good price. I expect these two to be our #2 and #3 pitchers in our rotation behind ace SP Muk

    MR Nam-cheol Pae signed for 5 years at $600k/yr
    35 years old, 8.7.5
    2039 stats: 0-0, 1 SV, 15.68 ERA, 10.1 IP, 9 K, 10 BB, 5 HRA with Changsha

    LF Young-sik Kim signed for 4 years at $650k/yr
    32 years old,
    2039 stats: .272/.370/.409, 5 HR, 34 RBI with Thunder Bay and Changsha

    RF Jae-chun Yi signed for 5 years at $1.3M/yr
    32 years old,
    2039 stats: .268/.319/.403, 9 HR, 31 RBI with Busan

    – Pae, Kim, and Yi add some more depth for our squad for cheap. Our bullpen is spread pretty thin and still lacks a traditional closer, but Pae should help add some meat to the group. With the departure of potential future hall-of-famer OF Tat Huie, our outfield bench was also getting thin, but Kim and Yi should help anchor the bench for a while. You can always count on injuries throughout the season, and we’ve always tried to be diligent in filling out our depth with players we aren’t afraid to start.

  • #30507
     Chihuahua USA 

    April 10, 2040

    In addition to the free agency acquisitions above, we made two trades this offseason:

    Chihuahua sends:
    SP James Oliver (9.5.6)
    SP Carlos Rodriguez (7.4.6)

    Hamilton sends:
    SP Ramon Balinbin (5.7.9)

    Oliver had been a key bullpen arm for us over the last decade or so, known by our fans for his ability to take batters down by way of the K. There were indications that he was capable of starting this season, but as a lefty who tends to give up the long ball, I had reservations trusting him for starts in our righty-friendly stadium. Balinbin on the other hand should be a great fit for our team. Balinbin is a groundball pitcher and can rely on our great infield defense to limit baserunners. Oliver should work out well in Hamilton’s stadium as well, so I’m optimistic that this will be a win for both sides

    Chihuahua sends:
    SP Jose Chamu (6.5.8)

    Bocas del Toro sends:
    C Tokuma Kawasie ( potential)

    With Balinbin on board and the signings of SP Kang and SP Humby, Chamu, who already struggled to find a spot in the rotation last year, was expendable. I shopped him off for the best prospect I could find. Kawasie still has some developing to do and could be decent depth if he reaches his potential. At the very least, I free up $1M of cap space here.

  • #30536
     Chihuahua USA 

    May 1, 2040


    Round 1: SP Soon-yul Yi (19 yo, 5.7.7 POT)
    Round 2: RF Loo Khu (19 yo, POT)
    Round 3: SS Jaime Reymonde (21 yo, POT)
    Round 4: CF Osiris Arroyo (18 yo, POT)
    Round 5: C Hidetoshi Kaneko (20 yo, POT)
    Round 6: SP Gillet Bateman (18 yo, 5.4.5 POT)
    Round 7: 2B Josué Andraole (19 yo, POT)
    Round 8: RF Martín Arquellez (21 yo, POT)
    Round 9: SS Ka-byong Ch’oe (19 yo, POT)
    Round 10: SS Huai-yu Liu (20 yo, POT)

    We’re satisfied with our first round pick, grabbing SP Yi as a potential back of the rotation starter. He’s young and has good intangibles, so we’re hopeful he will be able to develop well in our farm system. It was pretty much a crapshoot for the rest of the draft. We focused on batters with good work ethic that had the best potential to get on base. We’ll keep an eye out on these late rounders and see if that strategy pays off or not.

  • #30558
     Chihuahua USA 

    2040 Season Preview

    2039 result: 68-52, 1st in USA LOD, USA champions

    2B Brian Prater (
    OF Tat Huie (
    SP Miguel Bernal (5.8.5)

    SP Larry Humby (7.6.8) via FA
    SP Pyeong-kyu Kang (6.8.7) via FA
    SP Ramon Balinbin (5.7.9) via trade
    OF Jae-chun Yi ( via FA

    We lose an influential bat in Prater, whose presence in the lineup and field will be missed. Rookie 2B Kuroe has large shoes to fill. While our offense may take a step back, I am excited about the improvements in pitching after acquiring three promising arms to bulk up our vulnerable rotation. I expect good things out of Humby, Kang, and Balinbin.


    C Rogelio Bader (28 yo,
    1B Curro Lopez (27 yo,
    2B Yoshinori Kuroe (26 yo,
    3B Jorge Quispealaya (28 yo,
    SS Greg Meagher (26 yo,
    LF Jae-ik Cho (26 yo,
    CF Roderigo Robton (28 yo,
    RF Turi Argenal (30 yo,

    C Barton Carnes (33 yo,
    IF Teyo Rivas (33 yo,
    IF Ovidio Barron (27 yo,
    OF Jae-chun Yi (32 yo,
    OF Young-sik Kim (33 yo,

    2039 stats: 644 runs scored (5.4 R/G), .290/.354/.493

    Our offense carried the team last year, batting to a team OPS of .847. The departure of 2B Prater will hurt and this may not be a group that can carry a team by itself anymore, but it should not be a liability as the rest of the starters remain the same. We pride ourselves in building our depth and filling our bench with startable players. This depth is immediately tested as reigning LOD Batter of the Year OF Cho is out for the first month, but we have full confidence in OF Yi to take his place for the time being.

    At full strength, we rely on 1B Lopez, LF Cho, and RF Argenal for consistent production at the plate. CF Robton and 2B Kuroe were both only part time players last year, but excelled during their limited playing time and we hope they can continue as they assume full-time positions in the lineup this year.


    SP Young-chik Muk (35 yo, 7.7.9)
    SP Larry Humby (36 yo, 7.6.8)
    SP Pyeong-kyu Kang (32 yo, 6.8.7)
    SP Estanis Perez (40 yo, 7.7.6)
    SP Ramon Balinbin (32 yo, 5.7.9)
    CL Ju-hyung Kim (26 yo, 8.7.5)
    SU Norm Dodds (36 yo, 7.8.6)
    SU Mario Villagrama (37 yo, 6.7.8)
    MR Suketsune Koguchi (37 yo, 6.8.7)
    MR Braydon Hughes (33 yo, 7.6.8)
    MR Nam-cheol Pae (34 up, 8.7.5)
    MR Dave Keown (40 yo, 6.7.6)

    2039 stats: 557 runs allowed (4.6 R/G), 4.31 ERA, 1.39 WHIP WHIP, 1073.1 IP, 796 K, 347 BB

    Chihuahua has traditionally struggled to develop pitchers through our minors. Our pitching staff this year is proof of this, as our closer Kim is the only player who hasn’t come to the team via trade, waivers, or free agency. Nevertheless, I think we have an above average and deep starting rotation and an adequate, while unimpressive, bullpen this year. We’ve focused on accumulating groundball pitchers to take advantage of our stellar infield defense, like SP Humby and SP Balinbin. Kim actually was our rookie standout starter last year, but we’re going to give him a shot at the closer position as there’s not much room on the starting rotation as of yet.


    C Kai-xi Zhen (24 yo,
    IF Ken Muldoon (26 yo,
    IF Chris Baker (24 yo,
    OF Madesio Ubence (24 yo,
    SP Jose Cavacos (24 yo, 5.6.6)
    SP Junnosuke Kato (24 yo, 6.6.5)

    We don’t expect any rockstar prospects to be ready to make the jump to the majors this year, but there’s some solid talent here nevertheless. C Zhen and OF Ubence actually already made the jump to the majors temporarily to fill in for injuries. If Zhen can take advantage of his time in the majors, he can earn himself a platoon spot on the Chihuahuas. As of now, these guys all need a ratings boost in order for them to project to be future starters, but we at least should be set on depth at all positions for the long term.


    66-54, 1st in USA LOD

    I think it’ll be a closer race this year, maybe with Santiago de Cuba once again, but I have no reason to believe we regressed much from last year. I am optimistic about the new-look pitching staff and have confidence in our offense’s continued production. Looking at the other rosters in the LOD though, it wouldn’t surprise me if any team stepped up and took the crown here though. It should be a fun year.

  • #30659
     Chihuahua USA 

    June 12, 2040
    USA LOD: 20-16 (5 GB)

    Record-wise, we’re on pace to my season prediction, but Santiago de Cuba has been on a tear and we’re playing catch-up early on in the season.

    1B Lopez, RF Argenal, and SS Meagher are leading the offense with solid lines so far:

    1B Lopez: .340/.388/.728, 17 HR, 41 RBI, 2.1 WAR
    RF Argenal: .305/.347/.638, 11 HR, 36 RBI, 1.9 WAR
    SS Meagher: .325/.364/.494, 4 HR, 13 RBI, 1.6 WAR

    On the pitching side, offseason acquisition SP Humby is continuing his success in the USA and P Kim has excelled in the closer role after pitching in the rotation last season.

    SP Humby: 4-0, 2.74 ERA, 1.22 WHIP
    P Kim: 2-1, 8 SV, 0 BS, .55 ERA, .73 WHIP

    After promising 2039 seasons, 2B Kuroe and 3B Quispealaya were expected to keep supporting the offense, but instead have disappointed and been liabilities in the batting order.

    2B Kuroe: .236/.282/.414, 6 HR, 17 RBI, .3 WAR
    3B Quispealaya: .236/.281/.371, 3 HR, 15 RBI, .2 WAR

    Outside of the closer, our bullpen has been marked with inconsistency with nobody seemingly able to string together a streak of quality holds.

    SP Muk had avoided injuries in his time in Chihuahua despite his fragile injury history, but the bug finally bit him as he suffers a month-long injury. This forces our closer Kim to return to the starting rotation and leaves our bullpen even more suspect.

    SP Balinbin had a promising start to his time in Chihuahua after coming in a trade in the offseason, going 2-1 with a 2.16 ERA in his first 4 starts. However, he suffered a season-ending injury in his 4th start, putting him out of commission until 2041.

    SP Perez is 40 years old and his age might finally be showing. Through 8 starts, here is his line:

    SP Perez: 1-6, 8.65 ERA, 1.89 WHIP

    He actually has a good K rate and a good BB rate. What’s been killing him is his 7 HRs allowed and a ridiculous .459 BABIP. I’m hoping that the BABIP is unsustainable and he will quickly trend towards the reliable starter that he was last year.

  • #30755
     Chihuahua USA 

    July 31, 2040
    USA LOD: 46-32 (2 GB)

    We mostly stayed put during the trade deadline, banking on our current roster to try to pass Santiago de Cuba as the division leaders. There were a few opportunities to make improvements, but I didn’t want to give up the prospects required to get only a marginal upgrade.

    Nevertheless, we’ve been fairly active in the trade market throughout the season. Our organization have been fairly top-heavy with many decent players stuck in AAA or on our ML bench. Most of our trades has seen us ship those players off for youth to balance our system and increase our odds to get a breakout player. I’m sure most of them won’t pan out, but it only takes one breakout to make a big impact (see: OF Jae-ik Cho)

    Our most hopeful from our haul are:

    CF Gavin Vance potential, 20 yo
    – A rangeful player hailing from Tokyo who could one day establish himself as a starting CF here. There’s a dearth of good right handed center fielders who aren’t injury prone in this league and we’re hopeful Vance will develop into one of those one day

    SS Tony Archuleta potential, 18 yo
    – A raw player from Hamilton at the trade deadline who we’ll try to groom to be a 3B. He’s already shown some progress since he was drafted this season. A long shot, but we’ll keep an eye on his development in the upcoming seasons.

    We also made a peculiar deal with Seoul on the trade deadline. Clearly they see something in SP Madrid. The players we got in the deal aren’t much to write home about, but we couldn’t say no to the $10M cash. Even though we’re way over the cash limit now, we’re looking to use the excess cash to shed some potentially bad contracts or make heavy stadium renovations.

  • #30827
     Chihuahua USA 

    September 11, 2040
    USA LOD: 69-45 (7 G lead)

    Two consecutive sweeps over Santiago de Cuba help Chihuahua clinch their second straight trip to the USA playoffs. The team is getting hot at the right time, riding an 8 game winning streak into the last week of the season. We’ll be using heavy rotations, making sure our key players get rest and avoid injuries in preparation for the playoffs.

    It’s looking like it’ll either be Maracaibo or Monterrey coming out of the LOD. We had a better record against Maracaibo over the season and from a quick glance, Monterrey’s offense really frightens me. I think I’ll be rooting for Maracaibo to pull ahead, as I feel we match up better against them. It would also be an interesting series for me, playing against my former club for the USA championship.

  • #42592
     David – Chihuahua 

    May 1, 2041


    Round 1: SP Ramón Javine (17 yo, 6.7.7 POT)
    Round 2: SP Gaven Dotson (18 yo, 6.6.7 POT)
    Round 3: CF Luís Gonzáles (18 yo, POT)
    Round 4: C Jesús Esparza (18 yo, POT)
    Round 5: C Alonso Ocanipg (22 yo, POT)
    Round 6: 3B Hsin Mai (21 yo, POT)
    Round 7: CF Andrew Jenson (20 yo, POT)
    Round 8: SS Yasujiro Murai (20 yo, POT)
    Round 9: SS Mike Davis (20 yo, POT)
    Round 10: SS Seinosuke Tanaka (21 yo, POT)

    Continuing to try to bulk up the pitching in the farm with Javine and Dotson early on. I regret not removing all catchers from my draft list, as I have way too many mediocre catching prospects now, but here’s hoping at least one of them can break out.

  • #42593
     David – Chihuahua 

    2040 result: 72-48, 1st in USA LOD

    SP Ramon Balinbin (4.7.9) via drop

    SP Eron Mulubay (6.8.9) via FA
    3B Ron Frude ( via FA

    Balinbin, a trade acquisition from the last offseason, had gotten off to a great start in 2040, but a season-ending injury had lingering effects and we didn’t see him fitting into our pitching staff anymore. We found a replacement in a young star in Mulubay, a 28 year old that hopes to anchor the aging rotation for years to come. Frude gives us an offensive upgrade at 3B. He’s a natural born leader who has had prolonged success in the USA with Hukuoka earlier in his career.


    C Rogelio Bader (29 yo,
    1B Curro Lopez (28 yo,
    2B Yoshinori Kuroe (27 yo,
    3B Ron Frude (37 yo,
    SS Greg Meagher (27 yo,
    LF Keith Steedman (22 yo,
    CF Jae-ik Cho (27 yo,
    RF Turi Argenal (31 yo,

    C Mauro Pongon (33 yo,
    IF Teyo Rivas (34 yo,
    IF Jorge Quispealaya (29 yo,
    OF Roderigo Robton (29 yo,
    OF Young-sik Kim (34 yo,

    2040 stats: 646 runs scored (5.4 R/G), .280/.339/.465

    Frude replaces Quispealaya and the rookie Steedman takes Robton’s spot, but for the most part, the offense has remained untouched. It’s a deep lineup that doesn’t give away any easy outs, despite lacking the superstar bat that some other teams hold. Chihuahua has been known for its solid offensive production and I see that continuing this season.


    SP Eron Mulubay (28 yo, 6.8.9)
    SP Young-chik Muk (36 yo, 7.7.9)
    SP Larry Humby (37 yo, 5.6.8)
    SP Pyeong-kyu Kang (33 yo, 6.8.6)
    SP Estanis Perez (41 yo, 7.7.6)
    CL Ju-hyung Kim (27 yo, 8.7.5)
    SU Suketsune Koguchi (38 yo, 6.8.7)
    SU Kyung-won Kim (30 yo, 6.8.7)
    MR Norm Dodds (38 yo, 7.8.6)
    MR Braydon Hughes (34 yo, 7.6.7)
    MR Nam-cheol Pae (35 yo, 8.6.6)
    MR Jose Cavacos (25 yo, 6.6.7)

    2040 stats: 481 runs allowed (4.0 R/G), 3.72 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, 1072 IP, 824 K, 305 BB

    Like the batters, the pitchers have mostly stayed the same. The staff had a stellar season last year and the addition of Mulubay should give it a good boost, but pitchers like Humby are also showing their age so all-in-all we expect this squad to pretty much match last year’s performance.


    67-53, 2nd in USA LOD
    While we retain a division championship team from last year, I feel like Santiago de Cuba got much stronger with their acquisitions of SP Navarro Allende and SP Antonio Carcia. Those two pitchers at the top of the rotation will be very tough to crack. We had success against the Rough Riders last season, which really helped contribute to our division win, but I don’t expect the same degree of success this year.

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