Bonao 2042 In-season Block

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     Mike N 

    Need: prospects & young players

    Jo Takahashi SP – Takahashi is solid, 7/6/7 and putting up 3.46 ERA this season, slots in as my #2 starter. He won’t talk extension so I’d like to get something for him before he goes. Salary is reasonable $3m. Not expecting much, make me an offer.

    Ransley O’Etigan 3B/LF – Good player, 6/6/7 and credible defender at both 3B & LF. Had a big year last year, career slash line of .273/.369/.442. Very affordable – signed to reasonable $5m this year and next. Will take more to land him than Takahashi.

    Will consider dealing anyone else, I’m not competing this year, so just hit me up.

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     Mike N 


    C’mon, someone’s got to want Takahashi. I’d like to get anything for him before he leaves via FA.

    Price is one mediocre prospect, or two if you want me to cover his salary….

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