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     Gerry – Barquisimeto 

    Barquisimeto has a lot of pitching depth and some ready to play prospects in AAA that I’d like to flip for some prospects and rebuild the lower minors.

    P Fernando Idoy – Been a solid 4th starter for Barquisimeto for many years, was squeezed out this year but is available for a solid prospect. Expecting about 10MM in arbitration in 2049 with one more turn through for 2050. He’s provided great value over the years and the salary is worth.

    P Raul Navanjo – Moved into the rotation this year and proved he belongs there. A cheap $5MM contract for 2049 and one more year of control in 2050, he will require several solid prospects or one elite prospect in return but will be worth it.

    Open to discussing other major league pitchers like Sylvain Rancourt and Christian Scotti but both are very affordable and will require several top level prospects to acquire.

    Catcher Carlos Sepulveda is young but doesn’t profile nearly as well in our small ballpark where he would be better off in a big park to take advantage of his extra base pop and elite contact skills. I’ve got a young catch in play already in Hector Feliz and more coming, so either could be had for the right price.

    Shortstop Brian Noel might be better at 3B but brings a strong bat and great prospect profile to the game and is someone who would fit in the middle of your order.

    AAA Prospects looking for similar type potential but at the Single A level with hope they might develop into more, but these guys give you something to work with now as they’re ready.

    2B Edd Blaisdell is a solid infield bat ready to graduate to the pros, though blocked in our infield currently.

    SS Gong Si-Ma brings an above average bat and solid defense along with a good prospect profile that is ready for the Majors now.

    Some AAA depth pieces available, looking for a Single-A prospect with some upside for these guys:

    P Isidro Andrade is still young at 23, has the potential to start but just needs a place to give him a chance.

    P Raul Sanchez – A starting pitching prospect but can step in and give you some solid bullpen innings as a valuable swingman.

    P Narihari Isozaki has the tools to be a solid bullpen arm and needs a chance to play in the majors again.

    Another former prospect Yasujiro Masuda has provided solid numbers in the AAA bullpen and can help out a team in their bullpen.

    P Gary Black came up through the system as a closer but can be a decent depth piece for your bullpen.

    Pitchers Rusty Neilson, Christian Leon and Cornelio Cortave all offer decent depth pieces that can fit into the Major League bullpen.

    At the end of the day, I’m looking to replinish my lower level minors with higher upside minor league pieces, so the younger the better. Am open to other options though too looking to strengthen my bullpen, bench depth as well.

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    I like Navanjo

    Some of the prospects I’d be willing to move include

    SP António Deollos: My 1st round pick from 2046 out of high school, he’s 21 and has some developing to do, but the potential is there.

    SP/RP Augusto Rentera: not sure if he’s a starter or a reliever, also only 21.

    CL: Buinton Randez: Pretty sure shot to pitch at the back end of a bullpen. Perhaps even in the next 18 months.

    have a look, hopefully we can find a win-win

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     Gerry – Barquisimeto 

    Of those three, Buinton Randez is probably the only piece I have interest in. Deollos’ control sits at 4 which is not very good and Rentera is actually 27 which means he’s not really a prospect anymore and unlikely to develop much more.

    I am interest in Koryusai Nii and would be interested in something like him and Randez for Navanjo. You’re getting a top of the rotation starter and I’m hoping to turn some of my ML assets into prospect depth. At the end of the day, the best I can likely expect from Nii is what Navanjo is right now. but I do need pieces like that in the future.

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