Anyone else having trouble downloading this sim?

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    I’ve tried the usual stuff and still can’t get the file downloaded/updated.

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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    Nope, no problems here.

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    Happened again. Mine has date 6/26 and when I click to download latest league file, it says there’s no updated file on the server.

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    Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

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    kill the WBG.lg/settings/online_league_file_time.cfg file and try again

    Seems like the game modifies that file with the latest timestamp before it has actually finished the download, so that if the download failed, it would then fail to re-download.

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    I am now having trouble downloading the latest sim. I go to download the most recent sim. It will start downloading. Then window pops saying “Trouble downloading the sim”

    Any thoughts?

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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    Mine took a while but it downloaded. I’m not sure how long it took because I got impatient and left the room.

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     Thunder Bay 

    it did take forever. maybe 45-55 minutes.

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     Mike N 

    Mine took a long time and then was screwy when I got it…. will delete the WBH files and try again…

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    Mine took forever and when it finished, it was still 9/4

  • #45317

    I have been trying all day without success. I’m assuming there is a problem on the server preventing download before timing out.

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     Xi’an Kylin 

    I finally got it but it took many tries and was SLOW…

  • #45319

    Finally got a good download!

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     David Krause 

    Downloads of the league file are still super-slow. I can’t figure out in the forum if this is the right thread to post it, but tying up the game for 15-20 minutes every sim just to download is very painful.

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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    Marc is aware of the problem and he’s going to be switching servers. This was mentioned in the league email.

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    I finally got the full league file to download after 5-6 times of trying over the past couple days. It took probably 10 hours to download the entire file. I had been trying to just delete the online_league_file_time.cfg file and download in-game, but I was still ending up with a bunch of Joe Unknowns and blank rosters. Even after getting the full league file installed, it took probably half an hour to update in game. Eventually it finished, but let’s just say: I’m quite happy we’re switching servers!

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     Mike Topham 

    I’m having the same problem Jeff – I’ve ditched the time stamp 5 times, and it won’t let me advance into the playoffs – it’s keeps going just to 9/18… and sometimes not even giving me a full file – lots of Jim Unknowns….

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    Now when that happens to me, I first delete the time stamp and try again, but then if it still doesn’t work, I delete the folder out of Saved Games, reload the full league file and it worked fine.

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     Mike Topham 

    Nope – tried that, too… I always keep an older league file on the machine – just in case, to save DL time (it takes forever, right?). I replaced the entire League folder with the older version, and tried to update in game – and nada. My problem is that it goes through the DL process, but the day does not advance, and the player in-game links are all mucked up… So I don’t know what to say, other than I’m…

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    Mike, that’s what was happening to me as well. The only thing I can suggest is “keep trying” or wait for Marc to move the server stuff over. I would expect sims to be delayed until that happens.

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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    In case anybody missed today’s league email from Marc, I thought I’d copy and paste it here:

    Several people reported to me having problems with downloads either being excruciatingly slow, or else resetting and failing to complete.

    The current hosting provider has not been helpful in fixing these problems, so I will be moving the site elsewhere. This is a process that takes some time, so I appreciate patience as I work through this.

    My goal is to work through this during this week, and aim for running the offseason sim next Monday (this Friday is technically possible, but unlikely). So, enjoy the week off from WBHing, and expect an email from me in a few days with an update on progress.

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     Mike Topham 

    Saw the email – good news! Hopefully he’ll give guys a chance to catch-up – I haven’t been able to proceed into the playoffs, before simming again. I’ve no chance to look at my Arby’s cases or anything…

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