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     Akashi USA 

    SP Ramón Balinbin – He’s a 26 y/o RHP who produced 4.1 WAR over the 2030 and 2031 seasons, but has struggled in the USA over the past few seasons. He induces a lot of ground ball outs (67%) and could thrive on a team with a tight infield defense. Traded to Taegu

    SP Alejandro Ainjos – He’s a 28 y/o RHP that deserves a major league job somewhere. He throws an excellent curveball, a good 95 MPH fastball, and an above average splitter. No longer available

    SP Tokutomi Omura – He’s a dependable 35 y/o RHP coming off a solid 9-5 3.62 season. He throws 6 pitches including a good sinker, cutter, and changeup.

    SP/MR Tolentino Faia – He’s a hard throwing 32 y/o with four out pitches. He’s been very effective in four seasons as a reliever in Akashi (6-2 3.05 in 203 innings). He pitches above his ratings and has the repertoire and stamina to be an effective starter.

    3B/1B Mitsuoki Nakane or 3B Eduardo Biaz. They are two young right handed hitting 3B that fill the same niche on my team. I only need one.

    1B Francisco Juevanos – He’s a 29 y/o switch hitting 1B that’s better against RHP. He’s done a good job in five seasons in Akashi (.820 OPS), but I’d like to free up his roster spot for a younger player.

    I’m looking for:

    An upgrade at 2B (currently manned by a platoon of Roberto Moreno and Jesús Domínguez)

    I’m looking for prospects at every position except reliever

    Please send me a PM if you’d like to make an offer.

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     Akashi USA 

    Trade block updated to include Ainjos and Omura.

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