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     Moca DOM 

    It looks like time has just gotten the better of me last few seasons. Between family, work, podcasting (The Geek Allstars) and charity planning ( it seems I have had nearly no time for any trading and even less exporting.

    So alas I won’t be upgrading to the new version and this season will be my last.

    I have made entirely too many friends to name, and some life long friends at that.

    To real life meetups with Gerry and Ben to chats in the middle of the night for hours with Marc and Jim, I will miss a whole lot of people in here.

    I hope I leave the Machine in good hands as the draft has been fairly kinda to us the last few years, so the new manager will have some good pitching in the future.

    Anyone can hit me up anytime on twitter @geekjockblog or @thegeekallstars and I hope to meet up with you guys at Gen Con or some other place in the future.

    Thanks to Marc and Brian and Gerry and all the others from the board and everyone who has done an amazing amount of work behind the scenes to truly make this league the best damn OOTP league ever. I didn’t stay in here for 30!!!! seasons for nothing.

    Be well all

    Moca Man Dan

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     Mexico City DOM 

    You’ll surly be missed, Dan! Best of luck!!!

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     Santiago de Cuba USA 

    Bummer to lose another one. Best of luck, MMD.

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     Tijuana VEN 

    Bummed, thanks for the challenges you put in front of me. I enjoyed having you as àn opponent.

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     Taegu JPN 

    sorry to see you go bro

    I can’t even fathom how many discussions we’ve had over the years

    best of luck in all you do

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     Toluca KOR 

    Sorry to see you go Dan.

    Good luck with all your real world stuff.

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     Busan CUB 

    hey best wishes… the league looses a great person here

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     Santiago de los VEN 

    …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Cap_PDT_01_11

    There should be a rule passed immediately to stop you going, or give you five number one draft picks to make you stay!

    Seriously though I’m so sorry to see you go, you will be greatly missed Dan you have been a mainstay and linchpin of this league for so many years.

    Best Wishes for the future, hope to see you back someday.


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     Incheon KOR 

    Well this just stinks, losing two veteran GMs in succession. Farewell, Dan, you will be missed.

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     Seoul KOR 

    Goodbye Moca Man Dan. You will be missed! You have been one of the most notable owners in my memory with the WBH.

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     Moca DOM 

    Thanks so much all for the kind words. It’s great people like you that make it so hard to leave.

    Hopefully our paths cross again sometime!

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     Monterrey USA 

    Hey Dan. Thanks for helping making this league so great! Take care. Justin

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     Hong Kong CUB 

    Dan, really sad to see you go. I hope you get the itch again someday and join us again!

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     Chihuahua USA 

    Sending my best wishes to you Dan! You were a steady presence in the league since I first joined and I still remember my time in your WFBL league. Hope you come back later!

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     Philadelphia USA 

    Good luck Dan..

    Thanks for answering all my questions when I first got started. The energy you brought to the league and your team will be missed.

    Don’t be a stranger Moca Dan.

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     Azua USA 

    Oh man, sorry to see you go, Dan! All the very best and stay in touch!

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     Vancouver CUB 

    This sucks more than all the others. As far as I’m concerned an issue isn’t properly addressed until we’ve heard from the Moca Man.

    Motion to retire the Machine. Another GM in Moca seems blasphemous.

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     Barquisimeto CAN 

    Best of luck Dan! Just catching up on this, a shame you’re leaving!

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