'43 Ticket Pricing- WBH Settings Question

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     Gordon Maclean 

    With OOTP v16, we are limited to setting ticket pricing only in the off season. This change took me by surprise as I had always tweaked pricing in the past to maintain maximum revenue (i.e. keep the stands full).

    When my team went into full blown rebuild mode, I had no reference point for setting ticket prices. I dropped them some, but obviously, not nearly enough.

    I would like to do research before setting the ’43 season prices to get a closer feel for what my prices should be (since I am stuck with that decision for the season).

    We have a salary cap of $90M and an allowable ticket price range ($10-$20, I believe). This implies a “real world” financial era of the late 1990’s to early 2000’s. I know in the game set up that an exact year can be specified. The question to the WBH Commissioner’s office is this… Is there a specific real world year that the WBH is tied to? and if so what is that year?

    With that information I should be able to find real world parallels from that time frame that will allow me to “intelligently” set my ticket prices to maximize my revenue, rather than choosing a number at random and hoping the AI will like it.


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    I recently created a solo fictional league. I noticed a setting for expected attendance. I can’t remember the exact wording, but the default was 30,000 attendance per game if I remember correctly.

    I tend to focus more on the fan interest, which seems to drive our WBH attendance (and revenue) more than anything else. I think I will tweak our pricing only a little bit in 2043, rather than a huge jump ($10/$11 to $15) as I did before 2042, affected by the switch to newer financial engine in OOTP16. The price jump was horrible in terms of season ticket sales. But things came around with a winning season and increased fan interest by game attendance. My guess of $15 turned out to be pretty good over all. Being a previous tweaker myself, I plan to keep the price more or less constant until we start selling out games. Seoul is headed in that direction, but probably won’t reach any sellouts until 2043 at the earliest. At that point, I’ll begin edging the price up, because all sellouts are lost potential revenue opportunities in my mind.

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    Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to see the original year that was selected to create the file. What I can tell you is that the WBH was conceived of in 2006, so I’d guess that time frame was a starting point, but I can’t be sure.

    I tend to set my ticket prices commensurate with my fan interest (e.g., if I have fan interest of 100, I set prices at $20). This has worked out pretty well, when I’ve remembered to do it. Often, I simply forget about ticket prices.

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     Gordon Maclean 

    Thanks, back in ’35 when I took over Tijuana I had fan interest of 100 but the ticket prices were like $12. I ratcheted those up incrementally during ’35 until I hit $16.50 and that seemed to be the point that I was not getting sellouts anymore (by a couple thousand or so) so I backed off to $16.25, the sellout came back and pretty much held it there.

    With the current run of bad luck fan interest has dropped, but I cant tweak the ticket prices to find that sweet spot as fast.

    Thanks for the info. I will have to chew on this a bit before the upcoming “off season” sim.


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     Bob – Santiago de Cuba 

    I inherited my ticket prices at $16.05 and I’ve never changed it. That price seems to work well for me.

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    Seoul was able to increase season ticket revenue by $1,235,775 to $10,097,175 in 2043 from $8,861,400 in 2042. We were hoping to see a bigger increase than 12.23% resulting from an 8.3% ticket price reduction along with an 18 point gain in fan interest since this same point last year. But we will take it. Maybe the season ticket revenue will continue to grow before the season actually starts.

    A 24.3% increase in guaranteed attendance will certainly help us move toward the owner’s goal of 41,000 fans per game by the 2045 season, which is near sellout in our 45,000 capacity stadium.

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     Gordon Maclean 

    We dropped ticket prices 6.6% (15.25 to 14.25) and saw project attendance jump 40% and season tickets go up 12.4%.

    Overall projected revenue bounced by $6M. Hopefully (some of) that will get fed into my payroll.

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    I dropped ticket prices from $14.50 to $12.50 per game(-13.8% change). It resulted in a estimated increase of season ticket holders from 11674 to 20400(+74.7% change), attendance per game from 28050 to 46000(+64% change) and revenue per game from $406730 to $600000(+47.5% change). And I am aware max capacity is 45000. Crazy change by dropping season tickets by 2 bucks.

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    Hmmm I bet if I made a solo fictional league and tweaked fan interest to match I could do some marginal analysis to determine ideal ticket price.

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     Gordon Maclean 

    I dropped my ’44 ticket prices from the $14.25 that I used in ’43 to $13.75. Between that and the increased fan interest (probably related to promotion form Dominican to Venezuela League) I have had an attendance jump season-to-date around 45%. Combined with last year I am about 80-90% above ’42 attendance levels and have a LOT more revenue to play with than two years ago.

    Classic case of less is more.

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     Gordon Maclean 

    BUMP! I see that we can change ticket prices this sim. Are we back to being able to change prices anytime, or is this a one time thing?

    Tijuana (VEN)

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     Gordon Maclean 

    BUMP- Ticket Pricing can still be changed after the first sim… looks like we have full control back

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