2044 here we come ready or not

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    OOTP needs to work on owner AI logic. We acquired a CUB pitcher of the year in 2042. And it wasn’t easy. Now the owner wants another one in 2045. I guess the one we have isn’t enough. And we are not even in the Cuban league anymore. LOL

    Seoul is back in South Korea (where our home town is actually located).

    We reduced ticket price 23.6% and had a projected season ticket increase of 23.8%. Atypical correlation there. Which will be affected after league realignment and fan interest adjustment. Our revenue per game is only projected to increase 14.8%. That projection is certainly inflated and will probably be greatly reduced after fan interest adjustment for realignment, unless win we a whole lot more than we lose.

    I was surprised to learn we have about $1M for free agency. Because I thought we had lost money after starting out negative in 2043, and would have nothing. Not complaining at all. We won’t be watching free agency from the sidelines this off-season.

    Watch out boys! If you are not careful, Seoul will sneak in and steal all the top talent with that 1 million dollar treasure chest. LOL

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    Seoul made some moves before the trade deadline with hopes for the outside chance we could compete with division leading Hukuoka. Now that we’ve had three consecutive weeks with 1-5 results, we are hoping the new players might help keep us from getting relegated. We briefly stole the lead from Hukuoka for a second. Then we went from lead to bottom in 5 or 6 weeks I think. Lol

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