2043 Hong Kong: Pitching

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     Marc Vose 

    HK has some useful pitchers that can be moved:

    SP Wendell Stowers (8/5/5). Wendell is a dependable lefty: three straight years with 150 IP against tough opposition in Cuba. Perfect #3 or #4 type, particularly for third or fourth tier. Throw us a reasonable youngster and he’s yours.

    RP Ximen Perez (8/7/4). Young, salary controlled. He’s got four pitches, and could start on a lot of squads. We’d be looking for a decent A or AA prospect (no matter whether pitcher or hitter) in return.

    RP Julio Perez (7/8/6). He’s a rock in our bullpen. Has even closed games before. Time to make some room for up and comers, so he’s yours for a decent youngster.

    As always, feel free to be creative if you want to swing a big deal; I’d definitely consider any deal that improves the ML club’s offense.

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