2036 – Taegu Black Bears (new logos)

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     Taegu JPN 

    I have a fresh new take on the TAE logo:

    not a redesign, but new font and a slightly different look

    same for AAA Kimchon Sluggers:

    Going forward, AA Yongchon will no longer be known as the Swans, but the Hornets:

    Last but not least, new color scheme on the old logo for the A Hunghae Diamondhawks:

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     Mexico City DOM 

    Boy… I like that Yongchon logo!!!

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     Tokorozawa DOM 

    How do you guys do this?

    I’m but a lowly farmer and although I am very tech savvy, design is certainly not my thing. Would anyone be willing to work with me on making some new logos for my organization?

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     Taegu JPN 

    I can take no credit for these. we have a handful of talented designers here in the WBH, but your best bet is to go over to the OOTP forums, in the “OOTP 14 Mods” subforum and post a request. I think there’s a sub-sub-forum for logos/jerseys that might work the best.

    The guy that did mine (and many in the past) goes by davwms on the OOTP forums. while he does a really good job, I don’t think he takes on many open requests any more (at least that’s what he told me this time). but there area a lot of others that do great work, just be sure to profusely thank them for their time.

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     Mexico City DOM 

    Robert, I’m always game to give it a shot if you have ideas…

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