The World Baseball Hierarchy was founded in 2006, and has been continuously running since then, with over 30 in-game seasons of history. It is a promotion / relegation league featuring nations that were involved in the World Baseball Classic of 2006.

League Governance


The Commissioner maintains day-to-day operations of the league, and is responsible for spearheading all efforts required to keep the league running, or change the league for the future. The Commissioner also appoints members to the Board of Directors, and can remove members as well.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consist of members appointed by the Commissioner. Its job is to debate and draft any rule changes, mediate any league disputes, and otherwise make decisions regarding league management. The Board of Directors, though appointed by the Commissioner, shall also have the authority to eject the Commissioner by unanimous vote.

Best Interests of Baseball

The Commissioner and the Board of Directors reserve the right to impose a fine not covered in the rules or change a fine or ruling if it is determined that it is necessary, based on the “best interests of baseball”.

Upgrading OOTP

The decision to upgrade OOTP to a new version is the one decision that must first be authorized by league vote. The Commissioner shall initiate a league vote on the subject, and if 2/3 of the votes cast are in favor, then the matter shall proceed to the Commissioner and Board of Directors for a final decision. The reason general league authorization is required on this issue is that it costs real-world money for everyone.


Any GM caught cheating will be dismissed from the league immediately.

League Structure and Team Movement

League Structure

Each nation league is made up of eight teams, split into two sub-leagues with 4 teams each.

Each nation league is set up exactly the same as the others. A 120-game schedule is played with 24 games against each team in your sub-league and 12 games against each team in the other sub-league. The top team in each sub-league plays a seven game series for the nation championship.

Each team has three minor league affiliates (AAA,AA,A). Each minor league consists of one sub-league with 8 teams. They play a 90-game schedule with no championship round.

League Hierarchy

The WBH is arranged as a sort of two-sided tower, as illustrated below. The United States league is on top, with two sides below.

The Japan and Cuba leagues make up the second tier, and their respective champions are promoted into the USA league, while the bottom team from each USA division will be relegated to take their places.

Then third tier consists of the Venezuela and South Korea leagues. The division winners from Venezuela switch places with the last place teams from Japan, while the division winners from South Korea switch places with the last place teams from Cuba.

Finally, the fourth tier consists of the Dominican Republic and Canada leagues. Dominican Republic division winners are promoted into Venezuela, replacing the last-place teams, while the division winners in Canada are promoted to South Korea at the expense of the last-place teams there.

These movements happen during each pre-season.

Notes About Promotion and Relegation

In the case of the champions of Cuba and Japan, the winning team with the better record (or who wins a tie-breaking comparison) will have their choice of division in the USA. This choice determines which league the relegated teams will join.

As for movement from the third and fourth tiers to the leagues above, the teams with the better record (or tie-breaking comparison) will choose division in the league above, determining which division the relegated teams will join.

Promoted teams receive a one point increase in fan loyalty, and a 10 point increase in fan interest. Relegated teams have one point of fan loyalty deducted, and 10 points of fan interest deducted. These changes take place one time, in the pre-season, as the teams are moved between leagues.

Tie-breaking Procedure

Tie breaker order for teams with the same record:

  1. Run differential (runs scored – runs allowed)
  2. Record in division
  3. Head-to-head record
  4. Difference from Pythagorean record
  5. Pythagorean record
  6. Coin flip

New Team Settings

In the event of league expansion, all new teams start with the following settings:

  • Market Size: Average
  • Media Contract: $25,000,000
  • Budget: $75,000,000
  • Loyalty: Average
  • Fan Interest: 60
  • Stadium Capacity: 45,000


Sim Schedule

Exports are due on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00 AM EST. Sims are run thereafter. This is subject to change based on announcements in league email.

During the regular season, normal gameplay sims consist of 7 in-game days. Other sims, such as off-season, consist of various lengths. The yearly schedule for sims can be found in Anatomy of a Season, and there are additional guidelines contained in that schedule that tell GMs when Free Agency is open, when signed players can be traded, and some other things.


Team owners are expected to export, even when no changes are necessary. If a GM does not export for a considerable length of time, the Commissioner may assume him/her to be AWOL, and find a replacement.

On Leave

If real world calls a GM away from the league, posting in the “On Leave” forum will prevent us from assuming he/she is AWOL, and we will not fine for rule violations. If such leave is excessive, we may contact the GM about whether he/she has enough time to realistically participate.

Roster Management

Roster Sizes

ML teams have 25-man rosters. AAA teams have 30-man rosters. AA teams have 35-man rosters. A teams have 40-man rosters. The total amount of players allowed in your entire organization, including DL and DFA, is 130.

Player Contracts

A legal player contract must meet the following criteria:

  • The maximum contract length is 6 years.
  • There can be only one “no-trade clause” contract per team at a given time.
  • A player’s salary must be for the same amount every year of the contract. (Example: A three year contract for $9,000,000 must be $3,000,000 per year.)
  • Each incentive or bonus may not exceed 10% of the yearly salary. (Example: For the contract above, the maximum bonus for All-Star selection can be $300,000. The player could also have a $300,000 incentive for Hitter of the Year.)
  • Playing time incentives (plate appearances for hitters and innings pitched for pitchers) may only be set at a maximum of the amount required to qualify for the batting or ERA title (i.e., 400 PA or 120 IP). PA were set at 400 because of OOTP’s tendency to use 400 as a default.
  • You cannot offer a contract extension to a player until he has accumulated at least 2 years of major league service time.

In addition to the above, the Commissioner and Board of Directors reserve the right to review and void any questionable contract to determine if it’s in the spirit of fair play.

In the event a contract is determined to violate any of the conditions above, it will be immediately voided, and the team will be fined $250,000. This fine is per contract, in the event there are multiple violations at the same time.

If the player concerned was signed as a free agent, the player will be released back into free agency. If the contract was an extension, then the extension will be voided and the team will retain rights to the player.

Designated for Assignment (DFA)

If a Player is left on DFA that has less days remaining than the upcoming Sim, the GM will be fined $250,000. For Example…Player A has 3 days left on DFA and the upcoming Sim is 7 days in length, Player A must be moved to a Roster or released before the upcoming Sim or the GM will be fined and the following steps will be taken.

  1. The player will be placed in AAA.
  2. If a player needs to be placed on the 40-man roster to be assigned to AAA and there is no room on the 40-man roster, the player will be released.
  3. If the player refuses assignment to AAA, the player will be placed on the Active Roster. If there is no room on the Active Roster, the Player will then be released.

Disabled List (DL)

During the regular season, after a player has 0 days left on the DL (‘None’ listed for Time left on DL) and is completely healed (‘None’ listed for Injured time left) he must be removed from the DL. You will receive a notice via PM from your League Rep when a player of yours has reached that status.. You will then have 2 Sims to remove this player from the DL, if you fail to do so you will receive a $250,000 fine and will continue to do so for every Sim the player remains on the DL.

Waiver Claims

  1. DO NOT make any Waiver Claims In-Game. They have to be made via the ‘Waiver Claims’ Section in the Forum. Violation of this rule will result in a $250,000 fine.
  2. You may Claim players on Waivers from any League.
  3. You must be able to afford the contract of the Player you are claiming. As in, if it shows that you have $2,000,000 for ‘$ for Free Agents’ (found on the Front Office > Finances Page, in-game) you can’t claim a Player who makes $5,000,000 a year. If you have a balance of $0, you can’t make any Waiver Claims other than on players with minor league contracts.
  4. Any Players Claimed in the Off-Season cannot be traded until 7.06.15 (League Date).
  5. Any Players Claimed during the Regular Season cannot be traded until the Off-Season.
  6. You may not Claim your own Players.
  7. If you Claim more than one Player, the priority will be the order in which you posted the Claim.
  8. For the subject line of the Player you wish to Claim, please put his position, full name and league. (SS Joe Unknown USA)
  9. If you would like to make a Claim on a Player who has already been Claimed, just reply to the proper post.
  10. Claimed Players will be put on the proper Team at the end next Sim if he is not pulled back (an option with Revocable Waivers) by the Team waiving him.
  11. Once you make a successful Claim on a Player, you will move to the bottom of the list for any other Waiver Claims you may have made for that Sim. The list will be reset after each Sim.
  12. Any player with a contract expiring in the current season (not an auto-renewal or arbitration eligible) that appears on Waivers after the Trade Deadline will not be allowed to be claimed.
  13. The Waiver Claim Priority is based on your League Level, then World Rankings at the beginning of the First Year Player Draft (lowest level, lowest world ranking picks first, etc.). Check this link for the priority list.

There will be three Waiver Periods as follows (League Dates):

March 3rd to May 25th May 26th to July 28th (Trade Deadline) July 39th to March 2nd (Pre-Season) During a Waiver Period, if a player clears Waivers, the team has secured waivers on that player for the rest of the Waiver Period. Meaning that the player does not have to clear Waivers again for the rest of the Waiver Period. In order for that players Waivers to remain secured you must leave him on the team Waiver list when his status is listed as CLEARED Waivers.

The player will not appear on the League Waiver Wire if his Status on the team Waiver List is CLEARED Waivers. If you remove the player from the team Waiver list and then try to send the player to AAA or put him on DFA, he will have to pass through Waivers again.

Every player who’s status is CLEARED Waivers will be removed from the team Waiver List on the last day of each Waiver Period.

This rule does not apply to players who have Minor League Option years remaining. They can be freely moved from League to League without having to pass through Waivers.

First-year Player Draft

The First-year Player Draft (10 Rounds), which is on March 21st (in-game), will be conducted via the In-Game Draft Utility. The draft date is March 21st and will take a week of real time.

  1. GM’s will develop lists within the in-game draft utility.
  2. All teams must make sure that the round in which they are setting the draft list corresponds to the round(s) of the draft being simmed.
  3. All GM’s that fail to export will be put on auto.
  4. The players drafted will appear immediately on DFA and should be moved as soon as they appear.

Rule V Draft

The WBH does not hold a Rule V Draft.


One team posts the trade in the Completed Trades section in the Forum and the other replies with confirmation. The trade will then be processed after the next Sim. Please post the players postition, full name, and current league level.

  1. There is absolutely no trading of Draft Picks.
  2. You may only add to your Payroll up to the salary cap of $90,000,000.
  3. Any Free Agent (signed to a Major League Contract) or Waiver Claim acquired in the Off-Season cannot be traded until July 6 in-game.
  4. Any Free Agent (signed to a Major League Contract) or Waiver Claim acquired during the Regular Season cannot be traded until the Off-Season.
  5. Cash may be traded for Players.
  6. Trades may be made with any Team in any Major League.
  7. If a player (who is part of a completed trade) is injured for more than two weeks during the Sim the trade is to be processed, the trade will be put on hold in case the teams involved wish to cancel, rework or continue with the trade.
  8. Trades & the ‘Trade Block’ section of the Forum are open from the first Free Agency sim (February 6/7 in-game) until the Trade Deadline (July 31 in-game).


Payroll Cap

If you are over the $90,000,000 payroll cap after a Sim during the regular season or playoffs (if you are in the Championships) you will receive a fine equal to the amount that you are over the cap.

Cash on Hand

The cash on hand at the start of the current season will be set to the previous season’s Final Balance. If the Final Balance is higher than $15,000,000, the cash on hand will be lowered to $15,000,000. Negative cash balance will be retained from season to season. The only exception is an instance where a new GM takes over a team, in which case any cash balance below -$15,000,000 will be forgiven and the total set to -$15,000,000.

Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices may be set anywhere from $10 to $20 dollars. The penalty for violation of this rule is the amount above $20 times the number of fans that have come to games.

Market Size and Media Revenue

Every team will always have Market Size of Average and a Media Revenue of $25,000,000.

Gate Revenue

The Gate Revenue for each team will be figured by AI, which is Ticket Price multiplied by Attendance. Visiting teams will receive 20% of the home team gate.


Your Team Budget for each new season will be your Team Revenue Total from the previous sesason, or $90,000,000, whichever is lower.

Team Modification and Customization

Team Logos

Logos may be changed at any time (realistically, only once per season, since the logo change would be applied in the offseason). New logos are subject to approval by the Commissioner and/or the Board of Directors.

Team Nicknames

GMs with more than two years of service time may change their team nickname. (Example, the Tijuana Grasshoppers could be changed to the Tijuana Tigres.)

Team Cities

We do not allow teams to move cities.

Stadium Names

Stadiums may be renamed, subject to approval by the Commissioner and the Board. There are team marketing costs associated with these name changes, as outlined below:

  • Major League: $1,500,000
  • AAA: $1,000,000
  • AA: $750,000
  • A: $500,000

Stadium name changes must be received before Free Agency #3, and will be applied during that sim.

Ballpark Coefficients

Teams may alter various hitting coefficients for their stadium, to tailor it more to their liking. Rules and cost breakdowns follow.

Proposed modifications must be placed in the Team Changes forum. The proposed requests will be reviewed by the Commissioner, to ensure that the proposed will satisfy league rules and that the average rating for the league remains near 1.000.

The various ballpark factors consist of batting averages for LH and RH hitters, gap tendencies (doubles and triples) and home run abilities for LH and RH hitters, as denoted by the following six abbreviations: BA-L, BA-R, 2B, 3B, HR-L, HR-R.

  1. Any batting average and home run factor must remain within the range of 0.800 to 1.200.
  2. The 2B and 3B factors must remain within the range of 0.600 and 1.440.
  3. Each individual factor may only be changed in increments of 0.005.
  4. Ballpark factors may be requested by GMs with at least two seasons of tenure.
  5. Expenses will be incurred at the beginning of the new season (i.e. following the financial roll-over at season’s end).

The cost breakdown is as follows:

BA-L, BA-R, HR-L, HR-R factors:

  • $150,000 per 0.005 point change within the range of 0.900 to 1.100 ($3M per 0.1)
  • $300,000 per 0.005 point change in the ranges of 0.800 to 0.900; and 1.100 to 1.200 ($6M per 0.1)

2B and 3B factors:

  • $75,000 per 0.005 point change within the range of 0.900 to 1.100 ($1.5M per 0.1)
  • $150,000 per 0.005 point change in the ranges of 0.800 to 0.900; and 1.100 to 1.200 ($3M per 0.1)
  • $300,000 per 0.005 point change in the ranges of 0.600 to 0.800; and 1.200 to 1.400 ($6M per 0.1)

How to Request a Change

The request must be made in the following format:

Make the request in the proper forum. Title the request with “Year – Team”, with the year being when the changes will take effect (i.e. “2035 – Taegu Black Bears”).

For Ballpark Factors, requests must include the Old rating, along with the New requested rating and the number of Increments. i.e.: Old BA-L: 0.980 New BA-L: 1.050 Increments: 4

For Stadium Name Changes, requests must include the level (ML, AAA, etc.) and the requested name for that stadium.

OOTP Settings

Basic Game Settings in OOTP

  • Ratings Scales: 1-10
  • Overall Ratings – None
  • Coaches/Scouting: No
  • Designated Hitter: No
  • Payroll Cap: $90,000,000
  • Cash Cap: $15,000,000
  • Expanded Rosters: Yes
  • Minor League Free Agency: No
  • FaceGen: Yes
  • Ghost Players: Yes
  • Personality Ratings: Yes
  • Morale Ratings: Yes
  • Suspensions: Yes
  • Drug Suspensions: Yes
  • Visiting Team’s Gate Share – 20%


If you would like to join, send us a message with a little bit about you and your OOTP history.


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