Hall of Fame Update

Hey everybody, I’m back to working on the Hall of Fame!  Don’t worry, I never forgot about it, things just got in the way.  While I have a minute, I wanted to check in and update everybody on progress.

Like everybody else, I have a real life.  Unfortunately, it’s gotten in the way of the Hall of Fame lately.  I own two businesses and run them mostly on my own plus we have a baby coming any day now.  (My wife is due 11/13.)

I probably could’ve handled it if we didn’t change the forum but that’s thrown a wrench into everything.  As many of you have noticed, the coding is very different.  Everything from linking to bolding has changed.  Since I pre-code everything in a Pages document, that means I need to re-code everything.  All of it.  What a huge pain in the butt.  The new forum is better and more modern so it’s a good upgrade, it’s just causing me more work in the short term.

So that you can see the difference, here’s a screenshot of the old coding from my files:

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 1.26.43 PM

Here’s the updated coding for the same listing:

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 1.28.05 PM

Speaking of updates, a few of them have been completed!  You’ll notice that Marc added a Hall of Fame tab to the page header.  If you click on that, you’ll notice that I posted the Hall of Fame with each enshrined player listed along with his stats.  I also reposted the Hall of Fame rules for people who need a refresher.

Each Hall of Fame announcement, ballot, and results page will now appear under the Hall of Fame tab and on the front page of the site.  The only thing that’ll appear in the forum is my nagging reminders to go vote.

Where do we go from here?  You may have noticed that we missed last year’s ballot as we switched forums.  Tentatively (remember, I’m on baby watch), I’d like to get the 2041 ballot (last year’s ballot) posted this weekend.  I’d like to get the 2042 ballot (this year’s ballot) posted around midseason.  That will get us back on track without doing two years of voting back to back.

Any questions, comments, or concerns?  Post them below!

  1. This is probably just a display of my lack of coding knowledge, but could you have done a search and replace for “[b]” and replace with “” and so forth?

  2. That second thing is supposed to say “” but I coded it correctly, so it didn’t display!

  3. Hahahahahahha, I’m incompetent. “the command for strong”….

    • Author

      Yes and no. I’m deleting the old coding and just bolding it in my word processor. When I copy and paste, it’ll paste the coding. The new way is much easier, it’s just a tedious matter of changing everything.

      The other problem is searching through all of the retired players to find the nominees and make their listing. I did all of the hitters for the next few years and it took me all afternoon.

  4. Author

    The Hall of Fame is ready but I’m going to wait a week or so to post it so that it doesn’t overshadow the yearly voting.

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